Hall of Fame Nominations Due

Many individuals—human and equine—have contributed to the growth of reining and NRHA. Exceptional contributors are recognized through the NRHA Hall of Fame, a standing tribute to people and horses who’ve made a major impact in the reining community. Chances are you know someone deserving of this distinction, but have you submitted an application on their behalf? Nominations must be in the office by May 31, 2019 for the next review.

The perpetuation of the NRHA Hall of Fame is a project of the Reining Horse Foundation, which honors the sport’s legacy as part of its mission, but selection of inductees is handled through a special NRHA committee. Any NRHA member can nominate a deserving human or equine who meets the criteria, then NRHA Board and Hall of Fame members consider and vote on those nominees.

“Hall of Fame induction is considered the most prestigious award in reining, and we count on NRHA members to submit deserving people and horses for consideration,” said Rick Clark, chair of the NRHA Hall of Fame Selection Committee. “It is important, however, that people realize this honor requires more than success in the show pen. I encourage reiners to give thought to those who fulfill the requirements. Also, do not assume that your peers have submitted an application.”

Nominations for NRHA Dale Wilkinson Lifetime Achievement Award recipients follow the same process, so don’t delay if you know someone who should be recognized. Criteria and applications for the Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Award are available here.

National Reining Horse Association Shares Eligibility Survey Results

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) appreciated the great survey turnout from interested reiners. Feedback from those who live and breathe the sport help our committees and board of directors make effective changes for the betterment of reining.

The recent NRHA Eligibility Survey received more than 1,100 responses from passionate North American members. The NRHA Eligibility Committee will be reviewing this feedback, along with historical data, as they review the current eligibility policy. A similar survey will also be sent out soon for European members. This input will be very helpful to the sport as it will be used to provide future recommendations for the board of directors.

Thank you to all who took their time to fill out the survey and leave comments.

Check out the survey results here!

UPDATED – Category 2 & 6 Worldwide Eligibility Clarification

Each year in August, the NRHA Board of Directors approves eligibility for the following year and this policy is made available for members a nrha.com. At the beginning of the year, rider lists are posted to inform members of who can compete in certain levels. Since the 2019 lists have been posted, members have expressed confusion over the ambiguity in wording pertaining to Category 2 & 6 events. In response to this, the NRHA Executive Committee met to clarify the topic, removing the words “after factoring.” Revised ineligibility lists will be posted on nrha.com in the next few days.

1/21/19 UPDATE – LISTS NOW AVAILABLE: After taking additional time to address members’ questions about wording in the 2019 eligibility policy and related NRHA rules, the executive committee has now completed its discussions on implementation of the policy. Worldwide Category 2 & 6 lists are now available at nrha.com.