Adequan 500 Winners from 2022 NRHA Adequan North American Affiliate Championships

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is proud to announce the winners who receive a payout from the Adequan 500 Program during the 2022 NRHA Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships (NAAC) held in conjunction with the NRHA Futurity. This program rewards exhibitors by offering an additional $500 cash prize to the winner of each NAAC class who is a registrant of the Adequan® 500.

Adequan® the official joint therapy of NRHA, has been a loyal NRHA Partner continuously since 2005 and is also the title sponsor of the Adequan® Championship Arena during the NRHA annual events. Adequan’s continued support for all NRHA exhibitors is appreciated by each member and shows the devotion the company has for the sport of reining.

“Adequan® has supported horses and riders for over 30 years,” says Beth Anderson, manager of sponsorship and events at American Regent Animal Health, “and helping to keep NRHA horses and riders moving together is a top priority going forward.”

The list below represents all winners and the ties that happened as well. Congratulations to all!

Adequan® 500 Programs Winners:

Matthew Noel Palmer- NAAC Open

Tyrel Pole- NAAC Intermediate Open & NAAC Limited Open

Morgan Lee Moser – Rookie Professional

Matthew McDowell- NAAC Novice Horse Open 1

Paul Lentschke – NAAC Novice Horse Open 2

Paige Vernon- NAAC Non Pro

Stephanie Gentile- NAAC Limited Non-Pro, NAAC Novice Horse Non-Pro 1, NAAC Intermediate Non-Pro, NAAC Novice Horse Non-Pro 2

Madison Rafacz- NAAC Novice Horse Non Pro 2, NAAC 14 – 18

Rebecca Asmussen – NAAC Novice Horse Non-Pro 2

Jose Vazquez- NAAC Prime Time Non-Pro

Karly Kopp- NAAC Rookie of the Year 1

Matthew Dooley- NAAC Rookie of the Year 2

Sorrel Brooks Schreibvogel- NAAC 14 – 18

Abigail Dooley- NAAC 13 & Under

Jerry Douglas – NAAC Prime Time Rookie

“Congratulations to each of these riders and owners! NRHA is proud to have the Adequan 500 Program as a part of our NRHA Adequan North American Affiliate Championships,” says Christy Landwehr, NRHA Senior Director of Corporate Relations. “We are looking forward to a wonderful 2023 with Adequan as an NRHA Title Partner.”

The NRHA congratulates all Adequan® 500 program winners during the 2022 NRHA Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships and thanks Adequan® for their continual support to our members.

About American Regent Animal Health

American Regent Animal Health, a division of American Regent, Inc., is committed to advancing animal health with proven FDA-approved products like Adequan® (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan). The company’s portfolio is anchored by the only FDA-approved polysulfated glycosaminoglycan products for horses and dogs, which have been relied on for over three decades by veterinarians. American Regent, Inc., a Daiichi Sankyo Group Company, manufactures and distributes human and veterinary pharmaceutical products and is committed to providing the ever-changing U.S. healthcare marketplace with a growing and diversified American Regent portfolio. For more information on American Regent Animal Health, visit or call 800-458-0163.

Youth Championship to Join the Run for a Million

The Run for a Million (TRFAM) has continued to grow immensely after its inception in 2019, and it will continue that growth by adding a Youth Championship to the event in 2023.

The Youth Championship will function similarly to the Non Pro and Rookie Championships by having a qualifying process. For the Youth Championship, a single qualifier will be held at the 2023 6666 NRHA Derby presented by Markel, with the Top 10, plus ties, to compete at the championship event on August 20, prior to the Million Dollar Competition.

“I really wanted to have some sort of youth program ever since we started this event,” said Amanda Brumley, Event Producer and Vice President of The Run For A Million. “The event is such a huge production, having to cancel in 2020, not totally sure we could have it in 2021, made the decision-making process difficult. Last year we were more prepared in advance, knowing it wouldn’t get canceled so we added so much, and the train is running full steam forward!”

Each year the event has added additional pieces to its lineup to encourage involvement from all levels of competition, and now across three disciplines, including reining, cutting, and reined cow horse. This year the $200,000 Cutting Horse Challenge will be the feature performance Thursday evening with the Youth Cutting Championship opening. The $200,000 Cow Horse Fence Challenge set for Friday evening will have their Youth Championship as an opener, and the Youth Reining Championship will compete Saturday morning,” Brumley said.

There will be no prize money for the Youth Championship, but there will be big prizes, big publicity, and events to make the youth feel part of the entire production, according to Brumley.

“We want the youth competitors to feel special before and during the event and have an all-around great experience,” she said. “Saturday, there is no competition scheduled during the day, so it is a great opportunity for the youth reiners to compete. We are planning special youth activities during The Run For A Million, including all the Youth Championship competitors, reining, reined cow horse, and cutting to get together for some fun. We want it to be a goal for them to want to qualify and participate in this event each year. Finally, all the planets and stars aligned for this!”

It is encouraged to plan your trip in advance as tickets and rooms at the host hotel often sell out early. For more information about The Run for a Million, visit


  • Only one Youth Reining Championship qualifier will be held in 2023.
  • Qualifier runs in conjunction with the NRHA Derby Youth divisions Saturday, June 24, concurrent with the Unrestricted Youth class.
  • The top ten riders, plus ties, from the NRHA Derby qualifier will advance to the RFAM Youth Championship Saturday, August 20, in Las Vegas.
  • There is a $250 qualifier fee to enter.
  • The Unrestricted Youth Class is open to all youth members to enter on any horse, without ownership restrictions, even one not owned by them or their family (similar to the Youth 10 & Under Short Stirrup, Rookie, and Green Reiner classes).
  • Qualified riders have to agree to participate at TRFAM or management will jump down to the next rider in the results.
  • Just like TRFAM Non Pro and Rookie, qualified riders are based on the rider, not the horse.

The American Performance Horseman FAQs

Teton Ridge is a multi-platform, wholly American-owned brand and media company devoted to the iconic American western way of life; dedicated to elevating classic Western sports and America’s western culture on the world stage.

In 2021, Teton Ridge acquired The American Rodeo, The Crown Jewel of Rodeo, with the vision to expand the audience and create innovative events like The Western Weekend, which includes The American Performance Horseman. On the eve of The American Rodeo—Friday, March 10—at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, The American Performance Horseman will premiere.

This unprecedented event will showcase western equine sports of cutting, reining, and reined cow horse in a fast-paced, made for television exhibition. This historic event will be the first time the associations NCHA, NRHA, NRCHA, APHA & AQHA have joined together to compete under one roof.

The innovative exhibition format offers all three sports to be showcased to a wider audience and on a new global platform, vying for $1 Million dollars in the prize pool. Not only will competitors contend as individuals but also in a team format. There will be 5 teams consisting of three athletes from each discipline.

Tickets are now available at

Q: What will be the order of events?

A: The competition order will run as follows:

  1. Cutting competition
  2. Reining, using an NRHA-approved modified pattern 10
  3. The Reined Cow Horse performance will close out the event with “down the fence” runs.
    1. (The Reining portion of the Reined Cow Horse event will be done in the morning to ensure complete scoring. This section will not be televised.)
  4. Presentation of awards
  5. Entertainment (Yet to be announced – Will be an A-Lister entertainer)

Q: What will the payout be of the $1 Million prize pool?

Individual Prize Money per discipline event:

  1. $100,000
  2. $75,000
  3. $50,000
  4. $25,000
  5. $25,000

Team Money:

  1. $75,000 ($25,000 PER CONTESTANT)
  2. $25,000 ($8,333.33 PER CONTESTANT)
  3. $25,000($8,333.33 PER CONTESTANT)
  4. $25,000($8,333.33 PER CONTESTANT)
  5. $25,000($8,333.33 PER CONTESTANT)

Q: What will the earnings count towards?

A: NCHA: TAPH does not count towards: NCHA world standings, horse of the year, or any other championships.

NRHA: Does not count toward Top 10 (Category 1) World Title awards.

NRCHA: Currently, category 2 earnings count toward year-end earnings. TAPH counts only open-aged event money won in the 2022 year, incentive program monies or subclasses do not count.

TAPH will count towards horse and rider’s LTEs.

Q: Can the competitor show any horse?

A: NCHA – Competitors can show any horse of any age. The TAPH is classified as an Open Cutting.

NRHA – Competitors can show any horse of any age. The TAPH is classified as an Open Reining class.

NRCHA – Yes, however, the TAPH is classified as an open bridle class. Per NRCHA Rules: Open to horses of any age, to be ridden in an NRCHA-approved bit, and reins with a romal are required.

Q: When will the athletes need to name their show horse?

A: Competitors can name up to two horses prior to February 7th, 2023.

Final selection of horses will take place one week prior to the competition on March 3rd, 2023.

Q: How did the athletes qualify to compete at The American Performance Horseman?

A: The qualification is based on the open rider, not the horse. The qualified riders are the Top 5 athletes with the highest aged event money from the 2022 show season, not including subclasses or incentives. For NRHA, all money earned in Category 1–10 counts toward qualifying.

Q: Is there any entry fee to compete?

A: No

Q: What is the team portion of the competition?

A: Five teams of one cutter, one reiner, and one reined cow horse competitor will compete in a team format and for individual prize money.

The accumulative score of each rider on a team will determine the placings of the team portion of the competition.

i.e. Reining score + Cutting score + Reined Cow Horse score = Team Score

Team Colors: Royal Blue, Regal Red, Imperial Purple, Racing Green, and Burnt Orange

Q: In the event of a tie, will there be a tiebreaker?

A: Individual Competition – In the event of a tie, a work-off will not be held and a tiebreaker will be used to determine the winner.

Tiebreaker one: All five judges’ scores will be added to determine the winner

Tiebreaker two: If still tied, the tiebreaker judge will determine the winner

*Within the reined cow horse competition, the first tiebreaker will be determined by the highest cow work score. If still tied, tiebreakers one and two will be used to break the tie.

B: Team Competition

Tiebreaker One: All five judges’ scores in each of the individual competitions will be added to determine the winning team.

If still tied, the scores from the tiebreaker judges from each of the individual competitions will be added together to determine the champion team.

If still tied, a coin toss will determine the champion team.

Q: Globe Life Field will be transformed into a show arena. How will that work for each discipline?

A: The field will be transformed into a 150 ft x 250 ft arena; after each discipline, the arena will be adjusted accordingly to suit the next discipline.

Q: When will the draw be available?

A: The draw party will be shared live on NRHA social media and will be available on February 10, 2023.

Q: How are the judges chosen?

A: There will be a 5-judge panel from each association for each corresponding discipline. Each association will provide the highest accredited judges from each discipline.

Q: In the event that one of the competitors is unable to compete, what is the protocol?

A: In the event that a competitor chooses to or is not able to compete in the event, it is their responsibility to notify event organizers with little or no delay upon their decision to withdraw.

If a Top 5 American Performance Horseman qualifier withdraws from the competition, event organizers will notify the first alternate on the list of 2022 Top Professionals provided by the event’s respective governing association. If the first alternate declines, the next highest alternate will be notified.

Q: How will the teams be chosen?

A: There will be five teams of three.

Each team will consist of a cutter, reiner, and reined cow horse athlete. Teams will be drawn at random. Draw order will be segregated by discipline and ordered starting with the highest year-end money earner.

Tim Anderson Becomes NRHA Million Dollar Owner

As a National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) member for more than 15 years, Tim Anderson has added multiple accomplishments to his name, including serving as the Reining Horse Foundation President, NRHA Corporate Partner, sponsor, and owner. At the 2022 NRHA Futurity, another title was added to his NRHA career, which may be the most exciting yet—becoming an NRHA Million Dollar Owner.

Anderson was an owner of three horses that competed in the NRHA Futurity MS Diamonds Level 4 Finals, a feat that is a major accomplishment in itself.

“When I started my involvement with reining horses, I didn’t have this goal to become a million dollar owner,” said Anderson. “I never had any clue that we would get this involved in it. Once I started having some success with my horses, I always had the goal of being in the Top 20 Owners every year.”

“Three years ago, I saw how things were going and that my horses were on track that we might become a million dollar owner before retiring in the industry,” he continued. “This year [2022] happened to be my most successful year with my horses, and I didn’t know that until the fall. We won three futurities, and when all three made the finals, I knew we would go over the threshold.”

Anderson has found success as a breeder, picking successful yearlings, and in his partnerships—all of which were showcased at the 2022 NRHA Futurity. Of the three horses in the Level 4 finals, one was bred from a mare he owned since she was two, one he chose as an early yearling, and the third one was a partnership with good friend and past NRHA President Rick Clark.

“To go over the million dollar mark at the big show, the one we all dream about, and to have three in the Level 4 Finals when that doesn’t happen very often, it was a huge moment of excitement and accomplishment,” he said. “We did it the old-fashioned way. Our horses have won some derbies and futurities but not the NRHA Derby or Futurity, we just chipped away at it year after year. It’s possible to chip away at the goal, and you don’t need to win a major to do it.”

Anderson and his family have been involved in the agricultural industry throughout their lives, both with their business and passions, and in the horse industry specifically for decades. Although originally in the halter and pleasure industry, Anderson fell in love with the reining industry for the fair judging system.

“Picking the right horses is a lot of luck, but my abilities are higher power given,” he said. “I was born with my abilities, and there’s no doubt about it. I can’t point my finger at one person. My mother had a huge impact on it, she was a long-term breeder and exhibitor and had a lot of influence on me reading pedigrees, reading confirmation, and trainers’ abilities. I have a good eye for animals, I have been in the livestock business for 40 years, and it sounds corny, but animals with me, and I can talk with them. It isn’t like Doctor Doolittle, but I can walk into barns and tell you within ten seconds if the animals are feeling good and the environment is comfortable for them. I have always had a very good eye for a horse.”

Although Anderson may not have initially set his sights on the million dollar mark, his appreciation for the journey and each person who helped meet the accomplishment is evident.

Tim & Kim

“My partner Kim [Niven] has been a huge supporter and never questioned my moves or what I do with the horses, she also shows and has always been there 100 percent, he said. “I have great partners and am never afraid to have a partner, and all of them are done with a handshake, if it can’t be done with a handshake, we don’t do it. There have been many trainers and people who work their tails off for these trainers on my way to one million. It is a very hard industry to work in and can be very stressful, so there have been many people who contributed to this, from grooms to lopers, saddlers, and more. “

Tim Anderson’s Top Earners

Gun Dun It: $187,312

Pale Face Gunslinger: $150,725

Gunna Run N Slide: $97,835

Starjac Vintage: $96,425

Lost In Tinseltown: $81,004