Goals set at the 2024 NRHA European Affiliate Summit

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) hosted the annual European Affiliate Summit in Barcelona, Spain, on January 19–20. The meetings held during the Summit included the European Executive Board Meeting, the European Council Meeting, and the European Affiliate Summit. The meetings were a chance to share updates, have conversations about the state of affiliates across Europe, set goals, and allow affiliates to connect and collaborate.

To help facilitate, NRHA representatives included Sr. Director of International Affairs & Development Samantha Oldfield, NRHA Vice President Mike Hancock, and newly appointed NRHA Commissioner Billy Smith.

On Friday evening, the European Council held a meeting where affiliates with a council seat discussed annual business, such as a review of their bylaws, a 2025 European Affiliate Summit location, and upcoming 2024 reminders and deadlines. The council also connected with the Italian Reining Horse Association (IRHA), which will host the 2024 NRHA European Futurity in Cremona, Italy, to review the event conditions.

Saturday was dedicated to the European Affiliate Summit, a crucial time for attendees to connect and collaborate with fellow European affiliates and NRHA representatives.  Smith was formally introduced to each European affiliate and was informed about their unique goals and characteristics. Affiliates also had the chance to voice their concerns to NRHA and the other affiliates present to collaborate and problem-solve.

“It is important for NRHA to hear what barriers affiliates are facing so that we can help them remove or work through them,” Oldfield said. “It is also a time for affiliates to work together and share how they overcame certain barriers through different strategies and problem-solving and to learn from one another.”

A highlight of the European Affiliate Summit was the focused conversation and teamwork that occurred. The meeting was a time dedicated to the sport of reining in Europe, and attendees took it as an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments, set goals for 2024, and brainstorm creative solutions to challenges they faced.

“This is the one time a year we can get together, other than at a horse show, and discuss what is happening in each affiliate,” Oldfield said. “It is quite amazing to see what affiliates have done through their own ingenuity to grow members and events and to see relationships form out of the [European Affiliate] Summit.”