NRHA European Futurity returns to Cremona, Italy

Reiners all across Europe will convene in Cremona, Italy, on March 30 for the 2019 National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) European Futurity. Running through April 6, this highly anticipated event offers classes for professionals, non pros, and youth riders to show their NRHA-nominated 4-year-olds.

In 2009, Kreuth, Germany hosted the first NRHA European Futurity. Since then, the event has steadily gained momentum, becoming one of Europe’s most successful events.

Stay tuned for updates on this year’s show and follow the NRHA European Futurity on Facebook and Instagram for photos, videos, and more. A complete schedule of events is available at



NRHA Futurity – Second payments due April 1

2019 edition will take back more finalists than ever before!

April 1st is the second payment deadline for the 2019 NRHA Futurity (Nov. 28-Dec. 7). Over the years, NRHA has used a coupon book system for payments. However, starting this year, new electronic options are available for your convenience. To make the second payment, choose from one of the options listed below.


Not sure if your horse is entered? View 2019 NRHA Futurity received entries to date

Need to enter a new horse? The late fee until April 1 is $200 ($1,045 total)


Qualifying for the NRHA Futurity finals is an achievement that most reiners dream of, and starting in 2019, even more entries will have a shot at making that dream come true! In all, 80 additional finalist positions were created with the biggest increases happening in the level(L) 2 and L3 non pro and open divisions.

L4 Open – 30, plus ties
L3 Open – 30, plus ties
L2 Open – 30, plus ties (10 more finalists)
L1 Open – 30, plus ties  (15 more finalists)

L4 Non Pro – 30, plus ties (5 more finalists)
L3 Non Pro – 30, plus ties (10 more finalists)
L2 Non Pro – 30, plus ties (15 more finalists)
L1 Non Pro – 30, plus ties (15 more finalists)
PT Non Pro – 20, plus ties (10 more finalists)
(No changes to consolation)

Platinum Performance® Powers Reiners

Platinum Performance Renews Corporate Partnership with NRHA.

For Immediate Release – March 13, 2019 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Platinum Performance, supplier of the Official Equine Oral Joint Supplement of NRHA, will expand its partnership with the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) in 2019. This year, Platinum Performance adds sponsorship of Adequan® North American Affiliate Championship (NAAC) Top 10 jackets to its existing partnership with NRHA.

“We’re proud to support NRHA as the Official Equine Oral Joint Supplement and are pleased to continue providing the entire reining community with superior nutrition and unmatched personal service,” said Lauren Thompson, Platinum Performance Equine Marketing Manager.

Reiners can rely on Platinum Performance® CJ, Platinum’s wellness, performance & complete joint formula, carefully formulated as a synergistic approach to healthier joints with ingredients that reflect the high-quality standards upheld by Platinum Performance.

Platinum Performance® CJ is the only supplement of its kind — combining ASU in addition to joint-supporting ingredients, glucosamine sulfate, MSM, cetyl myristoleate, hyaluronic acid and Boswellia serrata with a whole-horse wellness formula that supports every part of the horse. Platinum Performance® CJ is recommended for any horse with advanced joint care needs and is popular with performance horses, prospects and senior horses. It also aids in recovery after joint or soft tissue injuries.

Every season, each NRHA affiliate can assemble the top 15 riders in each class to compete at their designated Affiliate Regional Championship (ARC). From there, the top 10 advance to the Adequan® NAAC, which is held in conjunction with the NRHA Futurity. In 2019, Platinum Performance will provide jackets for Top 10 recipients in each Adequan® NAAC class. With the help of corporate partners like Platinum Performance, NRHA contributes over $40,000 annually to participating affiliate championship programs. By developing reining at the grassroots level, these valuable programs boost expansion of the sport as a whole.

“The support demonstrated by Platinum Performance over the years has contributed to the growth of NRHA,” said Sammi Miller, NRHA Senior Director of Corporate Relations & Communications. “Their brand touches every NRHA-owned event. Continuing a partnership with Platinum Performance is very exciting!”

Founded in equine veterinary medicine, the family-owned-and-operated company is located in Buellton, California. Co-founder and CEO Mark Herthel says “Platinum Performance will always be committed to providing veterinarians and equestrians with the highest-quality and most effective formulas available, as we have since 1996.  We are motivated, more and more every day, to change lives, improve performance and influence disease. That’s what keeps us charging forward.”

About Platinum Performance®
Platinum Performance® believes in the power of nutrition and supplementation and remains committed to providing formulas that produce superior results in the horse. Over the past several decades, Platinum has continued to research the role of nutrition with regard to wellness and performance and is committed to providing equine veterinarians, horse owners, and trainers the nutritional tools they need to benefit from cutting-edge equine nutrition. Horse Health is the Platinum Performance Mission, and we look forward to helping you NOURISH YOUR PASSION. Find more at

Founded in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting and encouraging the development of and public interest in the sport of reining. The focus is on developing and maintaining suitable standards of performance and judging and in providing a fun filled, family-oriented atmosphere. 

Media Contact:
Hayley Eberle
Manager of Marketing & Outreach
National Reining Horse Association
(405) 946-7400 x 103


NRHA Globalizes Youth Involvement

NRHA Youth Council Expands to Europe

For Immediate Release – March 11, 2019 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) and the Reining Horse Foundation (RHF) recognize the importance of growth in the reining industry. That expansion is fueled largely by the next generation of reiners—our youth riders. To support young reiners around the globe, NRHA has expanded the youth program globally by launching an inaugural Youth Council in Europe.

Since 2001, the National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) has facilitated the development of our sport’s future leaders. NRHyA members enjoy opportunities to benefit from college scholarships, youth awards and incentives, and guidance from top NRHA Professionals while making lifelong friendships and having fun along the way. Youth programs expand beyond arena-based competition; youths can enhance their futures through a variety of opportunities with NRHyA.

Many of today’s top reining trainers and non pros have participated in youth competition or benefited from NRHyA leadership and scholarship opportunities, citing those offerings as major influences in their development as riders and students.

NRHyA’s five core programs, which were designed specifically to develop and enhance the sport of reining, expanded worldwide in 2005. This explosion of growth continues with the 2019 European Youth Council. Incorporating an international Youth Council allows NRHyA to mold the program to represent the needs of young reiners on every continent.

“I’m absolutely delighted that in two short years we’ve built an active European youth scene with top-10 awards and now the first ever European Youth Council,” said Francesca Sternberg, chair of the European Youth Committee. “I’m so excited to see what this vibrant, enthusiastic, multinational group brings to NRHA, and I’m sure the future of reining is in great hands. I’d also like to thank the RHF for their support and generosity with the top-10 awards, helping to recognize our youths worldwide.”

The European Youth Council is made up of dedicated NRHA members who tirelessly work for the betterment of NRHyA opportunities in Europe and elsewhere. Current members of this group are Francesca Sternberg (Chair)(United Kingdom), Gisela Haas (Netherlands), Agnes Csolle (Hungary), Jane Muir (United Kingdom), Borys Pardus (Poland), and Manon Giraud (France).

The individuals who will serve on the 2019 NRHA European Youth Council include:

President: George Sternberg Allen (United Kingdom)
Vice President: Nimroid Vannietvelt (Belgium)
Treasurer: Lisa Werdaner (Italy)
Secretary: Pia Boonstoppel (Netherlands)
Historian: Nanina Staub (Switzerland)
Additional Historian: Erin Wielsma (Netherlands)

As these budding leaders begin their new pursuit, digital communication has served as a launchpad for their progress. In April, the Council will host its first face-to-face meeting at the 2019 NRHA European Futurity in Cremona, Italy. At this event, NRHA will also facilitate a youth meeting, as well as a possible youth party and fundraising. For more information on NRHyA, visit