Reiners Care

The Reining Horse Foundation is here to help NRHA Professionals, members, and corporate partners by disseminating valuable information to help your business during this crisis.

Coming together during a crisis is what keeps us together on the other side, when we’re back to more traditional life and business. All the information involved in the CARES Act might overwhelm you to the point that you don’t bother taking advantage of it for your business. We’re here to help, because Reiners Care.

We’re sharing links to valuable information that can help you keep your business moving forward. But the responsibility lies in your hands to put it in action.

Here are a few first steps to initiate.

  1. Contact your banker. The first stop should be their website. Though that branch might not be able to help you directly, your bank should be able to point you in the right direction to get started with an SBA-approved bank that can help. Your financial planner or attorney also may be good resources.
  2. Make an appointment. This isn’t a time to make a drop-in visit. Respect social distancing guidelines and save time by scheduling a meeting with a qualified financial expert who can offer you the advice you need.
  3. Gather necessary paperwork. The resources we provide will help outline what you need to bring with you.
  4. Don’t get overwhelmed. Remember when you first started your business? That was probably exceptionally overwhelming, but you made it this far. Fight to keep what you’ve worked for, and advocate for yourself and your business.


This list of resources is a small sampling of those available. Explore additional resources available that may be specific to your geographic area and business operation. (Section 3, item 2 addresses self-employed and contractor laborers.)