Varsity Reining Club Scholarship Recipients Announced

Top National Reining Horse Youth Association members receive high honors through the Varsity Reining Club for their philanthropic, academic and leadership accomplishments.

For Immediate Release – Oklahoma City, Okla. (1-20-2017) – The National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) Varsity Reining Club ended 2016 by awarding scholarships totaling more than $5,000. The Varsity Reining Club encourages reining youth to become active in their communities, all while rewarding those participants for their scholastic accomplishments.

Point values in the Varsity Reining Club are awarded based on participation in four main categories: philanthropy, creativity, publicity, and academics. Within these primary areas of focus, participants may record such activities via photography, community service, report back, and fundraising. Participants are then awarded scholarships depending on their age as of Jan. 1, 2016: Varsity (ages 14-18) or Junior Varsity (13 years and younger).

Varsity Youth of the Year Award Recipients

Top Varsity Youth of the Year: Cyann Molengraaf from Simoshaven, Netherlands ended the year with 6,619 total points. Molengraaf has been awarded “Youth of the Year” and will receive a $1,000 scholarship for earning the most points in the Varsity Reining Club.

Second: Megan D’Andrea, 19, from Fowler, Ohio, with 6,359 total points.

Third: Grace Wilson, 16, from Smithfield, VA., with 5,500 total points.

Fourth: Reagan Stephens, 16, from Weatherford, Texas, with 3,150 total points.

Fifth: Holly Lansidel, 18, from Roy, WA., with 2,770 total points.

Sixth: Carlysle Salter, 17, from Mobile, AL., with 2,120 total points.

Seventh: Ally Jones, 15, from Franklin, KY., with 2,056 total points.

Eighth: Taylor Masson, 17, from Davie, FL., with 2,040 total points.

Junior Varsity Youth of the Year Award Recipients

Top Junior Varsity of the Year: Kalena Reynolds, 13, from Dennis, Texas earned 5,794 in total points and will receive a $500 scholarship on behalf of the Varsity Reining Club and NRHyA.

Second: Casey Abbo, 13, from Woodside, CA., with 5,729 total points.

Third: Raeanna Thayn, 12, from Oxford, NE., with 3,208 total points.

Fourth: Robin Foster, 11, from Strawberry Plains, TN., with 2,403 total points.

Fifth: Marissa Jones, 12, from Franklin, KY., with 1,888 total points

Cyann Molengraaf photo by Troullioud Fotografie.

The Varsity Reining Club is free for NRHyA members and serves as an innovative tool to help youth become more involved at a local level all while developing valuable life skills. Learn more and enroll online today at