Adequan 500 Winners from 2022 NRHA Adequan North American Affiliate Championships

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is proud to announce the winners who receive a payout from the Adequan 500 Program during the 2022 NRHA Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships (NAAC) held in conjunction with the NRHA Futurity. This program rewards exhibitors by offering an additional $500 cash prize to the winner of each NAAC class who is a registrant of the Adequan® 500.

Adequan® the official joint therapy of NRHA, has been a loyal NRHA Partner continuously since 2005 and is also the title sponsor of the Adequan® Championship Arena during the NRHA annual events. Adequan’s continued support for all NRHA exhibitors is appreciated by each member and shows the devotion the company has for the sport of reining.

“Adequan® has supported horses and riders for over 30 years,” says Beth Anderson, manager of sponsorship and events at American Regent Animal Health, “and helping to keep NRHA horses and riders moving together is a top priority going forward.”

The list below represents all winners and the ties that happened as well. Congratulations to all!

Adequan® 500 Programs Winners:

Matthew Noel Palmer- NAAC Open

Tyrel Pole- NAAC Intermediate Open & NAAC Limited Open

Morgan Lee Moser – Rookie Professional

Matthew McDowell- NAAC Novice Horse Open 1

Paul Lentschke – NAAC Novice Horse Open 2

Paige Vernon- NAAC Non Pro

Stephanie Gentile- NAAC Limited Non-Pro, NAAC Novice Horse Non-Pro 1, NAAC Intermediate Non-Pro, NAAC Novice Horse Non-Pro 2

Madison Rafacz- NAAC Novice Horse Non Pro 2, NAAC 14 – 18

Rebecca Asmussen – NAAC Novice Horse Non-Pro 2

Jose Vazquez- NAAC Prime Time Non-Pro

Karly Kopp- NAAC Rookie of the Year 1

Matthew Dooley- NAAC Rookie of the Year 2

Sorrel Brooks Schreibvogel- NAAC 14 – 18

Abigail Dooley- NAAC 13 & Under

Jerry Douglas – NAAC Prime Time Rookie

“Congratulations to each of these riders and owners! NRHA is proud to have the Adequan 500 Program as a part of our NRHA Adequan North American Affiliate Championships,” says Christy Landwehr, NRHA Senior Director of Corporate Relations. “We are looking forward to a wonderful 2023 with Adequan as an NRHA Title Partner.”

The NRHA congratulates all Adequan® 500 program winners during the 2022 NRHA Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships and thanks Adequan® for their continual support to our members.

About American Regent Animal Health

American Regent Animal Health, a division of American Regent, Inc., is committed to advancing animal health with proven FDA-approved products like Adequan® (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan). The company’s portfolio is anchored by the only FDA-approved polysulfated glycosaminoglycan products for horses and dogs, which have been relied on for over three decades by veterinarians. American Regent, Inc., a Daiichi Sankyo Group Company, manufactures and distributes human and veterinary pharmaceutical products and is committed to providing the ever-changing U.S. healthcare marketplace with a growing and diversified American Regent portfolio. For more information on American Regent Animal Health, visit or call 800-458-0163.