NRHA Holds 2023 Judges Applicant Seminar March 15–16

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is excited to announce the invitation to members interested in becoming NRHA judges to join the Judges Applicant Seminar. This unique, once-a-year opportunity will take place March 15–16, 2023, at the NRHA office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

NRHA Judges serve an essential role in the reining industry by providing their time and expertise when judging NRHA events, which drives the future of how reining horses are trained and presented.

“Consistent and fair judging promotes a healthy association, and it’s exciting to have new talent coming into the reining industry,” noted Patti Carter, NRHA’s Sr. Director of Education and Officials.

Those seeking to be an NRHA judge will have the opportunity to receive proper guidance in this exclusive applicant seminar as the first step in becoming an NRHA Judge. Seminar attendees must pass testing requirements, and once accomplished, they will be eligible to attend an NRHA Judging School. At this event, they will complete testing and be able to apply for their official card.

Requirements include being at least 25 years of age and must have been an NRHA member in good standing for 24 months prior to the date of application.

Aspiring attendees must submit the mentioned application by December 31, 2022.

To check to see if you meet the applicant criteria and to apply, visit

NRHA Futurity Challenge Donor Program Earns Another Contributor—Robert and Linda Rosenfeld

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) has challenged its members over the last few years to grow the purse at the NRHA Futurity. Many members came forward to do just this, the most recent being Robert and Linda Rosenfeld from London, Ohio.

“My reason for sponsoring Level 1 Open is that NRHA has more than 14,000 members, and not everyone can participate in the higher levels due to the cost of horses at those levels or finding the right trainer that can compete at those levels,” says Bob. “We all pay the same entry fees, so I thought I would help richen the pot for those riders and owners in Level 1.”

Bob got into the sport back in 2000 because of his son’s love of horses, and now it has become a family affair with him and his wife, Lin, both riding and showing. They have 15+ horses, the majority at home in Ohio with their in-house trainer Bill McGuire and others with Brandon Brant and Shawn Flarida.

“When Bob called me to ask, ‘why does Level 1 Open Futurity not have a guaranteed payout?’ I explained we did not have a Futurity Challenge Sponsor for Level 1,” said NRHA President Rick Clark. “Bob immediately stepped up as a Challenge Sponsor, and all the money goes into the Level 1 Open Futurity. I am extremely grateful to Bob and Lin Rosenfeld for their Futurity Challenge Sponsorship. This will help to grow our reining industry even more.”

“The best thing about NRHA is the friendships that we have developed over the years,” says Bob. “Some of our very best friends have come through NRHA, and those friendships make it easy to want to help and contribute to a great sport and a great organization.”

To see the list of current NRHA Futurity Challenge Donors, visit, and to find out more about donating, contact NRHA Sr. Director of Corporate Relations, Christy Landwehr, at