NRHA Introduces New Lawson Trophy

Riders will surely see many new faces at the 2023 National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity and Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships. One of those will be in the form of bronze as NRHA introduces the newest edition of the coveted Lawson Trophy.

Mehl Lawson, the original creator of the Lawson Trophy, is a world-renowned artist and a horse trainer, making him the obvious choice to create a new version of his depiction of reining. Lawson worked with photos sent by NRHA to update the look of the Lawson Trophy to reflect the current reining horse aesthetic and celebrate the sport’s progress.

“Our brand really means a lot to our members,” NRHA Commissioner Gary Carpenter said. “They’re passionate about what we do. That passion is what puts the fuel in our tank and keeps us moving. It has built and improved our horses as well as their training and breeding. That passion runs everything we do. I hope this new trophy is one more piece of that passion and meaning.”

Although the first NRHA bronze was awarded in 1969, Mehl created his first bronze for the association in 1979 and made updates in 1982 and 2004. After months of work and collaboration, the anticipation is high for members to see the newest version in the flesh.

“I hope people will think, ‘Holy cow, why didn’t we do this sooner?’” NRHA President Mark Blake said. “You can’t buy one of these trophies. They’re museum quality, and earning one is an honor all on its own.”

To learn more about the updated Lawson Trophy, read the article in the November issue of the Reiner Magazine.