Additional Showdowns at Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships

Exciting opportunities are available at the 2021 National Reining Horse Association Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships but are only available to exhibitors who first qualify through an Affiliate Regional Championship.

Exhibitors competing in select divisions at the Adequan® NAAC can earn the chance to perform center stage in the Jim Norick Coliseum thanks to an exciting sponsorship addition from NRHA Corporate Partners Bob’s Custom Saddles and Toyon Ranch. The two Corporate Partners have expanded their sponsorship to include a bonus round for four classes.

The Bob’s Custom Saddles Showdowns will be offered for the Intermediate Non Pro, Intermediate Open, and Rookie Level 2 and the Toyon Ranch Showdown will be offered for Rookie 1, also known as Rookie of the Year. The NAAC classes will be held in the Adequan® Arena as normal with entries competing for 2021 Adequan® NAAC titles. The top 10 for each class (plus ties) will advance to the clean-slate Showdowns in the Coliseum Arena, where they will compete for additional cash prizes.

To compete for these titles, it is critical that riders enter the respective classes at an Affiliate Regional Championship and score higher than a zero to qualify to enter Oklahoma City. NAAC hopefuls must specifically enter the ARC class, not just the ancillary version. Riders do not need to have an affiliate designation to enter, they just must be a member of an affiliate. The South Central Region ARC kicks off the qualifying season at the Tulsa Reining Classic on August 29, and the full list of ARCs can be found on the NRHA website.

A staggering $10,000 will be awarded during the Showdowns for each class. This means that, for no additional entry fee, the Bob’s Custom Saddles and Toyon Ranch Showdown Champions will win $5,000, the reserve champion will take home $2,500, third will receive $1,500, and fourth will earn $1,000. Money won in the Showdown will be considered Category 7 affiliate earnings.

“The reining industry is blessed with many generous sponsors, and Bob’s Custom Saddles and Toyon Ranch are two of the best. Their vision is to grow reining beginning with specific NAAC divisions while benefiting the industry as a whole,” noted Senior Director of Corporate Relations and Communications, Sammi Miller.

The Bob’s Custom Saddles Intermediate Non Pro and Intermediate Open Showdowns will be held in the Jim Norick Friday, Dec. 3, and the Bob’s Custom Saddles Rookie 2 Showdown and Toyon Ranch Rookie 1 Showdown will be held on Saturday, Dec. 4.

For more information about qualification for or about the Adequan® NAAC, visit

Raise A Million Auctions Benefitting RHF Proceeds Exceed $500k

Electric. Exhilarating. Exciting.

That’s a trilogy of words that could easily describe the action in the arena at the 2021 The Run For A Million presented by Teton Ridge, which wrapped up August 21 at the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas.

Taking part in the thrilling finish to the Raise A Million Live Auction are Kevin Truax, Jimmy Nichols and Nancy Wheeler Nichols, RHF Board President and high bidder Tim Anderson, Kim Niven, Janice Dickson, Mark Dickson, RHF Executive Director Leslie Baker, Taylor Sheridan, creator of The Run For A Million and producer for Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, and RHF Board member Andrea Stillo. (Photo by Kelsey Pecsek-Hruska)

They can also illustrate the fundraising efforts between the National Reining Horse Association’s Reining Horse Foundation and TRFAM. The two entities came together to produce and host the Raise a Million Auctions to benefit the reining community. Over the course of the event, more than a half-million dollars was raised between the live and silent auctions and pledged matches from RHF donors!

According to RHF Executive Director Leslie Baker, it was the largest single fundraising effort ever for the foundation. “This is probably one of the most exhilarating and sensational moments in the Reining Horse Foundation’s history, and we’ve already had some incredible ones,” she said. “It’s tremendous to be here at The Run For A Million. To have the industry step up this way is gratifying, especially as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary. It really shows that the future for the RHF is bright.”

The Live Auction, held just prior to the Million Dollar Competition Draw on Friday evening, featured five extraordinary items, ranging from a one-of-a-kind painting to incredible jewelry.

The headline item, though, was an official TRFAM jacket donated by TRFAM presented by Teton Ridge and arranged by Brumley Management. Taylor Sheridan, creator of TRFAM and producer for Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, had originally assured the jacket would be signed by him and the two Yellowstone cast members at the event.

Then Sheridan upped the ante, promising not only to get signatures from all the cast members but also to host the winning bidder and a guest to the set to get autographs from all the cast members in person. In addition to the meet and greet, the winners and their horses, if they chose to bring them – will be cast as extras in an episode of the hit show.

The bidding commenced, and the cheering and encouragement of the crowd rose to a crescendo. When the bidding stalled at $110,000, Sheridan said whoever would match that price would get the same treatment. When it was all over four bidders – each pledging $110,000 – won the prize.

“Taylor Sheridan was honored in 2019 as NRHA’s Reiner of the Year, and it’s an honor well deserved, because of his generosity. We thank TRFAM, Brumley Management, and Mr. Sheridan, all big supporters we are grateful for,” noted Baker. “There was an incredible group of buyers for the live auction items.  Thank you to each of them for showing their support in such a big way. Among the high bidders are Tim Anderson and Kim Niven, Mark and Janice Dickson, and Kevin Truax.”

Baker also added a thank you to the donors and buyers of the other live auction items.

  • Lot 1 – One-of-a-kind show headstall created and donated by Bob’s Custom Saddles, an NRHA Corporate Partner. Purchased by Elementa.
  • Lot 2 – Texas Rangers Tickets donated by Debbie Conway/Vaquero Midstream. Purchased by Pete Fulgham, 03 Animal Health LLC.
  • Lot 3 – Sleipner Trust Harmony Bracelet created and donated by MS Diamonds TX, an NRHA corporate partner.
  • Lot 4 – Remember Me original acrylic painting created and donated by MJ’s Equine Art Studios (Maggie Leverett). Purchased by Allison Thorson/ThorSport Inc. and Elementa.

The Silent Auction ran through Saturday afternoon and garnered an additional $24,495. Two items tied as the high selling lots in the Silent Auction at $2,000 each: a 2022 breeding to Spooks Gotta Spark donated by Kevin Truax and purchased by Ricardo and Kim Rivero, and an eye-catching show headstall made by Travis Stillson, donated by George & Chloe Lawrence and purchased by Laura Honstetter.  

According to Baker, the generosity surrounding the Raise a Million Auctions began well before anyone connected to the event set foot in Las Vegas. When word of the auctions got out, donors pledging to match money raised began to stack up. “We had an incredible group of 15 donors pledge to match the first $19,500 the auction raised, ensuring it would be successful from the start,” she said.

Donors contributing to the match include:


Tim Anderson & Kim Niven

Booth Ranches

Rick Clark

Jennifer Greenleaf

John & Nancy Tague

Jamie Walters


Gary & Marian Carpenter

Kevin & Amy Colston

Frank & Susan Costantini

John & Dawn Foy

John & Terri Mainey

Pro Management Inc./Cheryl Cody

Santa Hill Ranch

Andrea & Mirjam Stillo

Joe & Emmy Wolfe

With the matching dollars and both auctions combined, NRHA Chief Financial Officer John Foy says the weekend’s events generated the most net assets in NRHA and RHF history from an event.

The success of the Raise a Million Silent Auctions capped off an incredible week of charity for the RHF, as another major moment was the announcement of a $50,000 gift from the Teton Ridge Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Teton Ridge. Baker said, “The grant from the Teton Ridge Foundation is among the largest single gifts in our history. We thank Mr. Thomas Tull of Teton Ridge, and after meeting with him and other donors, it solidifies for me that every dollar raised means something, whether it’s $5, $50, $50,000, or $500,000. The RHF is going places and will continue to impact the reining community.”

The mission of the Reining Horse Foundation is to care for and honor the reining community. Core programs include the Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund to benefit reiners enduring hardships such as major illness, accidents, and disasters; youth leadership development and scholarships for members of the National Reining Horse Youth Association, and perpetuation of the sport’s history through the NRHA Hall of Fame. For information on the RHF, visit

Dany Tremblay Hits NRHA Million Dollar Rider Milestone

Dany & Tinker With Dreams

When Dany Tremblay marked a 224.5 on Tinker With Dreams in The Run For A Million presented by Teton Ridge Open Shootout, he not only guaranteed a spot in the 2022 Million Dollar Event but also secured his place in National Reining Horse Association history.

When Tremblay, of Overbrook, Oklahoma, traveled to Las Vegas for the event, he was less than $5,000 away from achieving NRHA Million Dollar Rider status. The tie for fifth place in the Shootout paid $9,991, more than enough to (unofficially) push the NRHA Professional past the career milestone.

Dany shared he was excited about the win but was adamant about crediting his brother, Fred, for his success.

Dany & Fred

“I remember when I was a kid and I had won my first $100,000, and it was just before I had to pick if I wanted to be a Non Pro or an Open rider. Fred told me, ‘Don’t worry. You got the $100,000, and the next party we are going to have will be for a million,’” Dany recalled. “Honestly, I never believed my brother until today. The reason I am here is because of him; he made everything happen, I was just the rider.”

He added, “We have been a team from the beginning, and are the best team. Fred has taught me so much in life as far as business and has been there and believed in me since day one. He always told people, ‘You’re going to see what my brother can do someday.’”

For Fred, seeing his younger brother reach one million in earnings was the culmination of a dream. “I have wanted this for him ever since he was a kid,” Fred shared following the Shootout.

Dany and Fred’s father, Christian Tremblay, won the 1981 NRHA Futurity Non Pro Championship, so while he grew up riding different types of horses and disciplines, reining was always special.

The Tremblays relocated from Canada to the United States in 2014. Expanding upon their Canadian experience, Tremblay Performance Horses has become a premier reining horse training, coaching, and marketing programs in the industry.

Dany & Tinker With Dreams

“It was a little hard living in Canada because I always wanted to compete in the United States, so I traveled a lot,” Dany explained. “I used to come a month before the NRHA Futurity to learn more and work with great trainers. Then it was two months earlier, and soon I was splitting my time between the two countries almost equally.”

Dany has trained and worked with some of the industry’s best horsemen, including Mike Flarida, NRHA Million Dollar Rider Dell Hendricks and Two Million Dollar Rider Duane Latimer.

When asked what he credits most for his success, his answer was spending time in the show ring.

“I showed on as many horses as I could. I learned a lot from the good horses, but I think I learned even more from the bad and average ones,” he said. “Showing is probably the key to success. A lot of people can ride good horses but getting them shown is another story. Going into the show pen was where I learned the most. I can tell you that, in reining, I have figured out that you never lose: either you win, or you learn.”

Tremblay’s 10 most lucrative wins include:

  • 2021 National Reining Breeders Classic Level 4 Open Co-Champion – Tinker With Dreams – $62,500
  • 2017 National Reining Breeders Classic Level 4 Open Reserve Champion – PS Mega Shine Chic – $41,000
  • 2015 NRHA Futurity Level 4 Open 8th – Spooksgottachicolena – $32,110
  • 2019 TRFAM Open Shootout Champion – PS Mega Shine Chic – $26,337
  • 2013 NRHA Futurity Level 4 Open 11th – The Wizster – $22,800
  • 2013 NRHA Futurity Level 3 Open Reserve Champion – The Wizster – $21,899
  • 2019 National Reining Breeders Classic Level 3 Open Champion – PS Mega Shine Chic – $21,370
  • 2017 National Reining Breeders Classic Level 3 Open Champion – PS Mega Shine Chic – $20,589
  • 2018 NRHA Futurity Level 4 Open 12th – Thug Life – $20,392
  • 2017 NRHA Derby Level 3 Open Champion – Magnums Guns R Reddy – $18,586

Reining Horse Foundation Receives $50,000 Gift From the Teton Ridge Foundation

Newly formed brand’s contribution will help improve programs which support and honor the reining community, while celebrating the sport’s history

(August 20, 2021) OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA – The Reining Horse Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the National Reining Horse Association, recently received a generous gift of $50,000 from the Teton Ridge Foundation. The donation will help fund programs designed to support youth leadership development, members who are enduring hardships, and both individuals and horses who have made valuable contributions to the sport of reining.

The Teton Ridge Foundation serves as the philanthropic wing of the newly created western brand, Teton Ridge.

The brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Thomas Tull, Teton Ridge was formed to help preserve the values and traditions of America’s iconic western culture, by investing in western performance sports, sponsoring riders, trainers, and events, strategically breeding Quarter Horses, and focusing on long-term land conservation.

Thomas Tull’s appreciation for western culture’s core values — integrity, hard work, and respect, inspired his support of the Reining Horse Foundation, an organization dedicated to hard-working individuals whose livelihoods depend on the western way of life.

According to RHF President Tim Anderson, “The mission of Teton Ridge aligns with ours in many important ways. Certainly, the Reining Horse Foundation shares an interest in preserving the history of reining, which is widely recognized as one of the most exciting disciplines in all of western performance sports.”

The contribution will strengthen multiple programs, including the Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund, which provides relief to NRHA Members experiencing hardships caused by injury, illness, and even natural disaster.

Additionally, Teton Ridge’s donation will support youth leadership development programs and educational scholarships for members of the National Reining Horse Youth Association.

Leslie Baker
Reining Horse Foundation
(405) 946-7400 x 106

Katie Harvey                          
KGBTexas Communications             
(210) 410-1139                                      

Generous Donors Pledge Match for RHF Raise A Million Auctions at TRFAM

If you’re in Vegas for TRFAM, stop by the RHF booth to bid in the Silent Auction. The proceeds from the Silent and Live Run For A Million Auctions will benefit the Reining Horse Foundation.

Excitement for The Run For A Million presented by Teton Ridge is growing, and while the high-stakes event is drawing reining enthusiasts from around the globe to Las Vegas, it’s also sparked a philanthropic push.

Recently the Reining Horse Foundation, the charitable arm of the National Reining Horse Association, and TRFAM event management announced the creation of the Raise A Million Auctions to Benefit the Reining Community. Donations for incredible items – ranging from a breeding to 2019 TRFAM Co-Champion No Smoking Required to awe-inspiring jewelry – flowed in, and expectations are high for the event, which will feature live and silent auctions.

Then a generous group of donors elected to up the ante even more.

“A group of donors stepped forward to contribute funds to match the first $15,000 raised through the auctions, and gifts were pledged from $500 to $2,500,” noted RHF Executive Director Leslie Baker. “We have the best odds in Vegas because the auction is already a winner from the start.”

Baker added that, as more RHF supporters heard of the pledge, more donations rolled in, and currently there is $16,500 pledged.

“These are unrestricted gifts, and all will be accordingly recognized through the RHF Reiners Club. If someone wants to contribute to growing the match even more, that’s possible,” Baker said, noting that the best way to reach her during the event is by calling 405-946-7400 ext. 106, or e-mailing

Current Donors Include:  
Tim Anderson & Kim Niven
Rick Clark
Jennifer Greenleaf
John & Nancy Tague
Jamie Walters

Gary & Marian Carpenter
John & Dawn Foy
John & Terri Mainey
Santa Hill Ranch
Andrea & Mirjam Stillo
Frank & Susan Costantini
Pro Management Inc./Cheryl Cody
Joe & Emmy Wolfe

While both the Live and Silent Raise A Million Auctions will be open to in-person bidding only, Baker and the RHF team offer a proxy bid service. That way, even if a person is unable to travel to Las Vegas, they can still participate from afar. A link to the proxy bid form can be found here.

The Live Auction will be held Friday, August 20, at 3 p.m. at the start of the Million Dollar Draw Party.

The Silent Auction, featuring approximately three dozen quality items, will be set up near the VIP Pavilion inside the South Point Arena, beginning Wednesday, August 18. It will wrap up at 4 p.m. Saturday, August 21, just prior to the million-dollar competition.

For the most up-to-date list of donated items, visit

“Thank you to TRFAM Show Manager Amanda Brumley for facilitating The Run For A Million Auctions, which sparked the idea for donor matching from some incredible benefactors,” Baker said. “We look forward to the auctions and are excited about the positive impact the funds raised will have on our reining community.” 

The mission of the Reining Horse Foundation is to care for and honor the reining community. Core programs include the Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund to benefit reiners enduring hardships such as major illness, accidents and disasters; youth leadership development and scholarships for members of the National Reining Horse Youth Association; and perpetuation of the sport’s history through the NRHA Hall of Fame. For more information about the Reining Horse Foundation, visit

Hosted by the prestigious South Point Arena and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas, the 2021 The Run For A Million presented by Teton Ridge takes place August 18 through 21. Fifteen riders, including some of the most accomplished NRHA Professionals in the history of reining, will compete for a purse of $1,000,000. In addition to the Million Dollar Competition, The Run For A Million event also includes the $150,000 Teton Ridge Invitational Fence Work Challenge; $100,000 Platinum Performance Open Shoot Out; $50,000 Farnam Invitational Freestyle; $50,000 Non Pro Championships; and Bloomer Trailers Rookie Championships.

Performances can be watched live at For more information, go to the event’s website or contact