NRHA’s ReinerSuite™ Adds Eligibility Tool

For Immediate Release – June 29, 2020 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) has added a new feature to its popular ReinerSuite™ member software with the debut of the Eligibility Checker. The handy feature appears on the member dashboard after logging in and allows for simple checking of a horse/rider/class/date combination. More detailed searches are available to check eligibility for worldwide events or those specific to Europe and Mexico.

“We are very happy to announce this new offering,” said Angie Honeywell, senior manager of ReinerSuite and Futurity Sales. “Member service is our top priority, and this tool is a way to offer eligibility information quickly and accurately. If members have questions about eligibility or using  ReinerSuite, please contact us at”

Eligibility for various levels of competition is determined for the beginning of each calendar year. NRHA exhibitors are responsible for verifying eligibility for each class they enter to make sure their placings and earnings count, and this new tool streamlines the process considerably.

“The response to ReinerSuite has been overwhelmingly positive,” said NRHA Commissioner Gary Carpenter. “We know this eligibility tool will provide added convenience for our members and is something they can use from any device connected to the internet.”

ReinerSuite was unveiled to NRHA members in late February 2020, providing advanced, online member services. The web-based software has innovated association records management for the equine industry.