2023 NRHA Executive Committee Announced

The National Reining Horse Association is pleased to share that the 2023 executive committee is now fully seated and boasts members with years of experience as well as a first-time member. Led by President Mark Blake and Vice President Mike Hancock, the Director-At-Large positions will be held by Shane Brown, John Tague, Ed ‘Hoot’ Bricker, and past president Rick Clark.

Clark and Bricker were elected by the NRHA Board of Directors for one-year terms, and Tague won by acclamation and was confirmed by the board for a two-year term.

“I am really excited about the group that we have,” said NRHA President Mark Blake. “I think that we are going to meld together quite well, and we have a really diverse skill set among our executive committee members. Pretty much everyone in our industry is represented between owners, professionals, breeders, and non pros. I am excited to get to work and have everyone’s skills used.”

This will be Hancock’s second term as vice president. “I am super excited to be back,” Hancock said. “I have missed all the family and activities associated with being on the Board for the last couple of years. The close of my last term was the COVID year, so I am thrilled to see the movement we have had since then and excited to see the growth I know we can obtain in the future.”

Hancock will serve as NRHA president after completing his two-year term.

“Getting Mike on the executive committee is outstanding,” said Blake. “He comes with a phenomenal background knowing our rules and bylaws, and his past leadership will be very welcomed on the executive committee”

Bricker will serve his first term in this role after serving on the board for the past three years and entering his fourth representing the Northeast region. He has been a staunch supporter of local affiliates and has extensive committee experience, including serving as Chair of the NRHA Stewards Committee. He brings extensive experience as a longtime member, NRHA Judge, and Steward.

“Ed comes from a great background and did a phenomenal job as the chair of the stewards committee,” said Blake. “He poured his soul into that committee, and he will bring that work ethic to the executive committee and will hold everyone accountable. He also brings a different perspective to us and intangibles that we haven’t had in the past.”

Kentucky native Clark will bring continuity and experience, having served two separate terms as NRHA president and over a decade of leadership positions within NRHA. Clark has invested more than 25 years in NRHA as a competitor, owner, and now NRHA Global Partner.

“Some may believe having the past president on the executive committee can be detrimental, but he will bring a lot of support for our mission moving forward along with being a great sounding board,” said Blake. “We are excited and lucky to have him.”

What is best for NRHA is where I want this executive committee to go,” said Blake. “If it is best for the majority, that’s where we want to be. We have people with great listening skills, it is a diverse group, and we are picking up Hoot, who is from a different part of the country, which is great for us as well.”

In addition to the NRHA Executive Committee, the NRHA Board of Directors is now fully seated, and the full list can be viewed here.

For more information concerning how representatives are elected, refer to the NRHA Bylaws and the NRHA Elections page.