GlycoGuard® Becomes Naming Sponsor of the NRHA Novice Horse Derby

In 2018, the National Reining Horse Association debuted its Novice Horse Derby, giving horses with limited lifetime earnings the opportunity to compete against other fledgling reiners. Now the NRHA Novice Horse Derby has a new name and a new sponsor in GlycoGuard®.

The GlycoGuard® Novice Horse Derby will be held during the NRHA Derby presented by Markel and takes place during both the Open and Non Pro preliminary rounds.  The 2021 premier event for 4, 5, 6 and 7-year-old reining horses is slated for June 19 – 27 at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, Okla.

NRHA Senior Director of Corporate Relations & Communications Sammi Miller collaborated with GlycoGuard® Senior Sales Representative Caitlyn Caldwell to create this important new partnership. She said, “On behalf of the association, a huge thank you to Caitlyn Caldwell and GlycoGuard® for choosing to support this and come on board as a corporate partner.  For the past several years, this company has sponsored NRHA events consistently and their decision to become the title sponsor of the GlycoGuard® Novice Horse Derby will greatly enhance the growth of this division, the NRHA, and GlycoGuard®.”

The GlycoGuard® Novice Horse Derby will feature a $15,000 Open Derby and a $10,000 Non Pro division to horses who have won less than $10,000 before May 15, 2021. Horses may also be entered into the Derby, but cross entry is not mandatory and there are no nomination requirements to enter only the Novice Horse Derby.

Caldwell’s connection to reining goes back years.  She said, “I’ve worked with NRHA for over a decade with both competing and sponsorships. My goal with GlycoGuard® is to make product knowledge available to more owners and trainers.”

GlycoGuard® entered the equine health care scene just six years ago but it is already becoming a staple for the performance horse industry. The combination of being a unique and effective product, along with supporting major equine events across the board, has quickly brought increased brand awareness.

The product is ideal for protecting the health and careers of reining horses. Caldwell noted, “Equine athletes can experience stress on a daily basis. GlycoGuard® is a unique drug-free probiotic made from live active bacteria, and strong enough to reach the hind gut, where much of our equine’s discomfort comes from.  I hope it will be the first product you grab for complete gut health in your equine athletes and foals!”

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