What Is An Api License Agreement

3.5. No claim by the Licensee. Licensee agrees not to promote, use, sell, offer for sale or import any products or technologies developed with the API against HitBTC, HitBTC`s distributors, HitBTC customers or other licensees of the API or applications developed with the API. Archived versions of the API License Agreement are available at developers.marketo.com/api-license-archived 10. Confidentiality. The API (including, but not limited to, all enhancements, derivatives, modifications and the like) constitutes Company Confidential Information (“Confidential Information”). Licensee hereby agrees to (i) keep Confidential Information confidential and take reasonable precautions to protect such Confidential Information (including, but not limited to, the precautions Licensee takes with respect to its own Confidential Materials), (ii) not to disclose Confidential Information to third parties (other than consultants, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below), (iii) no agreement. use any information except for the purposes set forth in this Agreement. and (iv) copy or reverse engineer any Confidential Information. Any employee or consultant who has access to confidential information must have a “legitimate need to know” and must be related in writing in the same way. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that due to the uniqueness of the Company`s Confidential Information, there can be no reasonable remedy for any breach of its obligations under this Agreement and that, therefore, in the event of a breach or threat of breach, the Company shall be entitled to reasonable and reasonable remedies in addition to the remedies available. 3.2 License Grant. Subject to the terms of this Agreement and only for the duration of this Agreement, Evernote grants you the limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license (except as provided in Section 11(g)) to access and use the API solely for the development, testing, display, distribution, and operation of your Application; to access content obtained through the Service and display it in your application; and to allow others to access your app.