RHF Elects Board Members and Officers

The Reining Horse Foundation Board of Directors has elected new officers and Board members. Tim Anderson of Milbank, South Dakota, was re-elected to serve a two-year term as president of the nonprofit charitable arm of NRHA. Rick Clark of Catlettsburg, Kentucky, is the new vice president, and Nancy Tague of Pilot Point, Texas, is the new Secretary/Treasurer. Under new Bylaws approved in 2023, as vice president, Clark will be automatically nominated for the office of president for a two-year term beginning in 2026.

Patrick Flaherty of Scottsdale, Arizona, Jamie Walters of Laguna Beach, California, and Billy Williams of Aubrey, Texas, were re-elected to serve their second, three-year terms on the Board. Under RHF Bylaws, the officer and board member recommendations were reviewed and approved by the NRHA Board of Directors at its November meeting. All the positions take effect beginning January 1, 2024.

“What excites me about having been part of the successful leadership of RHF is how far we have come and how far we can possibly go,” said Anderson. “I appreciate those who have dedicated their service to helping us move the organization forward, and I look forward to the next two years.”

The RHF Board meets via conference call at least quarterly. There are working committees to advance the work of the Foundation and make recommendations to the Board. Generally speaking, directors are eligible to serve two consecutive full, three-year terms before retiring for a minimum of one year. Officers may continue to serve while on the Executive Committee.

Retiring from the Board after serving since becoming a Distinguished Director in 2016 is Loren Booth of Orange Cove, California. Booth later served as an officer on the executive committee and as vice president.

RHF Board members are responsible for meeting the duty of care, loyalty, and obedience accepted as well-established principles of nonprofit governance. They support the organization’s mission to care for and honor the reining community. In practice, they facilitate fundraising for the growing RHF, develop and executive the organization’s strategic plan, and give attention to core programs.

Anyone interested in serving on the RHF Board should contact Nancy Tague, the Nominating/Governance Committee chair, or RHF Executive Director Leslie Baker at rhf@nrha.com.

For more than two decades, members of the equine community have been doing good things through the RHF, which has supporters from around the world. Core programs include the Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund, which provides financial relief to reiners enduring major hardships; youth scholarship and leadership development through the National Reining Horse Youth Association; and perpetuation of the sport’s history through the NRHA Hall of Fame. For more information or to give, visit reiningfoundation.com.