Bob’s Custom Saddles & Toyon Ranch Rookie Showdown Winners Crowned at NRHA Futurity & Adequan® NAAC

Generous sponsorships from Bob’s Custom Saddles and Toyon Ranch gave some reiners an opportunity to showcase their horses in the Jim Norick Coliseum during the 2023 National Reining Horse Association Futurity and Adequan® North American Affiliate Championship Show at the OKC Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, Ok.

On Nov. 30, Rookie Level 1, Rookie Level 2, Intermediate Non Pro, and Intermediate Open riders who placed in the top 10 of their Adequan® NAAC classes rode into the bright lights of the coliseum in hopes of taking home a championship in the Bob’s Custom Saddles and/or Toyon Ranch Showdowns.

Winners in each of the Showdown classes received a check for $5,000. Thanks to the sponsorships from Toyon Ranch and Bob’s Custom Saddles, competitors didn’t have any additional entry fees to the showdown.

Bob’s Custom Saddles Intermediate Open Showdown Champions – Justin Mathison & Alpha Taris Chic

Justin Mathison was ready for Pattern 7 in the Bob’s Custom Saddles NAAC Intermediate Open Showdown in the Norick Coliseum at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds.

The NRHA Million Dollar Rider rode Alpha Taris Chic to the Showdown win – and a check for $5,000 – with a score of 218.5. He also finished reserve on Shes Reddy On Line.

“Pattern 7 is a pattern we don’t run very often,” Mathison said. “I’m seasoned in the show pen so I know how not to rush through it, so I felt like I had an advantage there, and I’m riding two good horses. It was fun.”

Alpha Taris Chic is by Wimpy Chic and out of Taris Attraction by Mr Boomerjac. Jordan Wright Du Plessis owns the 5-year-old gelding with more than $18,975 in lifetime earnings.

“Alpha Taris Chic was very physical running and stopping, and I took my time,” Mathison said. “I loped off on my right set of circles, and he was a little bit nervous, so I stayed at plus-quarter on the throttle. I didn’t try to gas it. About a half-circle into my fast circle, I had him talked back into being with me, and then I could go as fast as I wanted.

“He slowed down great, stayed in frame, and changed leads right in the middle. Both circles were in frame, very pretty, and the part I’m most proud of is he turned his last corner and ran to his last stop as if he had never been shown before.”

That’s hard for a horse that has been shown a lot, Mathison said, adding that the horse isn’t typically nervous but could feel the excitement of the Norick Coliseum.

“He’s a solid citizen,” Mathison said. “These horses aren’t dumb. They know the bright lights are on in there.”

Shes Reddy On Line is a 2016 mare sired by Shine On Line and out of the Nic It In The Bud mare Guns R Reddy. She has lifetime earnings of more than $101,000. Mary A. Jansma bred and still owns the mare.

“I thank my help for helping me get both horses ready,” Mathison said. “This is an amazing event. I really thank Bob’s Custom Saddles for it, because when I showed in the Intermediate Open in the Adequan® arena, I had no idea I’d be able to run (in the Jim Norick Coliseum). I didn’t know until after the fact. It was a pleasant surprise. Thanks to Bob’s and all the sponsors. Everybody gives so much, and it makes our industry so much better.”

Bob’s Custom Saddles Intermediate Non Pro Showdown Champion – Jennifer Neudorf & Shining In Town

Jennifer Neudorf and Shining In Town continued their winning ways Nov. 30 as they took the champion title and the $5,000 check in the Bob’s Custom Saddles Intermediate Non Pro Showdown.

Neudorf and the 10-year-old stallion scored 218.5 in the Showdown after winning the Adequan® NAAC Intermediate Non Pro with a 223 to qualify for the bonus round.

“He felt really good,” Neudorf said. “It was a bit more of a complicated pattern, but he just listened and tried his best and made it fun as always. It was really cool to be back in the Norick.”

“Chubs” was sired by NRHA Three Million Dollar Sire Hollywoodstinseltown and is out of the Shining Spark mare Shine Ann. Carol Rose bred the horse that has more than $200,000 in earnings.

“It was for sure so fun and exciting to show in the Norick,” Neudorf said. “I thank Bob’s Custom Saddle for sponsoring such a cool class.”

Shining In Town had been retired before Neudorf legged him up and brought him to the NRHA Futurity. He has felt good all week, Neudorf said.

“He just tries,” she said. “He doesn’t ever want to be in trouble. He always wants to be a good boy, and it makes it fun. I want to keep showing him, for sure.

“I thank the Schmersal team, Craig and Ginger. They’re always such a big help. I also thank my parents for how they always support me.”

Toyon Ranch Rookie Level 1 Showdown Champion & Bob’s Custom Saddles Rookie Level 2 Showdown Champion – Rayne Anderson & Pale Face Gunslinger

Rayne Anderson and Pale Face Gunslinger continued their winning streak, claiming championships in the Toyon Ranch Rookie Level 1 Showdown Champion & Bob’s Custom Saddles Rookie Level 2 Showdown at the National Reining Horse Association Futurity & Adequan ® NAAC Championships.

“Going through the Gateway of Champions was very nerve-wracking,” Anderson said. “But once we ran in and started our pattern, we both kind of settled down.”

Pale Face Gunslinger is a 2014 gelding by NRHA Three Million Dollar Sire Pale Face Dunnit and out of Lost In Tinseltown. He is owned by Anderson’s grandfather, Tim Anderson, and has been previously shown by Kim Niven.

The pair won the Adequan® NAAC Toyon Ranch Rookie of the Year title earlier in the show, with Anderson proudly wearing the award buckle for that win as she entered the pen again to secure these championships.

Each Showdown featured a prize of $5,000 and claiming both wins will push the gelding over the $150,000 in lifetime earnings mark.

“I’m just thankful and proud. He still shows like a rockstar,” said Anderson of Pale Face Gunslinger, who she calls Simba. Unsure of where they’ll show next, the plan seems to be to take it a day at a time.

“I love John and Nancy (Tague) at Toyon Ranch. They are honestly the sweetest, best, kindest people to me and my grandparents, and I just appreciate them as a whole, and I appreciate their sponsorship of this class,” Anderson said as she thanked them. “I appreciate Bob’s Custom Saddles a whole lot too, for making this a possibility.”