Place Your Bid for the 2024 Buy-A-Pro Auction

Have you been a fan of reining and want to give it a spin for yourself? The 2024 Buy-A-Pro Auction is officially underway and offers an entry point into the reining industry for those who have wanted to participate or polish up on existing skills. The auction offers buyers a chance to purchase a two-lesson package with National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Professionals from all over the United States and benefits the National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA). This year, the auction runs through 1 p.m. CST on March 19.

From fans to those with reining experience, everyone can benefit from the elite list of NRHA Professionals, including NRHA Futurity Champions, NRHA Million Dollar Riders, stars from The Last Cowboy, NRHA World Champions, NRHA Horsemen and Women of the Year, expert non pro coaches, and other proven professionals.

A winning bid grants riders an opportunity to travel to their chosen professional’s facility and polish their riding skills and their horse’s training or, in some cases, try reining for the first time on a horse provided by the professional. From beginners to accomplished riders, everyone can benefit from these private training packages.

“Josiane Gauthier was an excellent trainer and instructor. I loved that she wants to give her student a firm foundation and understanding of what we are doing and what we are about to do,” said Angela Johnson-Moore, a previous auction participant. “She provided a fabulous training horse that took excellent care of me! She rode alongside me for instruction. Never did I think I would actually spin and do sliding stops on my first lesson. This was an amazing experience and taught me I can have confidence stepping outside my box with the right trainer.”

Each of the participating NRHA Professionals donates two training sessions per package, and 15% of the proceeds benefit their designated NRHA affiliate. The remaining funds are allotted directly to NRHyA to provide scholarships and other opportunities for young reiners.

Along with making reining accessible, the auction has created life-long bonds, allowed people to purchase their first reining horse, and more.

“For [NRHA Professional] Daniel Schloemer to go so above and beyond is incredible—I am living a dream this week,” said Diane Stuart after participating in lessons purchased in 2023. “Sometimes it’s hard not to forget there are incredible people out there in this world, but the NRHA world reminds me daily.”

Historically, this fundraiser has generated significant funding to support NRHyA. With participating professionals located all over the country, there are options to best suit each buyer’s needs. Before bidding, be sure to check if your selected professional offers the amenities you need, such as lesson horses, stalls, or RV hookups.

To view the NRHA Professionals available and to place your bids today, visit