Colonels Shining Gun Honored as NRHA Million Dollar Sire

In 2010, a flashy young colt burst onto the reining scene. By National Reining Horse Association Thirteen Million Dollar Sire Gunner, and out of Shining Little Peach (by Shining Spark), Colonels Shining Gun was poised to do great things. In early November, the stallion, affectionately known as Jojo, added another line to his resume when he became a Million Dollar Sire. While he’s now known for his prepotency, he proved his prowess in the show pen early on.

The stallion, bred by KC Performance Horses, was shown to a third-place finish at the 2010 Scottsdale Classic Futurity by All Time Leading Rider Andrea Fappani. Fappani and the colt then traveled to Oklahoma City for the NRHA Futurity, where they finished in the Top 10 of the Futurity Finals.

As fate would have it, reining enthusiast Katarzyna Roleska was in the stands during the first round of the Futurity, and Colonels Shining Gun immediately caught her eye.

“I saw him show in the first go of the Futurity with Andrea in the saddle, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He stole my heart,” Roleska recalled of watching Jojo show.

The very next year, Jojo was in his new home, Roleska Ranch, located less than an hour’s drive from Krakow, a southern Poland city. While Fappani continued to show Roleska’s horses in the United States, Jojo found success in Europe with a multitude of trainers, including Clint Ramsey, Million Dollar Rider Gennaro Lendi, Alessandro Frassa, and Million Dollar Rider Cira Baeck.

With Baeck at the reins, Jojo accumulated numerous wins, including the NRHA European Open Derby Championship. The pair was also on the Silver-medal winning team for Belgium at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, and Baeck posted her highest score ever – a 231.5 – at the 2013 Reining International de Lyon.

Roleska eventually elected to move the stallion back to the United States, and he now stands at Brent and Paula Loseke’s Colt Company. “In the United States, he has the opportunity to breed more mares, and I know that Paula and Brent love him. What makes me proud is that his offspring in Europe contributed incredibly to him reaching the million-dollar mark,” she said.

Jojo’s first foals arrived in 2013 and began dominating on both continents. A prime example is his leading money earner, NF Shining Whiz, a 2015 mare out of Whowhizthispeppychic. The mare, bred by David Perneel, was shown initially by Baeck and took reserve honors at both the Italian Reining Horse Association Futurity and the European Futurity. In 2019, she was purchased by Tamarack Ranch and shown to numerous wins in the United States by NRHA Professional Gabe Hutchins. The talented mare has now earned more than $97,000.

“My goal is for him to be a healthy and happy horse. His foals will do the rest,” Roleska said.

Colonels Shining Gun’s top money earners are:

  • NF Shining Whiz (Whowhizthispeppychic) $97,937
  • Snips Shining Gun (Snip O Gun) $75,511
  • CSG Copshot (Finest Copyshot) $56,798
  • CSG Kenzo (Shiner Brimolena) $54,749
  • Copyride (Finest Copyshot) $51,225
  • CSG Wisemanfear (Tejana Chic) $49,940
  • Showgirl Shining Gun (Shes A Lil Showgirl) $46,262
  • One Mr JJ (QHR Jamaica Express ) $37,379
  • KL Less Is More (Payin On Time) $37,128
  • CSG Shinethingun (ARC Think Chic) $37,052

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2023 NRHyA Buy-A-Pro Auction is Open for Bidding

The National Reining Horse Youth Association kicked off one of the year’s biggest fundraisers, the 2023 Buy-A-Pro Auction. This year the auction runs through 12 p.m. CST on January 18 and offers buyers a chance to purchase a two-lesson package with NRHA Professionals from all over the United States.

Whether you are a reining fan or a current participant looking to polish your skills, everyone can benefit from the all-star lineup, including The Run For A Million Champions, NRHA Million Dollar Riders, stars from The Last Cowboy, NRHA World Champions, NRHA Horsemen and Women of the year, expert non pro coaches, and other proven professionals.

A winning bid grants riders an exceptional opportunity to travel to their chosen professional’s facility and polish their riding skills, their horse’s training or, in some cases, try reining for the first time on a horse provided by the professional. Everyone can gain from acquiring one of these private training packages, from beginners to accomplished riders.

“The buy-a-pro auction was tremendously beneficial to us,” said Logan Whitley. “The initial lessons went very well, and we have continued to make trips to the Dearys’ for more! I used my lessons to receive help in training my first futurity horse, and Casey helped guide us to the finals in all four levels at OKC. I know that without his instruction, we would not have made it so far, and my confidence in my training abilities has increased dramatically!”

Each of the participating NRHA Professionals donates two training sessions per package, with 15% of the proceeds benefiting their designated NRHA affiliate. The remainder of the funds is allotted directly to NRHyA to provide scholarships and other opportunities for young reiners.

“Lori Nelson was awesome! She made sure that she figured out where I was at and how I learned,” said Sandy Holden. “She touched on all the aspects of reining. She had me ride two different horses to feel the difference. Her teaching techniques were great. I would definitely go back to her.” 

Historically, this fundraiser has generated significant funding to support NRHyA. With participating professionals located all over the country, there are options to best suit the needs of each buyer. Before bidding, be sure to check if your selected Professional offers the amenities you need, such as lesson horses, stalls, or RV hookups.

With the interest generated from The Last Cowboy and The Run for a Million, the members and board of NRHyA hope new reining fans from across the country will take advantage of this unique opportunity to take a reiner for a spin while also benefitting a great cause.

To view the NRHA Professionals available and place your bids today, visit

Congratulations to the Top 5 NRHA qualifying athletes performing at The American Performance Horseman, presented by Teton Ridge

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is thrilled to announce the top five NRHA Professionals who will compete at the unprecedented The American Performance Horseman (TAPH) presented by Teton Ridge.

The top five riders who qualified to represent the reining community are NRHA Seven Million Dollar Rider Shawn Flarida, NRHA Seven Million Dollar Rider Andrea Fappani, NRHA Three Million Dollar Rider Casey Deary, Fernando Salgado and NRHA Million Dollar Rider Matt Mills. These NRHA Professionals will join the top five riders from the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) and National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) to compete for a $1 million payout in a first-of-its-kind competitive exhibition format.

“This event is an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our sport along with other exciting western performance events like fans have never seen before,” said Gary Carpenter, NRHA Commissioner. “We have been here all along with great horses and great riders, this puts it in the front shop window for all to see. What it means to these riders, their careers, and all NRHA riders is something that we could have only dreamed of before.”

The American Performance Horseman will make its debut at The American Western Weekend, Friday, March 10th, 2023, at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

For more information and to purchase tables or tickets, please visit

Notes related to other year-end standings and rankings lists:

  • The reiners selected will be the top five NRHA Professionals determined by total 2022 earnings in NRHA Categories 1-10. TAPH will utilize a modified version of an NRHA pattern. Earnings for the event will be recorded in NRHA as Category 11 money.
  • TAPH Reining Qualifiers are being published in advance of the 12/31 official year-end as all events that could affect the top five are published
  • NRHA Top 20 Professionals, Non Pros and Owners lists for 2022 will be published after the official year-end
  • NRHA World Title Top 10 Standings for 2022 will be published after the official year-end
  • At present, the ReinerSuite team is testing the 2023 Eligibility Tool so it can be released by the second week of January

Hershel & Shannon Reid Join Elite List of NRHA Million Dollar Owners

“The timing of this accomplishment is really crazy. You know, we just lost Sam Rose last week, and he’s a big part of how we got us into all this,” said Hershel Reid, who, along with his wife, Shannon, recently became a National Reining Horse Association Million Dollar Owner.

The Reids had previously been team ropers, later moving to calf roping and reined cow horses. “Sam really taught us a lot about how to breed good horses and also how to really get one shown,” Reid shared. “He had an integral influence on our business, and we miss him a lot.”

Although the influence of the late National Reined Cow Horse Association Hall of Fame Inductee is undeniable, the Reids’ road to NRHA elites was aided by many horsemen, horsewomen, and horses.

It was through a horse named Lena Cat Jac in training with NRCHA Two Million Dollar Rider Todd Crawford that the Reids were first introduced to reining. Although the horse had never been shown in reining, Crawford made the Level 4 Futurity Finals on him, and the Reids were intrigued with the new event.

Shannon, a lifelong horse enthusiast, credits NRCHA Hall of Famer Ron Ralls and his wife, Patty, with teaching her true horsemanship. She said, “I still ride with them today. They are just amazing people that taught me the caring side and the horsemanship side of it. They are just good people who have had a lot of influence on my life.”

Eventually, NRHA Stefano Calcagnini came to the ranch and leased the training facilities and started training and showing the Reids’ horses. With him and their crossover cow horses, they attended their first NRHA Derby.

One day, the Reids heard of a horse that NRHA Million Dollar Rider Nathan Piper was selling. They bought the horse, and Shannon and Piper’s wife, Jean, hit it off right away. The seed of a new relationship had been planted.

Later, Nathan and Hershel found themselves attending the same Bible study group, and the two were quickly united by their love for the Lord, horses, and doing honorable business. “I had known [Nathan] for a few years, and we started putting a few colts in training with him. He is top-notch in integrity, and we prioritize integrity in our own business, so we feel really blessed to know him,” Hershel explained.

At this time, the Reids’ horse business had grown to huge proportions. Selah Performance Horses had become home to about 100 horses, mostly broodmares and foals, and the Reids were beginning to feel the pressure. Their need to downsize came to a head after a series of events, including the Calcagninis’ resignation, the death of a daughter, and a residence that was located too remotely from the ranch in Pilot Point, Texas. The Reids were actively cutting back when they received a call from their friend Nathan Piper.

Piper had been training a horse owned by Toyon Ranch that he knew would be great. When Toyon Ranch decided to sell the stallion, Piper hoped to find a buyer that would keep him in training with him. Jean urged him to contact the Reids, as they had been searching for the right breeding stallion for years.

“Nathan called us and said that he had a stud that we needed to look at,” Hershel said. “A lot of people don’t know this, but my wife has a natural eye for spotting a good horse, and she can do this across many disciplines: the rope horses, the cow horses, and even jumpers. My daughter shows jumpers, and Shannon can pick a good jumper, too. She passed that ability on to our daughter. I was hesitant to go look at this stud because we were trying to sell horses, not buy them, but since Nathan said we needed to look, we went and looked.”

The Reids arrived at Piper Performance Horses in Aubrey, Texas, late one evening to see the stud Piper had spoken of. Piper, always a stickler for the well-being of the horses in his care, told them that he had already worked the horse that morning and didn’t want to work him again. “He still didn’t know about the eye my wife had for a good horse,” Reid said of Piper. “She told him that all he needed to do was throw a saddle on him and trot him around a little, and that would be enough for her. He didn’t need to slide him or spin him for us at all. Boy, when he came out of the stall with that horse, we were asking where to sign!”

That stallion was none other than Patriot, who has since won the 2022 The Run For A Million Championship, the 2019 National Reining Breeders Classic Co-Championship, and the 2020 NRHA Derby Reserve Championship. He is by NRHA Eight Million Dollar Sire Smart Spook out of Dunit A Lil Ruf, who recently became an NRHA Million Dollar Dam.

Reid admitted he was more interested in his bird dogs and rope and cow horses than he was reining until that fateful day when he first saw Patriot. The charismatic sorrel stallion has earned more than $834,600 through his many accolades and helped boost the Reids to NRHA Million Dollar Owner Status. He currently stands at Brent and Paula Loseke’s Colt Company in Valley View, Texas.

The Reids thanked the many people they have met along the path to Million Dollar Owner status, including the Pipers, Crawford, Rose, the Ralls, Calcagnini, Toyon Ranch, and the Losekes for the care and hard work they put into Patriot. They also thanked their Office Manager, who keeps up with their endless paperwork, Joanne McDonald.

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