Stakeholder Working Agreement

If product owners are required to inform stakeholders that they do not prioritize a certain functionality requirement, they should be aware of what their “no” means. In Scrum, an interested party is anyone who has a personal interest in the product and is not part of the Scrum team. For every time a product owner says yes to an actor`s request for features, the product owner must say no to a future customer request. The team`s time is limited and a yes today will require saying no on a later occasion. A new project that the Trust is working on has external stakeholders in the form of corporate donors. While they have little interest and low performance on a daily basis, they are very interested in the results of their support and their donations are essential to the delivery of the product. Identify all relevant stakeholders. Since each of these participants could derail the project, you should consider their particular interest in the project. Explaining the consequences will help stakeholders understand and hopefully understand why you say no. A product owner and stakeholders often have many different goals.

And, yes, sometimes they`re in conflict. But in general, there is a higher goal at the level of the product that is shared and to which you can refer. The product management community often uses the term stakeholder management as an acronym for communicating product managers with executives and investors. But the truth is that each product has many different types of stakeholders. And each type of stakeholder has different priorities and expectations when it comes to product management. Understanding how you manage different types of stakeholders will serve you well in shipping successful products as well as in your product management career. There are many ways to measure success. Success sliders are a good way to reach agreement on conflicting objectives (time, budget, perimeter, quality, etc.). We have seen that we have more successful product owners, direct communication between stakeholders, customers, users, businessmen and development team is to support as much as possible.

This is much more effective because the development team can immediately accept/customize product returns.