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Can I receive compensation for hearing loss? Yes. The Workers` Compensation Act provides for the payment of workers` compensation benefits for hearing loss caused by exposure to noise in the workplace. This section of the Workers` Compensation Act is one of the specific provisions of the Loss Act. If you use a single addendum to report multiple periods, indicate the last payment period on the front of the form and subsequent payment terms under “Other Agreed Matters” on the back of the form. The applicant`s signature is required for the form to be considered complete. There is no fixed formula for the granting of compensation for facial disfigurements. A workers` compensation judge has the discretion to award facial disfigurement benefits between 0 and 275 weeks, depending on the extent of the disfigurement. This is a completely subjective process without guidelines based solely on the discretion of the workers` compensation judge. As a result of my injury, I developed a scar. Can I receive benefits for my scars? Under the Workers` Compensation Act, there is compensation for scars or disfigurements as long as they are on the head, face or neck. Scars or disfigurements on another part of your body are not eligible for benefits. In our experience, employers rarely voluntarily agree to pay benefits for facial disfigurements.

If you have suffered a scar, burn or any form of change to your head, face or neck as a result of your employment, you should discuss your possible claim with one of our lawyers. Even a small, barely visible scar can lead to compensation. We recommend that you send the responses to the petitions directly to the workers` compensation judge in charge of the case. Specific losses under the Workers` Compensation Act are compensation payments in which you suffer an amputation of a body part or the loss of use of a body part for practical purposes. Under the Workers` Compensation Act, certain benefits are granted for the specific loss of a body part. In addition, for a certain loss, you are entitled to full disability benefits for a certain period of time if you are unemployed, which is called the “healing phase”. Contact us immediately after the phone call to discuss what to do in response. We will probably advise you to discuss a return to work with your doctor. Whether you should return to work can be a complex topic, and our recommendation for this decision can vary from case to case.

If you returned to work with a loss of benefits, your employer can file a notice of changes to your benefits to reflect your reduced workers` compensation, which is based on returning to work at a wage below your average weekly wage. We recommend that you do not sign an addendum unless you have consulted us and we have approved it for signature and return. For more information on e-filing in wcais, including the form format, see Section 2.1, “Electronic Data Reporting Format” of the EDI Claims Implementation Guide. In this case, we recommend that you contact the workers` compensation insurance company to inform your adjuster that you have been dismissed from your light duty position and to request reinstatement of benefits. However, we have found in our experience that the workers` compensation insurance institution often does not voluntarily claim your workers` compensation benefits. It is not uncommon for a claim to reinstate the workers` compensation benefit in order to successfully recover your workers` compensation benefits. I went back to work with a lost salary and now my employer wants me to sign a document called an addendum. What must I do? Remember: for all data and information transmitted to the department via EDI, web portal and / or download, as part of a submission for which a copy is required by law must be made available to another party, a true and correct copy must nevertheless be provided to that party, which is in accordance with the law, complies with regulations and/or any applicable policy statement or written directive issued by the Department. The following forms can be downloaded from the Ministry of Labour and Industry website. These forms are not submitted to the office because an EDI transaction meets the office`s reporting requirement in the scenarios specified in the PA Claims EDI Release 3 event table.

However, a copy of the information submitted as part of the EDI transaction must be sent to the employee or claimant in accordance with the PA Workers` Compensation Act. I am receiving workers` compensation benefits and I am now entitled to my Social Security (SS) pension benefits. Should I receive my pension plan (HS)? If you receive workers` compensation benefits and apply for your Social Security (SS) pension benefits if you reach age 62 or later, your workers` compensation benefits will be reduced by 50% of the amount of your SS pension. We recommend that you discuss the idea of using your SS pension with one of our lawyers before deciding to do so. For example, due to childcare issues, you worked from midnight to 7:00 a.m.m before your workplace accident. After your injury, your employer offered you a light job that takes place from 8:00 a.m. .m. to 3:00 p.m. .m.

Your childcare responsibilities would prevent you from holding this job. This is a valid return-to-work offer. I was recently contacted by a rehabilitation specialist hired by my workers` compensation insurance company. What must I do? You should not talk to the rehabilitation specialist. This person may have a variety of job titles, including a rehabilitation counsellor, a vocational specialist or a certified rehabilitation counsellor. If your pension is funded by a combination of employer and employee contributions, your employer can only be counted as a percentage equal to their contributions. There is no specific rule in the law as to how often you should participate in such assessments. This is an unwritten workers` compensation rule that you cannot be required to participate in an EMR more than once every six months. Depending on the nature of your injury, DME may not be needed more than once a year. If you are applying for an online job, if possible, print a copy of the application you submitted online. If you cannot print it, write down again the date and time you submitted the application. As a rule, the rehabilitation specialist will try to show that there are several job offers with different employers that suit you professionally.

You will then use the wage rate that could be earned in these different positions to determine your purchasing power. If I receive workers` compensation benefits, do I have to apply for Social Security disability benefits? They can receive workers` compensation benefits and Social Security for the Disabled (SSD) benefits at the same time. Whether you should apply for SSD benefits is a complex and customer-specific question. If you are receiving workers` compensation benefits and are also eligible for the SSD, it is likely that your SSD benefits will be reduced due to receiving workers` compensation benefits. According to federal regulations applicable to SSD claims, you cannot receive more than 80% of your highest annual income in the last five years between workers` compensation benefits and SSD benefits. Your workers` compensation benefit is primary and will not be reduced by collecting your SSD benefits. However, if you receive workers` compensation benefits, it is likely that your SSD benefits will be reduced. An Initial Breach Report (IEIF) of the electronic data interchange or transaction on a web portal is required to make a claim in the Occupational Accident Automation and Integration System (WCAIS).

Forms received by the Workers` Compensation Bureau prior to the filing of the first FROI transaction cannot be uploaded to WCAIS by the Bureau because no claim has been established in the system to which the form can be attached or submitted. After DME, the doctor will not give you any advice or recommendations on how to treat your injury. The doctor will simply inform you that the assessment is complete. After the EMR, the doctor then prepares his report, which is sent to your employer or his lawyer. You are then required to provide us with a copy of the report. Once we have received a report, we will provide you with a copy as soon as possible. The preparation and transmission of the report may take several weeks. While our goal in posting these frequently asked questions was to try to provide general, non-specific information about the types of questions we hear regularly, each workers` compensation claim is unique to the person. If you have any further questions after reading our Frequently Asked Questions, we will be happy to discuss with you the individual circumstances of your claim. .