Five Sires That Have Multiplied Their NRHA Millions

For Immediate Release – November 18, 2019 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) honors five sires that have recently achieved new multi-million-dollar milestones in offspring earnings.

NRHA Hall of Fame inductee Smart Chic Olena (Smart Little Lena x Gay Sugar Chic), who was humanely euthanized in 2012, is now an NRHA Seven Million Dollar Sire. Bred by Emily Woodall, “Chic” originally had a bright future in the cutting pen, but a career path change resulted in him earning an NRHA Open Reserve World Championship, among other accolades, with NRHA Million Dollar Rider Craig Johnson. As a sire, Chic passes his athleticism, willingness, and calm mind to his progeny, which includes five NRHA Million Dollar Sires: Magnum Chic Dream, Rowdy Yankee, Smart Spook, Chocolate Chic Olena, and Spat Olena.

Chic’s top-earning offspring include:

  • Smart Spook (out of Sugarplum Spook, by Grays Starlight): $403,149 LTE
  • Shiners Chic (out of Ebony Shines, by Shining Spark): $298,384 LTE
  • Shine Chic Shine (out of Ebony Shines, by Shining Spark): $148,714 LTE
  • Smartest Chic Olena (out of Colonels Dove, by Colonel Spats: $129,061 LTE
  • Smart N Sparkin (out of Setting Off Sparks, by Shining Spark): $121,697 LTE
  • Commandalena (out of Givenchy Command, by Fritz Command): $115,894 LTE
  • Chic Please (out of San O Lenita, by Tenino San): $108,085 LTE
  • Wind Her Up Chic (out of Wind Her Up Doc, by Docs Sidewinder): $102,710 LTE
  • Chocolate Chic Olena (out of Jae Bar Felcia, by Leos Question): $86,176 LTE
  • Rowdy Yankee (out of Nita Chex, by Ready Chex): $84,480 LTE

Two of Chic’s progeny also recently crossed milestone markers in their own right, becoming NRHA Six Million Dollar Sires: NRHA Hall of Fame inductees Magnum Chic Dream (out of Sailin Barbee) and Smart Spook (out of Sugarplum Spook).

Photo by John Brasseaux

Bred by Guy Du Ponchel and owned by Viola Scott, 23-year-old Magnum Chic Dream boasts more than $44,000 in personal NRHA Lifetime Earnings (LTE). Since retiring from the show pen, “Magnum” has found even greater success as a sire, with his offspring rocketing him from his first NRHA Million Dollar Sire title in 2010 to his sixth in just nine years. The stallion stands at Cedar Ridge Stallion Station in Whitesboro, Texas.

Magnum’s top-earning offspring include:

  • Chic Dreamin (out of Skeets Red Dunit, by Skeets Peppy): $239,876 LTE
  • Taris Dreamer (out of Taris San Cutter, by Doc Tari): $193,511 LTE
  • Msdreamy (out of A Gal With A Gun, by Gunner): $179,169 LTE
  • Mega Maggie Mae (out of Cinco De Mega, by Marthas Mega Jac): $170,133 LTE
  • Lil Magnum Jessie (out of Lil Ruf Jessie, by Lil Ruf Peppy): $166,274 LTE
  • Chicsdundreamin (out of Goody Goody Dun Drop, by Hollywood Dun It): $153,510 LTE
  • Made By Magnum (out of Ready Make Cowboy, by Master Cowboy Jac): $152,668 LTE
  • Chics Dream (out of First Ex Flame, by Expensive Flame): $147,611 LTE
  • Magnum Starlights (out of Starlights Sugarwhiz, by Little Bay Starlight): $144,788 LTE
  • Magnum With A Dream (out of Shine On Sayo, by Shining Spark): $128,254 LTE

Photo by John Brasseaux

Smart Spook, owned and bred by Rosanne Sternberg, earned more than $403,149 in personal NRHA LTE before he transitioned into a full-time career as a sire. With NRHA Six Million Dollar Rider Shawn Flarida in the saddle, he won 2004 NRHA L4 Open Futurity, the 2005 NRHA L4 Open Derby, and the 2005 AQHA World Show junior reining, among other titles, and earned consecutive gold medals at the 2007, 2008, and 2009 FEI World Reining Masters with NRHA Professional Rudi Kronsteiner. Smart Spook has proven himself equally remarkable as a sire since his first crop hit the ground in 2006. The 18-year-old stallion was inducted into the NRHA Hall of Fame in 2015 and stands at Sterling Ranch in Pilot Point, Texas.

Smart Spook’s top-earning offspring include:

  • Custom Spook (out of Custom Spinderella, by Custom Crome): $235,749 LTE
  • Shine N Spook (out of Ebony Shines, by Shining Spark): $219,826 LTE
  • Red Stripe Spook (out of Ms Red Capri, by Jacs Aledo Bar): $179,766 LTE
  • Spooks N Jewels (out of Whiz Jewels, by Topsail Whiz): $165,223 LTE
  • Ebony Spook (out of Ebony Whiz): $160,634 LTE
  • Spook Off Sparks (out of Setting Off Sparks): $142,339 LTE
  • Patriot (out of Dunit A Lil Ruf): $138,738 LTE
  • Hey Joe (out of Best Stop): $121,450 LTE
  • Spook N Perla (out of Shine On Ruff): $112,306 LTE
  • Jacs Lil Spook (out of Miss Whoa Jac): $108,935 LTE

Photo by Cam Essick

NRHA Hall of Fame inductee Smart Like Juice (Smart Little Lena x Jessies Oak), owned by Smart Like Juice Inc./Jose Vazquez, has achieved the title of NRHA Four Million Dollar Sire. Bred by Lindy Burch, the 1994 stallion was purchased by Justin and Vaughn Zimmerman as an early 3-year-old. After watching the horse place seventh in the open finals at the 1997 NRHA Futurity, non pro rider Jose Vazquez knew he had found his new horse. “Juice” went on to compete with both Vazquez and NRHA Professional Ed Fear, earning $56,096 in NRHA LTE before retiring to the breeding shed. Earning his first Million Dollar Sire title in 2008, Juice was recognized with his induction into the NRHA Hall of Fame in 2017 for his contributions to the reining industry. He stands at Hannagan Farms in Penfield, Illinois.

Juice’s top-earning offspring include:

  • Juiced Up Doc (out of Jokes Startime, by Joker Solano): $196,813 LTE
  • Like Shiner (out of Wind Her Up Shiner, by Shining Spark): $145,096 LTE
  • Moonshine Juice (out of Wind Her Up Shiner, by Shining Spark): $122,365 LTE
  • Wound By Juice (out of Wind Her Up Shiner, by Shining Spark): $112,368 LTE
  • Moonshine N Juice (out of Wind Her Up Shiner, by Shining Spark): $98,858 LTE
  • SLJ Sweet N Juicy (out of Jacks My Sugar Daddy, by Hollywood Jac 86): $88,821 LTE
  • SLJ Ruf Juice (out of Ruf Catalyst, by Lil Ruf Peppy): $84,632 LTE
  • Smart Like Valentino (out of Smart Little Jewel, by Smart Chic Olena): $69,502 LTE
  • Gorgeous Like A Star (out of Hustle Up A Star, by Grays Starlight): $66,451 LTE
  • Juice N Silk (out of Silk N Sable Pine, by Okie Paul Quixote): $66,212 LTE

Photo by John Brasseaux

Spooks Gotta Whiz (Spooks Gotta Gun x Prettywhizprettydoes) has reached the mark of NRHA Two Million Dollar Sire, only a year after his offspring took him past his first million. The 2007 stallion bred by Clint Haverty and owned by Michell Anne Kimball achieved significant success in his own right. With NRHA LTE of more than $345,137, “Baby” claimed the 2010 NRHA L4 Open Futurity Championship with NRHA Two Million Dollar Rider Jordan Larson, as well as the 2012 NRHA L4 Open Derby Championship among other notable victories with NRHA Six Million Dollar Rider Shawn Flarida. Baby stands at Cinder Lakes Ranch in Valley View, Texas.

Spooks Gotta Whiz’ top-earning offspring include:

  • Spooky Whiz (out of Myo Starlight, by Paddys Irish Whiskey): $184,715 LTE
  • Gotta Twist It Up (out of Make It With A Twist, by Dun It With A Twist): $163,111 LTE
  • Spooks Show Time (out of Dolittle Lena, by Shining Spark): $106,934 LTE
  • Thebettertohearuwith (out of Chex Out The Cowgirl, by Lean With Me): $104,822 LTE
  • Sharp Dressed Spook (out of Dolittle Lena, by Shining Spark): $93,536 LTE
  • Spooks Grand Slam (out of Shiney Diamond Lady, by Shining Spark): $90,514 LTE
  • Spooks Gotta Spark (out of Dolittle Lena, by Shining Spark): $66,804 LTE
  • Spooks Gotta Crush (out of Megas Sugar Baby, by Marthas Mega Jac): $58,122 LTE
  • Night Time Spook (out of Custom Night Time, by Custom Crome): $56,317 LTE
  • Gotta Shiney Diamond (out of Shiney Diamond Lady, by Shining Spark): $50,038 LTE

Photo courtesy of Michell Kimball

Congratulations to all five of these outstanding sires and all their connections.

Did You Know: Millions of Milestones

One of NRHA’s main functions is documenting records for horses, riders, and owners who participate in the sport of reining. With that responsibility comes the honor of promoting the achievements of these remarkable horses, riders, and owners. It’s a fantastic opportunity to recognize these accomplishments as well as a means to show NRHA’s support for these stars and all of the NRHA members who help them achieve these milestones—the breeders who choose these sires and dams, the customers of the riders, and those who buy horses of all ages from the owners.

Ever wondered how NRHA recognizes these achievements? Here’s a quick outline. Note that the milestone must be official in NRHA’s internal system before the wheels can start turning for the celebratory elements.

First Million

Crossing the million-dollar mark for the first time generates buzz throughout the reining industry, and beyond. It’s a monumental accomplishment! A horse’s, rider’s, or owner’s first million-dollar milestone is celebrated with:

  • Congratulatory social media post.
  • Press release discussing the achievement, including quotes from those involved and major accomplishments to get there.
  • Three-page feature in the NRHA Reiner


Once a million-dollar milestone is achieved, NRHA continues to recognize and promote commensurate millions for horses, riders, and owners. Each million after the first is commemorated with:

  • Congratulatory social media post.
  • Press release noting the accomplishment along with other multimillion milestone achievers. (Usually, three to five milestones are recognized per release.)
  • Half-page recognition in the NRHA Reiner

NRHA has recognized more than 80 million-dollar milestones and many more multimillion accomplishments (find them all here) and is proud to share them with reiners and the entirety of the horse industry.

‘Wondering’ about the Freestyle? Cira Baeck has the winning answer

Saturday night at Fieracavalli, Verona, the pavilions were emptying as the public started for home, but in the stands surrounding the Elementa Masters Premiere show pen, as the coloured lights swept the arena in the run-up to the $ 50,000 Freestyle, no-one was budging. In fact, the area had to be closed off to limit the crowd pressing to enter the pavillion. Undoubtedly, Freestyle has a special appeal for both reining fans and the non-specialist public with its exciting and entertaining mix of technique and spectacle, music and manoeuvres. While the technical prowess may have varied between the runs, one element that all contained was an imaginative choreography and an attention to detail in the choice of music and costumes that ensured that every pair was fun to watch.

Cira Baeck

At the end of the day it was Cira Baeck, a sparkling and powerful Wonder Woman on the glittering stallion Phantom Face, 6-year-old son of Pale Face Dunnit out of Gorgeous Like A Star now owned by Cecilia Fiorucci, that convinced both judges and public alike with a run awarded a whopping 231 that further underlined the fact that Freestyle is a true reining competition: while the artistic element does count, on the judges’ scoring card technique remains paramount. The crowd responded with a roar as Baeck circled and spun, shield in hand, crowned with a tiara and donning the instantly recognisable red bodice and blue pants of the superhero. “The idea was conceived by my boss, Cecilia,” states Cira, “and we chose Wonder Woman as this sport is undoubtedly male-dominated, so we wanted to make a powerful statement for women. It was not actually my first Freestyle, I competed in one a couple of years ago in Poland, dressed as a Ketchup bottle! Both times it has been fun, but I especially enjoyed the run last night because this is the first event in which I have showed this horse at the Open earlier and later in the Freestyle, and he was really there for me.”

Giovanni Masi

Pipped to the post was Giovanni “Dido” Masi who entered the show pen, or perhaps ‘show ring’, perfectly turned out as a classical English rider, complete with jodhpurs, English saddle and spurs before choosing to swap his original hard hat with the cowboy hat of Filippo Masi, his dad, whose turnarounds apparently offered greater appeal. Against the music of Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s my life’, Giovanni then performed a series of brilliantly executed reining manoeuvres on Majestic Okie (Okie Dun It Too X Majestic Ice), the 11-year-old stallion owned by Katherine Dejori to finish on 230.5 and claim reserve honours.

Gennaro Lendi

Gennaro Lendi placed third on the World Champion Yankee Gun (Rowdy Yankee Dam x Snow Gun) belonging to his friend Marco Mele. The 10-year-old stallion recently co-starred alongside – or rather under – Sylvester Stallone in the Hollywood star’s latest film to hit the box office Last Blood. Last night it was Gennaro Lendi, Stallone’s horse master for the film, to take the part of Rambo. Lendi galloped and spun like a rocket around the arena, eliminating enemies with his machine gun and sliding to dramatic stops, his muscles – not exactly the real ones – rippling. The pair was awarded 228.5 at the conclusion of their run.

Following her Freestyle win and reserve honours in the Elementa Masters Premiere Open, Cira Baeck drew her experience here at Verona to a rewarding conclusion as team-mate to Evald Rifeser (Non Pro) and Vittoria Marzorati (Para Reining) in the team that triumphed in the Global Team Cup with a score of 644.

Vimeo Channel Elementa Masters Premiere:

Photos by Andrea Bonega

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

Age before beauty? Chicks Smokingun, 11, Champion in the Elementa Masters Premiere Open: rider, Morey Fisk

Morey Fisk

Morey Fisk on the 11-year-old stallion Chicks Smokingun beats the world’s leading ladies, the 2 Million Dollar riders Ann Fonck and Cira Baeck, by a single point with a thunderous 226 and a half that thrilled the public packing the stands to overflowing and emotionally charged for the big show. The 45-year-old Canadian, who came to Europe for a short stay in 1994, and has been here ever since, was the first rider to achieve a hat trick at the NRHA European Futurity, conquering the title of Open Champion three years in a row. The AQHA&APHA bay stallion that partnered Morey on this memorable night is by the outstanding Colonels Smoking Gun out of Dun It By Chick and was continuing an excellent career that has seen him finalist in the NRHA Open Futurity, the NRBC Open, NRHA Open Derby and NRHA Non Pro Derby. Morey chooses a single word to describe this horse with which he has been competing successfully for some time: “Awesome”.  The run that secured the title for Fisk was in no way a given: “It was just fantastic! I could never have predicted that I would be celebrating this win today, but one of my goals this year was to compete and do well in this show; I had actually been holding the horse back a bit so he would be ready for this Open.” Fisk works out of Horse Academy, Mooslargue France where he not only trains but follows a group of Non Pros: “It’s a part of the job I really enjoy; one of the satisfactions of being a trainer for me is being able to help people develop and in this facility our clients have the advantage of being able to compete regularly at home – we have about one show a month.” Next up on Fisk’ agenda is the IRHA/NRHA Futurity coming up at the end of this month.

Sharing reserve honours were two Belgian colleagues among Europe’s most successful reiners, namely Ann Fonck on Gunners Specialolena, daughter of NRHA Three Million Dollar Sire Gunners Special Nite out of Dolly Special Lena and owned by Diego Dalla Gassa, and Cira Baeck on Maria Cecilia Fiorucci’s power-packed, eye-catching stallion Phantom Face, previously ridden by Craig Schmersal who earned $113,089 competing in the US with this 6-year-old son of Pale Face Dunnit out of Gorgeous Like A Star, before coming to Italy. Fonck’s mount, “Dolly”, was a relative “young’un”’ in last night’s event: last year the 5-year-old mare took Laura Della Gassa to the top of Levels 4 and 3 of the 4-year-old Non Pro Italian Futurity.

Sylvia Rzepka

Another very happy lady after marking 225 on Winnie The Boo (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Jac Golden Faith), was Sylvia Rzepka, who came back again after Friday night’s win of the AQHA Open here to win the Intermediate Open on Florian Aubruner’s 7-year-old mare with a great run that also placed her 4th in the Open. “I have had this horse for a couple of years and have made quite a few changes,” explained Sylvia “and now he’s really starting to perform well for me. He can be a little bit freaky sometimes, but when he shows he has a heart of gold”. Winner of the Italian Derby in 2011, Rzepka has competed in the World Equestrian Games (WEG) twice and was part of the German team awarded the bronze medal at the FEI World Championships in 2008; on this mare, Sylvia took Reserve Honours in the L3 Open NRHA European Derby this August, then going on to gain the title of Level 3 Champion and Level 4 Reserve Champion at the Austrian Maturity the following month. She has been working out of the facility of H & D Schulz Quarter Horses a Neustadt, Austria for the last two years: “It’s a great place for me to train my horses, it’s one of the busiest areas in Austria for reining and we have the Austrian Futurity and Maturity there”.  Rzepka summed up her show last night as “highly emotional”. She commented: “There is always something that can go better in a run, but I went in there last night with high expectations”. Expectations that certainly were not disappointed. Of the event Sylvia added: “I have been in the sport for the last 20 years, but to compete in something like this was pretty cool.”

Reserve Champion at the Intermediate level was Klaus Lechner, who also travelled here from Austria, guided Cody Rooster Delmaso (Ricochet Rooster X Made Of Lacy) to a score of 223. The veteran stallion, 14 years of age, is owned by wife Julia-Gaupmann-Lechner. Klaus has been working professionally in reining since 2010 and now runs his own centre, together with Julia, in Lower Austria.

Niklas Ludwig

Niklas Ludwig was crowned Limited Open Champion after closing his run on 218.5 aboard 2013 stallion Whiz N Spook (Smart Spook X Whizicle) owned by Margot Van Doone. Ludwig said of his companion: “I would describe him as a big baby: he likes to play around and can be a little tricky to handle at times, but I really like him. We have been together for the last two years”. He adds, “I always knew this show was going to be special, of course, it’s partly the money but also everything around it. It is bringing a lot of new people into the sport so it can only be good!” Niklas, who has been working together with older brother Grisha at Ludwig Quarter Horses in Schwantelhof, Germany for the last seven years, says the two brothers work well together as a team. He adds that he has no idea what he would do if he were not a reiner: “I love the horses, I love the sport and I like to get up every morning to do this work”. For now, the show season is over for the 26-year-old German who started in reining with his dad, going to help out with Grisha in the holidays and then travelling to the US to gain experience with Tom McCutcheon, Duane Latimer and Martin Larcombe. Certainly, he is looking forward to a little relaxation and then it will be time to get ready for next year!

Just half a point behind (218) to claim reserve honours at the Limited level was Lena-Marie Maas riding Georg Ferl’s 2015 QH stallion Chic Heidi (Chic Magnetic X Heidi Sailor). The 20-year-old German trainer was Individual and Team gold-medal winner in the Youth Continental/Regional Championships in Givrins in 2015.

Vimeo Channel Elementa Masters Premiere:
Photos by Andrea Bonega

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.