Genetech Animal Reproduction Becomes the Newest National Reining Horse Association Corporate Partner

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) proudly welcomes Genetech Animal Reproduction as our newest Corporate Partner.

Genetech Animal Reproduction offers advanced equine reproduction services for all equine breeds. Quality, excellence, and customer feedback are hallmarks of all its services. Genetech has a modern in vitro embryo production laboratory offering ICSI, embryo vitrification, and embryonic biopsy. All of these services provide excellent production and fertility rates.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an in vitro fertilization technique used in animal reproduction with the aim of increasing embryo production and obtaining a greater number of animals with high commercial value or helping those with clinical gestational limitations. The technique consists of injecting a single sperm inside the egg. Fresh or frozen semen of low quality or high commercial value can be used. Embryos cultured in the laboratory, within approximately 10 days, are evaluated and transferred to a recipient mare or frozen.

“The NRHA is proud to have Genetech Animal Reproduction as part of our Corporate Partner family,” says Christy Landwehr, NRHA Senior Director of Corporate Relations. “The owners and staff are wonderful to work with.”

Genetech Animal Reproduction recently launched a new service to the market, a complete center for the diagnosis and treatment of stallions, which has the most sophisticated equipment and highly qualified staff to help stallion owners. Genetech works with stallion stations to improve semen quality, help with stallion problems, and treat reproductive pathologies.

“We became an NRHA Corporate Partner because the reining industry has an exceptional breeding program, and we believe that we can make it even better,” says Thiago Boechat Co-Owner of Genetech Animal Reproduction.

Located in Purcell, Oklahoma, and Brazil, Genetech Animal Reproduction provides a service of excellence, using the highest technology for the best result for our customers. With decades of experience in equine reproduction and in vitro fertilization, our team is made up of highly qualified professionals in the field. To learn more, please visit us at

To find out more about how to become an NRHA Corporate Partner or Sponsor, visit

National Reining Horse Association and Markel Celebrate a 30-Year Partnership

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is thrilled to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the collaboration with long-standing corporate partner Markel, the official equine insurance partner of NRHA.

Many NRHA trainers, owners, and breeders trust Markel with their insurance needs for their horses, ranches, and businesses. Markel has attended every NRHA Derby and Futurity for the past 30 years and is a current NRHA Global Partner with the NRHA European Derby and Futurity. Markel is also a presenting sponsor of the 6666 NRHA Derby held annually at the Oklahoma Fairgrounds in June and the title sponsor of the NRHA Markel Futurity Sale. The sale is held during the NRHA Futurity in November and offers an outstanding group of two-year-old reining prospects, yearlings, stallions, broodmares, and show horses.

“These are unprecedented times for the sport of reining,” shared NRHA Commissioner Gary Carpenter. “The growth in activity in the past several months has even the most seasoned veterans shaking their heads in awe. Amid all this excitement, let’s remember that Markel has been with NRHA as a corporate partner for three decades. That is a lifetime for a partnership. We appreciate all Markel has done for us and is doing for us.”

With over 50 years of knowledge and experience in insuring horses, farms, and horse-related businesses, Markel remains committed to the horse industry. “A corporate partnership that endures for thirty years is a testament to the strength and integrity of the NRHA and Markel,” said Frank Costantini, Senior Director of Western Disciplines at Markel. “The meteoric rise of the Reining Horse Industry worldwide has been unprecedented. At Markel, we’re extremely proud to have been a part of that growth and look forward to an even bigger and brighter future for the NRHA and the sport of reining.”

NRHA is proud to have an immeasurable team of corporate partners that offer great benefits to the association’s members and supports NRHA events throughout the year. Contact Christy Landwehr, Senior Director of Corporate Relations, to learn more about NRHA Partnership opportunities by email at or

Markel is a diverse financial holding company serving a variety of niche markets. The company’s principal business markets and underwrites specialty insurance products. In each of the company’s businesses, it seeks to provide quality products and excellent customer service so that it can be a market leader. The financial goals of the company are to earn consistent underwriting and operating profits and superior investment returns to build shareholder value. Coverage is provided by one or more of the insurance companies within Markel,  Markel® is a registered trademark of the Markel Corporation. Visit Markel on the web at

NRHA Celebrates CINCH & Classic Equine Silver Anniversary Partnerships

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is excited to honor two partner milestones of 25 years. CINCH is the official jeans and shirts of NRHA, and Classic Equine is the official equine leg protection of NRHA. Both have promoted NRHA, supported members for many years, and continue to do many great things for the equine industry. 

NRHA Commissioner Gary Carpenter shares, “Our relationships with Classic Equine and CINCH are remarkable. They are both celebrating a Silver Anniversary with us. Our members, board, and staff are proud to have partners with the staying power of these friends.”

CINCH jeans have stood at the forefront of the western clothing industry since their launch in 1996. As leaders in using innovative techniques to produce premium quality denim and shirts, the CINCH brand grew quickly. Unique prints and patterns found only on CINCH shirts are iconic in the western competitive riding world throughout the equine disciplines. The world champion athletes who ride with “CINCH” on their sleeves and collars stand proudly behind the brand.

“CINCH is proud to be celebrating our 25th year as a sponsor of the National Reining Horse Association,” said CINCH Marketing Coordinator Cassi Nichols. “There’s never been a more exciting time to be involved in the western industry, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with this outstanding organization as they forge the future in the sport of reining.”

Annually at the 6666 NRHA Derby Presented by Markel, CINCH sponsors the National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) Speaking Contest. To honor their 25-year partnership, CINCH will donate $2,500 in scholarship monies for the youth participating in the contest.

“It is incredible to see a sponsor support a program that directly encourages the practice of a life skill that is often very intimidating for youth members,” said Sara Honegger, NRHA Director of Marketing and youth programs manager. “The opportunity of earning scholarship dollars is great encouragement for youth to step out of their comfort zones.”

Classic Equine offers a complete line of products, including pads, leg boots, wraps, blankets, bits, and cinches. Their goal is to support every individual who strives to be the best at what they do. Classic Equine has always worked closely with professional men and women from all disciplines of the western performance-horse industry to test and perfect each product they manufacture. Because the company was founded and developed by professionals, the form and function of each product serves a specific purpose and is now the standard in equipment for top NRHA Champions.

The NRHA Green Reiner Program is sponsored by Classic Equine. This program recognizes achievement levels in a family-oriented, fun, and educational setting where exhibitors can gain more knowledge by being given the opportunity to talk to judges after the classes they compete in.

“Classic Equine and the NRHA have evolved right alongside each other over the last 25 years of our partnership. The NRHA was our first sponsorship in the Performance Industry. We appreciate and thank them for our growth in the industry,” said Billie Bray, Chief Marketing Officer. “Our shared goals in doing what we love while putting the horse’s well-being above all else has helped move the sport forward in a positive direction. We’re proud to be part of NRHA’s legacy, and we look forward to continuing our passion in supporting reining horses and their riders as the sport continues to grow, from the green classes to those competing at the highest levels under the brightest spotlights.”

NRHA is proud to have an immeasurable team of corporate partners that offers great benefits to the Association’s members and supports NRHA events throughout the year. Contact Christy Landwehr, Senior Director of Corporate Relations, to learn more about NRHA Partnership opportunities by email at or by visiting

About CINCH Jeans & Shirts: LEAD, DON’T FOLLOW.

Since 1996, the CINCH Clothing brand has been creating quality jeans and shirts for both in and out of the arena. Some of the best athletes from the rodeo, bull riding, and equine performance circles love CINCH jeans and shirts because of the quality fit and the authentic western look. From collared long sleeve shirts and classic short sleeved button ups to outerwear and fashion-forward western jeans, the CINCH brand puts fit and styling first. Whether fashion basics or premium styles, the designs and reputation of CINCH Jeans make CINCH Clothing the number one choice for those who live and breathe the western way of life. Visit CINCH online at

About Classic Equine: PLAY TO WIN! 

A leader in innovation, Classic Equine continues to be one of the most trusted sources for equine performance products. Combining top of line materials and original designs, Classic Equine provides the equipment riders rely on every day to enhance performance, protect, and support their horses. Manufacturing the finest quality in horse sport products has been the mission of Classic Equine since inception. Classic Equine is located in Granbury, Texas. Visit and remember to look for the chess head at your favorite tack dealer, it is the mark of true horsemen.

Founded in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of the reining horse in a fun-filled, family atmosphere. NRHA’s mission is to promote the reining horse worldwide while celebrating and advancing the finest traditions of Western horsemanship. To learn more about NRHA, how to join, or to become a fan, visit

NRHA Celebrates Official Alliance with the National Reined Cow Horse Association

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) welcomes the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) as an official alliance partner of the NRHA. Through this partnership, the NRCHA and NRHA will work together to offer promotional and educational opportunities to their members. In addition, NRHA will donate the coveted Lawson trophy for the high score in the reining at the annual NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity®.

“NRHA is proud to have an official alliance agreement with the NRCHA,” says NRHA Senior Director of Corporate Relations Christy Landwehr. “Western performance sports are growing at a terrific rate, and it is so important that NRHA and NRCHA can work together for our members and their horses.”

The NRHA is excited about the possibilities for continued alliance opportunities with the National Reined Cow Horse Association during the 6666 NRHA Derby presented by Markel and NRHA Futurity as well as the NRCHA’s Celebration of Champions, World’s Great Horseman and the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity® presented by Metallic Cat.

“We are already seeing a crossover between the two associations in our competitors and members alike,” said Emily Konkel, NRCHA manager of operations. “The NRCHA is excited to see how this partnership will continue to help foster that crossover and grow both associations.”

To learn more about the NRCHA and become a fan of the industry, visit

About the National Reined Cow Horse Association

Based in Pilot Point, Texas, the National Reined Cow Horse Association was formed in 1949 in California, with the goal of preserving and educating the public about the rich history of this traditional horsemanship. The NRCHA is responsible for promoting the sport and ensuring high standards of competition and continuing to work to keep the Vaquero tradition alive in today’s equine industry. The NRCHA also supports numerous affiliate clubs across the United States, Europe and abroad. These groups serve as the association’s backbone, holding many NRCHA-sanctioned competitions and events each year. For more information on these events and reined cow horse, visit

Adequan 500 Winners from 2022 NRHA Adequan North American Affiliate Championships

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is proud to announce the winners who receive a payout from the Adequan 500 Program during the 2022 NRHA Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships (NAAC) held in conjunction with the NRHA Futurity. This program rewards exhibitors by offering an additional $500 cash prize to the winner of each NAAC class who is a registrant of the Adequan® 500.

Adequan® the official joint therapy of NRHA, has been a loyal NRHA Partner continuously since 2005 and is also the title sponsor of the Adequan® Championship Arena during the NRHA annual events. Adequan’s continued support for all NRHA exhibitors is appreciated by each member and shows the devotion the company has for the sport of reining.

“Adequan® has supported horses and riders for over 30 years,” says Beth Anderson, manager of sponsorship and events at American Regent Animal Health, “and helping to keep NRHA horses and riders moving together is a top priority going forward.”

The list below represents all winners and the ties that happened as well. Congratulations to all!

Adequan® 500 Programs Winners:

Matthew Noel Palmer- NAAC Open

Tyrel Pole- NAAC Intermediate Open & NAAC Limited Open

Morgan Lee Moser – Rookie Professional

Matthew McDowell- NAAC Novice Horse Open 1

Paul Lentschke – NAAC Novice Horse Open 2

Paige Vernon- NAAC Non Pro

Stephanie Gentile- NAAC Limited Non-Pro, NAAC Novice Horse Non-Pro 1, NAAC Intermediate Non-Pro, NAAC Novice Horse Non-Pro 2

Madison Rafacz- NAAC Novice Horse Non Pro 2, NAAC 14 – 18

Rebecca Asmussen – NAAC Novice Horse Non-Pro 2

Jose Vazquez- NAAC Prime Time Non-Pro

Karly Kopp- NAAC Rookie of the Year 1

Matthew Dooley- NAAC Rookie of the Year 2

Sorrel Brooks Schreibvogel- NAAC 14 – 18

Abigail Dooley- NAAC 13 & Under

Jerry Douglas – NAAC Prime Time Rookie

“Congratulations to each of these riders and owners! NRHA is proud to have the Adequan 500 Program as a part of our NRHA Adequan North American Affiliate Championships,” says Christy Landwehr, NRHA Senior Director of Corporate Relations. “We are looking forward to a wonderful 2023 with Adequan as an NRHA Title Partner.”

The NRHA congratulates all Adequan® 500 program winners during the 2022 NRHA Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships and thanks Adequan® for their continual support to our members.

About American Regent Animal Health

American Regent Animal Health, a division of American Regent, Inc., is committed to advancing animal health with proven FDA-approved products like Adequan® (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan). The company’s portfolio is anchored by the only FDA-approved polysulfated glycosaminoglycan products for horses and dogs, which have been relied on for over three decades by veterinarians. American Regent, Inc., a Daiichi Sankyo Group Company, manufactures and distributes human and veterinary pharmaceutical products and is committed to providing the ever-changing U.S. healthcare marketplace with a growing and diversified American Regent portfolio. For more information on American Regent Animal Health, visit or call 800-458-0163.