#Honoringthe45 Challenge

The Brant/Priest Performance Horses fire has shaken the equine world. And, from the heartbreak there are countless positive messages of inspiration, caring and community. The Reining Horse Foundation is honored to announce a $45,000 gift from the DPL Fund, at the direction of NRHA Non Pro Diana Duffey and her husband, Vince Lahey. The gift is in honor of each special animal lost to the fire.

“We are making this gift in hopes that those beautiful horses’ strong and brave spirits may continue to lift up others in need,” Diana shared. “Thank you for all RHF does in support of NRHA members. We are truly blessed to have a resource like RHF in our sport.”

Diana and Vince have issued an #HONORINGTHE45 CHALLENGE in memory of the 44 horses and 1 dog lost in the fire. They hope to inspire others to give.

You are invited to make a donation to RHF in any amount…whether $4.50, $450 or $4,500. Everything helps!

Visit the RHF table in the Super Barn or go to reiningfoundation.com/donate to participate. Your gifts are appreciated!