EHV-1 Update

April 26, 2023 – On Monday and Tuesday of this week, NRHA made contact with events being held through May 8 to ensure they were aware one horse tested positive for EHV-1 at the National Reining Breeders Classic, and the other horses identified to have direct exposure tested negative and were isolated/quarantined.

NRHA strongly encouraged event teams to seek out guidance from their state veterinarians on protocols for the health of the horses attending the event, including the risks, possible paperwork requirements, preparing for quarantine facilities, postponement options, etc. The most cautious, safest recommendation we received is any horses who were at the NRBC should remain isolated and not attend any events until May 8 (3 weeks following exposure). Otherwise, horses who were NOT stabled in the same barn at NRBC could begin a week sooner (May 1) if they have been properly monitored with no temperatures over 101.50 and no symptoms.

NRHA informed events that should they decide to cancel or postpone, we recommend making the decision and informing us as soon as possible to allow exhibitors time to make plans. The NRHA team extended its assistance to be as accommodating as possible in rescheduling or canceling events. The safety of the reining horse is our paramount concern so we are here to help maintain that priority!

Current EHM Incident Guidelines…

More from Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Forestry…

Equine Disease Communication Center – More details by clicking on Oklahoma

For further questions regarding your horse’s health care, we encourage you to seek the advice of your veterinarian since they can address specific questions knowing those horses who have been in their care.