RHF Dale Wilkinson Crisis Fund Assistance Available to NRHA Members Impacted by Recent Disasters

When a member of the National Reining Horse Association experiences catastrophe and demonstrates financial need, the Reining Horse Foundation stands in the gap to assist through its Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund. The nature of a qualifying catastrophe may be medical, accident or illness, or natural disasters such as fires, floods, and tornadoes.

With the recent widespread and devastating tornadoes and fires, there is a possibility that an NRHA member could have been affected. “At this time, we have not gotten word of any members who were impacted, but we want members to know that the Crisis Fund is available,” explained Reining Horse Foundation Executive Director Leslie Baker.

The fund is not intended to totally alleviate a member’s distress, but to provide some relief. This is done in the spirit of reiners helping reiners.

To apply for assistance, the applicant must be a current member in good standing for two consecutive years. Applications are subject to approval by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and all names are removed from the application and materials prior to submission for confidentiality purposes and to honor the member’s privacy. Grants are awarded to NRHA members from around the globe.

“While we hate that there is always a need for assistance, we are proud that the Reining Horse Foundation has helped to lessen the burden experienced by our members. Since 2002, the Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund has awarded more than $250,000 and helped nearly 100 families during their time of need,” Baker shared.

NRHA Professionals have committed to voluntarily supporting the Reining Horse Foundation’s Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund when purchasing or renewing NRHA membership. The Crisis Fund is accessible to any NRHA membership category, yet most often stands in the gap for NRHA Professionals during times of significant need. Many other individuals and businesses also make contributions.

For Crisis Fund guidelines and criteria, click here.

Apply for Crisis Fund assistance here.

More information about the Reining Horse Foundation and its focus on supporting the reining community can be found at ReiningFoundation.com.