Event Sponsor Mental Athletics Offers Fall Workshops to NRHyA Members

After the success of the summer workshops, NRHA Professional Gil Friedman of Mental Athletics is looking forward to the three additional sessions this fall that are aligned to be great preparation for the NRHA Futurity and Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships.

The workshops will be free of charge to all NRHyA members thanks to the event sponsorship provided by Mental Athletics, aimed to benefit the youth of the association. The sessions will provide knowledge, techniques and training tools for the personal development of every competitive rider.

“The journey starts now and it is a journey of learning,” said Friedman. “This is an opportunity to explore ourselves and open new doors that can empower us as competitors, youth and future leaders. Teamwork isn’t just between us and our friends, but us and our horses. This workshop will build upon the idea that you need to be the leader of that team as well.

“I truly believe that the youth of the NRHA are the future of our industry and will frame the competitive culture for years to come,” Friedman shared. “This group of young and passionate riders will one day be the leaders of our sport. Mental toughness is widely considered a foundation for the development of successful athletes and leaders in the world of competitive sports. The reining industry deserves those kinds of athletes and leaders.”

This will be the second three-part virtual workshop provided by Mental Athletics this year. The mindset coaching program practiced around the globe was thoroughly enjoyed by NRHyA members in June as a precursor to the NRHA Derby presented by Markel.

NRHA Manager of Youth, Professional and Affiliate Programs Sara Honegger says she is excited for the second series. “I believe all of the members who joined in the first sessions found so much benefit in and out of the show pen,” she said. “Gil has a great way of connecting with the youth and simplifying mental toughness to where it seems very attainable to everyone. Leading into the NRHA Futurity and Adequan®  North American Affiliate Championships is a perfect time to sharpen that skill set.”

The scheduled dates for the first Mental Athletics Online Workshop are:

  • Sunday, October 31 at 12:00 pm CT
  • Sunday, November 7 at 12:00 pm CT
  • Sunday, November 14 at 12:00 pm CT

To sign up for the workshop email youth@nrha.com

For more information about Mental Athletics, visit their Facebook page or the website at www.Mental-Athletics.com.

Feedback from participants from the June session with Mental Athletics:

“The mental athletics workshop helped me look at my mindset inside and outside of the show pen. It allowed me to find areas to improve, helping my overall performance in the show pen. I enjoyed getting to learn more about myself, as well as having the opportunity to work to better my mindset. I would highly recommend everyone to attend the workshop as it can help you improve yourself in all areas of life.” — Olivia Klug, 2021 NRHyA President

“I liked them very much because they help you to be mentally and physically prepared. They help you realize that when you’re at a horse show you can notice how your body is, what your mind is thinking at that moment, and with several tips, you can change your mindset and at the same time relax your body to be ready for the competition.

Another thing I liked was that they help you when you’re walking for the show and if you’re very nervous and stiff because people will see you or because something can go wrong, well, with these techniques and tips you can concentrate and be relaxed all the time and so you will see better results.” — Diego Marquez, NRHA Mexico Delegate

“I enjoyed the workshop because it made me think about a lot of the things I tend to neglect. The expectations aspect really struck a chord with me. It reminded me I need to stay in my own game, and I do not need to overthink everything I hear. Being able to think through that stuff for some of my recent shows has come in very handy!!” — Jenna Woody, NRHyA member

“The youth years are really about building a foundation for the rest of your horse show career. In our household, we try to focus on our own mental game (because that’s 75% of showing horses). Gil’s approach to thinking through your mental game and potential roadblocks in a factual way really helped to approach the show pen in the right way! It was great to come to realize that your horse show mindset starts WAY before you get to the show pen, and you have to be careful how to let your thoughts wander.” — Jeanna Schaffhauser, Youth Committee Chair