2023 Kicks Off With Successful Judges’ Committee Workshop, School, and Inaugural Judges Monitor Session

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) held a workshop with the 2023 NRHA Judges Committee and Teaching Panel on January 11 & 12th, followed by the first NRHA Judges’ Monitors educational session for the first group of official monitors for the coming year. In total, 65 NRHA members made the trip to the office in Oklahoma City to start the year off by learning about advancements within the association to benefit members.

NRHA continues to grow rapidly, with new events introduced each year, breeding additional interest within the equine industry. Changes and ideas within the association are occurring to help members and events as the progression continues.

“As more NRHA events are requesting and asking NRHA for a list of judges’ monitors, the NRHA judges committee is working toward a unified and consistent Judges Monitor program,” said Patti Carter, NRHA’s Senior Director of Education & Officials. “The starting roster of Judges’ Monitors includes AAA judges who have experience in monitoring situations and who the judges’ committee is confident will have a unified and positive teaching approach when out in the field.”

The current Judges Monitor group will begin this new program, but the list is subject to grow based on judges’ experience. Judge Monitors are recommended for AA and A events. There are approximately 23 AA events and 16 A events planned for 2023.

The official inaugural group of Judges’ Monitors includes:

Ann Salmon Anderman
Bob Kail
Bub Poplin
Chele McGauly
Corey Hendrickson
Donnie Bricker
Drake Johnson
Edward Bricker
Ed Cridge
Kelly Sapp
Margaret Fuchs
Mark Turner
Matt Lantz
Michael McEntire
Ollie Griffith
Richard Pokluda
Sandy Jirkovsky
Terry Thompson
Van Luse
Reid Fady

Alessandro Meconi
Douglas G. Allen
Enrico Righetti
Eugenio Latorre
Jan Boogaerts
Lara Maiocchi
Maik Bartmann
Manuela Maiocchi
Rick Lemay
Ricky Bordignon

“Most of the domestic judges’ monitors assembled at the NRHA office on January 12, 2023, for formal education and direction from the NRHA Judges’ Committee. International Monitors will be assembled at the Italian judges’ school in February,” said Carter. “The Judges’ Committee is proud of this group and is looking forward to their positive effects on the NRHA reining industry.”