Upcoming NRHA Nomination Deadline

All members have the opportunity to nominate weanling foals into the NRHA Nomination program at the lowest rate till January 10. Be sure to send in all of your nominations to the office by Monday, January 10. The option to complete the process online through ReinerSuite is also available for ease and quick submission time!

NRHA Member and Show Services/Nomination Representative Emily Rush said, “We are so fortunate to have ReinerSuite available to us now because it really is the fastest and most economical way to nominate a horse. The $10 handling fee is waived when you do it online, and you receive an instant digital confirmation.”

The program was created to grow its North American and European Futurities and Derbies to new heights through enhanced payouts. The NRHA is proud to share that this program has allocated 60 percent of all the fees to the Futurities and 40 percent to the Derbies after a 10 percent administration fee! The enrollment of foals creates additional added money for the purses at the Futurities and Derbies, which saw a 42% increase in the North American Open Futurity in the very first year.

Members have the option to nominate to one or both the European and North American programs, with the option to add both at a later date if desired.

When a horse competes and wins money at one of the Futurities or Derbies, the nominator receives 5% of the earnings! It does not matter if the nominator still owns the horse or not. Any horse can be nominated, and the original nominator can never be changed.

Be sure to take part in this fruitful program and send in your nominations no later than January 10. The fee doubles after that day until January 31. The foal is considered a yearling after January 31, and the fees adjust accordingly. Horses foaled in the Southern Hemisphere from July 1 through December 31 will still be considered weanlings during the next calendar year.

Guidance on how to complete nominations can be found in the Resources Library, as well as a trouble-shooting page that can be found here.

More information, including nomination forms, can be found at nrha.com/nomination.