Where Dreams Become Reality: NRHyA Buy A Pro Auction

Ever wonder what it is like to ride with elite reining trainers in the industry? The National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) hosts the annual Buy A Pro online auction where reining enthusiasts can bid on their chance to ride with NRHA Professionals and experience what it’s like first-hand. Even after the lessons are complete, past auction winners have stayed in contact with their Buy A Pro, creating a lasting partnerships both in and out of the show pen. This year’s auction ends March 1, so visit 32auctions.com/buyapro2017 to learn more about the trainers and to bid today!

During the 2015 NRHyA Buy A Pro auction, Cheryl Freemantle of Middlefield, Conn., opened up an issue of the NRHA Reiner and saw the ad. Her interest sparked, Freemantle decided to see which professionals were available. After some research and conversations with her daughter, Freemantle decided to “bid” on Jeremy Gates, ultimately winning the auction.

“I had a wonderful experience riding with Jeremy through the Buy A Pro program,” Freemantle explained.

After watching her daughter riding and showing reining horses growing up, Freemantle saw her opportunity to join her daughter, thanks to Buy A Pro. Two years after winning her Buy A Pro contract, Freemantle is still riding and learning from Jeremy. In 2016, she earned over 70 NRHA Green Reiner points under his direction.

Paul Wilinski from Green Bay, Wis., saw the Buy A Pro promotion through an association email. During the 2016 NRHyA Buy A Pro auction, Wilinski won auctions from Ben Balow of Skull Valley, Ariz.; Michael Davis from Davenport, Iowa; and Becky Sorrell of Whitesboro, Texas.

After completing a Buy A Pro with Ben Balow, Wilinski had this to say: “It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I was able to improve my skills right away, and because of Ben’s help, I have been able to make the finals in major national shows.”

Not only is the Buy A Pro program a great way for riders to learn one on one from some of reining’s greatest professionals, trainers also get the opportunity to build their clientele all by supporting the future of reining.

“In a heartbeat, I would recommend the program to friends!” said Freemantle.

“It was a great overall experience!” said Wilinski.

For your chance to experience what the NRHyA Buy A Pro program can do for you, visit 32auctions.com/buyapro2017. The online auction is currently open for bids. Bidding will end on March 1 at noon CST. For more information about the auction, please contact Emily Schaefer at eschaefer@nrha.com or (405) 946-7400 ext. 129.