Tim Anderson Becomes NRHA Million Dollar Owner

As a National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) member for more than 15 years, Tim Anderson has added multiple accomplishments to his name, including serving as the Reining Horse Foundation President, NRHA Corporate Partner, sponsor, and owner. At the 2022 NRHA Futurity, another title was added to his NRHA career, which may be the most exciting yet—becoming an NRHA Million Dollar Owner.

Anderson was an owner of three horses that competed in the NRHA Futurity MS Diamonds Level 4 Finals, a feat that is a major accomplishment in itself.

“When I started my involvement with reining horses, I didn’t have this goal to become a million dollar owner,” said Anderson. “I never had any clue that we would get this involved in it. Once I started having some success with my horses, I always had the goal of being in the Top 20 Owners every year.”

“Three years ago, I saw how things were going and that my horses were on track that we might become a million dollar owner before retiring in the industry,” he continued. “This year [2022] happened to be my most successful year with my horses, and I didn’t know that until the fall. We won three futurities, and when all three made the finals, I knew we would go over the threshold.”

Anderson has found success as a breeder, picking successful yearlings, and in his partnerships—all of which were showcased at the 2022 NRHA Futurity. Of the three horses in the Level 4 finals, one was bred from a mare he owned since she was two, one he chose as an early yearling, and the third one was a partnership with good friend and past NRHA President Rick Clark.

“To go over the million dollar mark at the big show, the one we all dream about, and to have three in the Level 4 Finals when that doesn’t happen very often, it was a huge moment of excitement and accomplishment,” he said. “We did it the old-fashioned way. Our horses have won some derbies and futurities but not the NRHA Derby or Futurity, we just chipped away at it year after year. It’s possible to chip away at the goal, and you don’t need to win a major to do it.”

Anderson and his family have been involved in the agricultural industry throughout their lives, both with their business and passions, and in the horse industry specifically for decades. Although originally in the halter and pleasure industry, Anderson fell in love with the reining industry for the fair judging system.

“Picking the right horses is a lot of luck, but my abilities are higher power given,” he said. “I was born with my abilities, and there’s no doubt about it. I can’t point my finger at one person. My mother had a huge impact on it, she was a long-term breeder and exhibitor and had a lot of influence on me reading pedigrees, reading confirmation, and trainers’ abilities. I have a good eye for animals, I have been in the livestock business for 40 years, and it sounds corny, but animals with me, and I can talk with them. It isn’t like Doctor Doolittle, but I can walk into barns and tell you within ten seconds if the animals are feeling good and the environment is comfortable for them. I have always had a very good eye for a horse.”

Although Anderson may not have initially set his sights on the million dollar mark, his appreciation for the journey and each person who helped meet the accomplishment is evident.

Tim & Kim

“My partner Kim [Niven] has been a huge supporter and never questioned my moves or what I do with the horses, she also shows and has always been there 100 percent, he said. “I have great partners and am never afraid to have a partner, and all of them are done with a handshake, if it can’t be done with a handshake, we don’t do it. There have been many trainers and people who work their tails off for these trainers on my way to one million. It is a very hard industry to work in and can be very stressful, so there have been many people who contributed to this, from grooms to lopers, saddlers, and more. “

Tim Anderson’s Top Earners

Gun Dun It: $187,312

Pale Face Gunslinger: $150,725

Gunna Run N Slide: $97,835

Starjac Vintage: $96,425

Lost In Tinseltown: $81,004

2022 NRHA Top Twenty Professionals, Non Pro, and Owner Results Are In

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is thrilled to announce the Top 20 Standings list for the 2022 year in each sector—Professionals, Non Pros, and Owners. NRHA’s Top 20 program is designed to feature the talent of the association’s top riders and owners each year. These frontrunners of each section are true representatives for the sport of reining in competition as well as in the industry day to day.

Along with the Top 10 World Standing Finalists, the NRHA Board of Directors will welcome all Top 20 Professionals, Non Pros, and Owners to the coveted awards ceremony to be recognized. This event will be held during the 2023 6666 NRHA Derby presented by Markel, which takes place June 13–25 in Oklahoma City. Members from around the globe will be invited to the event to enjoy an evening of fun, food, and recognition. The exact date of the event will be posted as the show schedule is confirmed.

The NRHA congratulates the following 2022 NRHA Top 20 Professionals, Non Pros, & Owners:

Shawn Flarida


  1. Shawn Flarida
  2. Casey Deary
  3. Fernando Salgado
  4. Andrea Fappani
  5. Matt Mills
  6. Jordan Larson
  7. Cade McCutcheon
  8. Jason Vanlandingham
  9. Trevor Dare
  10. Craig Schmersal
  11. Gabriel Borges
  12. Jared Leclair
  13. Abby Lengel
  14. Grischa Ludwig
  15. Duane Latimer
  16. Bernard Fonck
  17. Ann Fonck
  18. Brian Bell
  19. Martin Larcombe
  20. Manuel Cortesi

*Category 1–10, Open earnings

Gina-Maria Schumacher

Non Pros

  1. Gina-Maria Schumacher
  2. Mandy McCutcheon
  3. William Clutter
  4. Indy Roper
  5. Jack Medows
  6. Chandler Winard
  7. Tish Fappani
  8. Jose Vazquez
  9. Mariana Vazquez
  10. Charles Wiederholt
  11. Emma Vanlandingham
  12. Francesca Sternberg
  13. Lane Colston
  14. Monica Hicks
  15. Molly Morgenstern
  16. Emily Opell
  17. Taylor Zimmerman
  18. Samuel Flarida
  19. Christine Trautman
  20. Ewald Rifeser

*Category 1–10, Non Pro earnings

Arcese Quarter Horses USA


  1. Arcese Quarter Horses USA
  2. XCS Ranch LLC
  3. Tim J. Anderson
  4. Smart Like Juice Inc.
  5. Tom & Mandy McCutcheon
  6. Gilberto Leal
  7. Tim & MaryBeth Ruckman
  8. Devin K. Warren
  9. Vaughn C. Zimmerman
  10. Robert Santagata
  11. Amy E. Medows
  12. Clark Reining Horses LLC
  13. Puno Performance Horses, LLC & Jody Puno
  14. Jay H. Clutter
  15. Katarzyna Roleska
  16. Abby Lengel
  17. George & Carol Bell
  18. Casey & Kathy Hinton
  19. Andrea & Tish Fappani
  20. Neiberger Performance Horses, LLC

*Category 1–10 earnings

Congratulations again to all Top 10 mentioned, who continue to grow the sport of reining and represent the association to the uppermost standard. The official results list can also be seen here.

2023 NRHA Executive Committee Announced

The National Reining Horse Association is pleased to share that the 2023 executive committee is now fully seated and boasts members with years of experience as well as a first-time member. Led by President Mark Blake and Vice President Mike Hancock, the Director-At-Large positions will be held by Shane Brown, John Tague, Ed ‘Hoot’ Bricker, and past president Rick Clark.

Clark and Bricker were elected by the NRHA Board of Directors for one-year terms, and Tague won by acclamation and was confirmed by the board for a two-year term.

“I am really excited about the group that we have,” said NRHA President Mark Blake. “I think that we are going to meld together quite well, and we have a really diverse skill set among our executive committee members. Pretty much everyone in our industry is represented between owners, professionals, breeders, and non pros. I am excited to get to work and have everyone’s skills used.”

This will be Hancock’s second term as vice president. “I am super excited to be back,” Hancock said. “I have missed all the family and activities associated with being on the Board for the last couple of years. The close of my last term was the COVID year, so I am thrilled to see the movement we have had since then and excited to see the growth I know we can obtain in the future.”

Hancock will serve as NRHA president after completing his two-year term.

“Getting Mike on the executive committee is outstanding,” said Blake. “He comes with a phenomenal background knowing our rules and bylaws, and his past leadership will be very welcomed on the executive committee”

Bricker will serve his first term in this role after serving on the board for the past three years and entering his fourth representing the Northeast region. He has been a staunch supporter of local affiliates and has extensive committee experience, including serving as Chair of the NRHA Stewards Committee. He brings extensive experience as a longtime member, NRHA Judge, and Steward.

“Ed comes from a great background and did a phenomenal job as the chair of the stewards committee,” said Blake. “He poured his soul into that committee, and he will bring that work ethic to the executive committee and will hold everyone accountable. He also brings a different perspective to us and intangibles that we haven’t had in the past.”

Kentucky native Clark will bring continuity and experience, having served two separate terms as NRHA president and over a decade of leadership positions within NRHA. Clark has invested more than 25 years in NRHA as a competitor, owner, and now NRHA Global Partner.

“Some may believe having the past president on the executive committee can be detrimental, but he will bring a lot of support for our mission moving forward along with being a great sounding board,” said Blake. “We are excited and lucky to have him.”

What is best for NRHA is where I want this executive committee to go,” said Blake. “If it is best for the majority, that’s where we want to be. We have people with great listening skills, it is a diverse group, and we are picking up Hoot, who is from a different part of the country, which is great for us as well.”

In addition to the NRHA Executive Committee, the NRHA Board of Directors is now fully seated, and the full list can be viewed here.

For more information concerning how representatives are elected, refer to the NRHA Bylaws and the NRHA Elections page.

Upcoming NRHA Nomination Deadline

All members have the opportunity to nominate weanling foals into the NRHA Nomination program at the lowest rate till January 10. Be sure to send in all of your nominations to the office by Monday, January 10. The option to complete the process online through ReinerSuite is also available for ease and quick submission time!

NRHA Member and Show Services/Nomination Representative Emily Rush said, “We are so fortunate to have ReinerSuite available to us now because it really is the fastest and most economical way to nominate a horse. The $10 handling fee is waived when you do it online, and you receive an instant digital confirmation.”

The program was created to grow its North American and European Futurities and Derbies to new heights through enhanced payouts. The NRHA is proud to share that this program has allocated 60 percent of all the fees to the Futurities and 40 percent to the Derbies after a 10 percent administration fee! The enrollment of foals creates additional added money for the purses at the Futurities and Derbies, which saw a 42% increase in the North American Open Futurity in the very first year.

Members have the option to nominate to one or both the European and North American programs, with the option to add both at a later date if desired.

When a horse competes and wins money at one of the Futurities or Derbies, the nominator receives 5% of the earnings! It does not matter if the nominator still owns the horse or not. Any horse can be nominated, and the original nominator can never be changed.

Be sure to take part in this fruitful program and send in your nominations no later than January 10. The fee doubles after that day until January 31. The foal is considered a yearling after January 31, and the fees adjust accordingly. Horses foaled in the Southern Hemisphere from July 1 through December 31 will still be considered weanlings during the next calendar year.

Guidance on how to complete nominations can be found in the Resources Library, as well as a trouble-shooting page that can be found here.

More information, including nomination forms, can be found at nrha.com/nomination.

2022 NRHA Top Ten Final Standings are Announced

The 2022 show season has come to a close, and the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is pleased to announce the finalized Top 10 Standings for the 2022 year in each division — Open, Intermediate Open, Limited Open, Rookie Professional, Non Pro, Intermediate Non Pro, Limited Non Pro, Prime Time Non Pro, Novice Horse Open Level 1–3, Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1–3, Youth 13 & Under, and Youth 14–18.

The NRHA Board of Directors plans to host a ceremony to honor NRHA Top Ten Achievers. This event will also acknowledge the Top 20 Professionals, Top 20 Non Pros, and Top 20 Owners during the 2023 6666 NRHA Derby presented by Markel held June 13-25 in Oklahoma City. Members from around the globe will be invited to the event to enjoy an evening of fun, food, and recognition. The exact date of the event will be posted as the show schedule is finalized.

Congratulations to the following 2022 NRHA World Champions:

Horse: ND Pop Gun Trash
Rider: Bernard Fonck
Owner: Nathalie Derua
Location: Lierneux, Belgium

Intermediate Open & Limited Open
Horse: Sparkys Shining Doll
Rider: Tyrel Pole
Owner: Rhea Pole
Location: Gainesville, TX

Rookie Professional
Horse: Serenades Dream
Rider: Lane Beeler
Owner: Steve Gooden
Location: Westpoint, IN

Non Pro
Rider: Stephanie Blessing
Horse: Dance Gotta Gun
Location: Niederwil SG, Switzerland

Intermediate Non Pro & Limited Non Pro
Rider: Wayne Mizelle
Horse: Whizkey At Dawn
Location: Windsor, NC

Prime Time Non Pro
Rider: Lucinda Human
Horse: Made By Magnum
Location: Advance, NC

Novice Horse Open Level 1 & 2
Horse: Sergeant Fridee
Rider: Barry T. Haynes
Owner: Diane Staton
Location: Harned, KY

Novice Horse Open Level 3
Horse: Hes Throwing Smoke
Rider: Andrew G. Fox
Owner: Heather Marks
Location: Lipan, TX

Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1, 2, & 3
Rider: Melissa Wigen
Horse: Starlight Escalade
Location: Joseph, Oregon

Youth 13 & Under
Rider: Olivia C. Thompson
Horse: Skeets Forty Five
Location: Delafield, WI

Youth 14-18
Rider: Jenna Ratke
Horse: Rio One Step Closer
Location: Maidsville, West Virginia

The full list of the NRHA Top 10 Standings for 2022 can be seen here.

Congratulations to all competitors on a great year of showing; we cannot wait to celebrate with you in June at the ceremony for the buckle presentation!