Unifor 707 Collective Agreement 2020

TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2020 /CNW/ – Local union management of all Ford Motor Company residents, both in crafts and production, unanimously approved the preliminary agreement reached last week between Unifor and the company. The reasons given by a number of Oakville workers were mixed: some saw the “yes” vote as an act of solidarity with Windsor workers (encouraged by management); Some feared that the factory would be closed for lack of future work if they refused it; some liked the gains in the deal. On the other hand, newspapers have made many comments from workers who have opposed the two-tier pension plan and the new pension plan. “The GM model will not fly with local 707 membership,” local president Dave Thomas said last week. But local Oakville leaders backed the deal negotiated on Halloween. March 14, 2020 We are currently working on a COVID 19 information page on the site. All updates are posted there, along with links to resources from other government agencies. Investment commitments were also part of the model of other companies. GM has promised to invest US$554 million in its St.

Catharines and Oshawa plants, as well as a parts depot in Woodstock. FCA has pledged $US 325 million for the renovation of paint at its Brampton plant as well as a new product in 2020. But then, the potential for a new chapter is still there: the rejection of the deal in Ford`s largest workplace and Unifor`s largest auto office; the nature of the arguments of those who voted in favour and voted against; the organizational seeds that are developing in Oshawa – all point to a possible new life for collective resistance against the current regime in the car. Learning about the legacy of resistance, struggle, internal struggles within the union and the role of socialists – which dates back to the 1930s – is a key element in building on the real frustration and anger of today`s young workers. National and local leaders are asking members of the Ford Motor Company to vote in favor of the deal. Ratification meetings are taking place today to discuss the details of the provisional agreement. The results of the ratification vote will take place on Monday 28 September, announcement. We chose this idea to inform our residents, businesses and media that the city is not ready to participate in the negotiations.