Wildfire Relief Effort

NRHA Members & Supporters — Livestock Supply Donations are being accepted for those affected by the recent wildfires.

In the heart of horse country, NRHA and the Reining Horse Foundation are asking for donations of livestock supplies (hay, feed, wound supplies, fencing, etc.) to assist Oklahoma and Texas ranchers impacted by the recent fires. We are offering to connect those in the horse industry with those who are in need through a series of drop-off locations.

Donation Locations for Hay, Feed, Wound Supplies, Fencing Supplies

  • NRHA Office – 3021 W. Reno, Oklahoma City 73107 – 405-946-7400 – Drop off on-site, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F. To help keep a sustained effort beyond the initial response, the NRHA Office plans to take donations until further notice, and coordinate delivery to those most-in need.
  • Oklahoma Reining Horse Association Ride & Slide – Tulsa Expo Square – Through Sunday, March 12 at Noon. Visit the OkRHA show office for instructions for drop-off.
  • Southwest Reined Cow Horse Spring Into Spring Horse Show – Lazy E Arena, 9600 Lazy E Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044 – Through Sunday, March 12 at Noon. Drop donations in Stall 110. Stop by Stall Office for questions.
  • Additionally, NRHA member and Texas AgriLife Extension agent Mike Jeffcoat is heading up donations for Gray, Wheeler and Roberts counties (806-669-8033, office). Hay donations can be made directly at Clyde Carruth Pavillion (301 Ball Park Drive, Pampa, TX).

Volunteers to Transport
If you are interested in donating your time/equipment to haul, please contact Christa Morris-Stone (405-946-7400 or cmorris@nrha.com). This will be a huge help in the effort.

RHF Crisis Fund
NRHA members affected directly by these disasters are reminded that the Reining Horse Foundation Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund can stand in the gap to assist financially in the weeks and months ahead. Donations are always welcomed. More information and an application for aid can be found at reiningfoundation.com/crisisfund.​​

Question? Other Ways to Help?
Contact Christa Morris-Stone at NRHA if you have questions (405-946-7400), or other ideas that can help in the effort. We encourage everyone to share this information with their horse friends.

Donate directly to the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association Fire Relief Fund


Ranchers Organize a ‘Cattle Drive’ for Panhandle Ranchers Affected by Fire

Governor Abbott Grants Waiver To Hay Carriers In Texas Panhandle Due To Wildfires


We thank the Lazy E Arena, Oklahoma Reining Horse Association and the Southwest Reined Cow Horse Association for their cooperation.





Youth Members Discovered Their Inner Strengths

For Immediate Release – Oklahoma City, Okla., (March-06-2017) –  Held during the 2017 National Reining Horse Association’s Winter Meeting, youth members challenged themselves to learn more about their true self during the NRHyA’s Leadership Development Workshop. From February 10th through the 11th, youth members came out of the workshops with a better understanding of their strengths and how to use them to better themselves in the future.

Leading the workshops was Director of Marketing at The Western Integrity Agency, Katie Hollingsworth, of Stillwater, Okla. Hollingsworth is passionate about helping others discover their strengths, and this unique opportunity offered insight to the next generation of equine industry leaders.

“It was a genuine honor to be a part of the 2017 NRHyA Leadership Development,” said Hollingsworth, “I could not have asked for a better group of young leaders to work with.”

Pre-registered youth members were given a personality assessment that asked questions revolving around 34 common themes. Each person’s individual themes lead them to five personal strengths. “Through our workshops, I learned what my strengths were and how to put them to use,” said NRHyA Historian Reagan Stephens, “It was fun learning that I had a unique set of strengths that defined me.”

As the workshops progressed, youth members continued to develop and build upon their personal strengths. Youth members were put to the test as three teams were formed with varying personal strengths. “I learned that being on a team you don’t necessarily want to have the same kind of people,” said NRHyA Vice President Kenleigh Wells. NRHyA Treasurer Liz Blaser agreed saying, “Each person naturally took a role on the team based on their strengths.”

Teams were given a task to complete to see how the teams managed to work together despite opposing strengths.

When asked if aspects from the team building exercise resonated with students and if they would use the skills they learned in other aspects of their life, NRHyA Secretary Taylor Masson said, “I believe, as officers, we can use our own strengths to make a stronger and more compassionate leadership team for others. We can use our strengths to get more regions and youth involved with the NRHyA.”

Youth members who attended the 2017 NRHyA Leadership Development workshops came out with a better understanding of their strengths all while building lasting relationships with other youth members from across the nation.  “The workshops helped me become a stronger leader,” said NRHyA member Kate Lilley, “I learned things about myself that will help me in the future, I also made several new friends.”

“I would say that the NRHyA leadership symposium has helped me grow and expand my horizons in many ways that I am very thankful for,” said NRHyA Delegate Olivia Klug.

Where Dreams Become Reality: NRHyA Buy A Pro Auction

Ever wonder what it is like to ride with elite reining trainers in the industry? The National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) hosts the annual Buy A Pro online auction where reining enthusiasts can bid on their chance to ride with NRHA Professionals and experience what it’s like first-hand. Even after the lessons are complete, past auction winners have stayed in contact with their Buy A Pro, creating a lasting partnerships both in and out of the show pen. This year’s auction ends March 1, so visit 32auctions.com/buyapro2017 to learn more about the trainers and to bid today!

During the 2015 NRHyA Buy A Pro auction, Cheryl Freemantle of Middlefield, Conn., opened up an issue of the NRHA Reiner and saw the ad. Her interest sparked, Freemantle decided to see which professionals were available. After some research and conversations with her daughter, Freemantle decided to “bid” on Jeremy Gates, ultimately winning the auction.

“I had a wonderful experience riding with Jeremy through the Buy A Pro program,” Freemantle explained.

After watching her daughter riding and showing reining horses growing up, Freemantle saw her opportunity to join her daughter, thanks to Buy A Pro. Two years after winning her Buy A Pro contract, Freemantle is still riding and learning from Jeremy. In 2016, she earned over 70 NRHA Green Reiner points under his direction.

Paul Wilinski from Green Bay, Wis., saw the Buy A Pro promotion through an association email. During the 2016 NRHyA Buy A Pro auction, Wilinski won auctions from Ben Balow of Skull Valley, Ariz.; Michael Davis from Davenport, Iowa; and Becky Sorrell of Whitesboro, Texas.

After completing a Buy A Pro with Ben Balow, Wilinski had this to say: “It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I was able to improve my skills right away, and because of Ben’s help, I have been able to make the finals in major national shows.”

Not only is the Buy A Pro program a great way for riders to learn one on one from some of reining’s greatest professionals, trainers also get the opportunity to build their clientele all by supporting the future of reining.

“In a heartbeat, I would recommend the program to friends!” said Freemantle.

“It was a great overall experience!” said Wilinski.

For your chance to experience what the NRHyA Buy A Pro program can do for you, visit 32auctions.com/buyapro2017. The online auction is currently open for bids. Bidding will end on March 1 at noon CST. For more information about the auction, please contact Emily Schaefer at eschaefer@nrha.com or (405) 946-7400 ext. 129.

USEF Memo: Junior and Young Rider Reining Athletes

Dear Junior and Young Rider Reining Athletes,

In accordance with FEI Reining Rules [5th Edition, Updates effective 1st January 2017], we would like to remind all Junior and Young Rider Reining Athletes that are 17 years of age and younger participating in FEI Reining competitions they are required to wear protective headgear.

Chapter VI Equipment

Article 320 Dress, Protective Headgear and Salute

1.     All Athletes must wear appropriate western attire while competing; this will include a long sleeve shirt with collar, cowboy boots and western hat or safety helmet. When Athletes are training in the Competition arena they are required to wear Competition wear or team attire (no ball caps are allowed during training). Failure to wear such Headgear where and when required after being notified to do so by an Official, shall result in a Yellow Warning Card, being issued to the Athlete.

2.     Athletes under the age of 18 years old must wear Protective Headgear (safety helmet) at all times while riding. Failure to wear such Protective Headgear where and when required after being told to do so by an official, shall result in a Yellow Warning Card, being issued to the Athlete.

3.     Salute: Must be done in accordance with General Regulations unless the pattern used is a run in pattern.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Sincerely,

DirectorofReining, EventingPrograms
8592256948, 5756445659

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

Update: US Equestrian Announces Qualification Information and Selection Procedures for Inaugural FEI World Reining Championships for Juniors and Young Riders

Update: US Equestrian Announces Qualification Information and Selection Procedures for Inaugural FEI World Reining Championships for Juniors and Young Riders

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Feb 16, 2017, 5:30 PM EST

logoLexington, Ky. – US Equestrian is pleased to announce that U.S. reining athletes will have the opportunity to participate in the 2017 FEI World Reining Championships for Juniors and Young Riders. The inaugural world championships for Juniors (14-18 years of age) and Young Riders (16-21 years of age) will be held in Givrins, Switzerland, August 9-12, 2017. The aim is to have this new championship become a popular addition to high-profile reining competitions that will give reining athletes the opportunity to represent their country at a young age.

FEI Qualifying Criteria for the 2017 FEI World Reining Championships for Juniors and Young Riders

  • Juniors are athletes from January of the year in which they turn 14 until December of the year in which they turn 18.
  • Young Riders are athletes from January of the year in which they turn 16 until December of the year in which they turn 21.
  • Horses must be seven years of age for qualifying events and the Championships (using January 1 of their foaling year as their birthday).
  • The qualifying period for the championships is January 1, 2017 through June 24, 2017.
  • View membership requirements.
  • During the qualifying period, a Junior or Young Rider must score a minimum average of 67 at one CRIJ3* or CRIYR3*. View a list of competitions that will have FEI Reining CRIJ3* and CRIYR3* classes.
  • Athletes must submit an application to US Equestrian to be considered for the U.S. Squad.
  • Athletes who are qualified (have obtained a 67 at a CRIJ3* or CRIYR3* during the qualifying period) and have submitted an application will be put forward to the USEF Reining Sport Committee to be considered for the U.S. Squad.
  • Flights (equine and athlete), hotel, ground transportation, stabling, and entry fees will be covered by US Equestrian for the horse/athlete combinations named to the U.S. Squad.
  • The U.S. Squad will be named the last week of June 2017.

View detailed selection procedures for the 2017 FEI World Reining Championships for Juniors and Young Riders.

For more information, contact USEF Director of Reining, Bryn Wells at bwells@usef.org or (859) 225-6948.

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.