NRHA Video – Respect the horse. Respect the sport.

With the feedback of more than 1,000 members last year, the NRHA Board of Directors developed a mission statement and core strategies to guide the association’s work for the next several years: “To promote the reining horse worldwide, while celebrating and advancing the finest traditions of western horsemanship.” Supporting this statement are six core strategies including “Respect the horse, respect the sport.”

Respect the horse. Respect the sport.

“Respect the horse, respect the sport” ties back directly to NRHA members’ devotion and commitment to doing what’s best for their horses. Survey responses were open and passionate that the welfare of our horses should always come first. NRHA leadership believes just as strongly in this ideal. For many years, they have overseen rules and processes, and guided officials to do what’s best for the horse and the future of the industry. Many of these tactics, like medications testing, and rules for judging and stewarding, run behind the scenes making it easy for an onlooker to not realize the steps being taken to ensure the welfare of the horse.

To recognize the efforts of so many riders, trainers, owners, and reining horse lovers, NRHA is proud to share the following video with you.