NRHA Board of Directors Vote to Create Category 13

For Immediate Release –- May 15, 2019 –  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma –  The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Executive Committee and Board of Directors convened on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 to share and discuss the thoughts and concerns of the membership regarding how the Run for a Million Invitational will affect NRHA Lifetime Earnings (LTE). The board unanimously voted in favor of creating a new category so that the earnings from the Run for a Million Invitational will not count towards LTE and NRHA Million Dollar status.

On Tuesday, the Executive Committee voted unanimously to rescind its previous motion and to recommend the creation of Category 13. This opened the way for the board of directors to also reassess its previous decision.

“The NRHA Board of Directors heard, listened, and took action to move in the direction that stakeholders felt was important,” said NRHA President Mike Hancock. “Members from around the world chimed in and spurred the decision to revisit the topic and take additional action.”

In order to recognize the class at the Run for a Million Invitational without counting the winnings toward the Million Dollar LTE acknowledgment, a new category had to be implemented by the board. The new category will read as follows:

Category 13

NRHA approved classes not corresponding to other NRHA Categories. Not for lifetime earnings, Million Dollar (sire/dam/owner/rider/breeder) status, rider/horse eligibility, Top 20 Program or World Champion and Top Ten Awards. Requires an NRHA Professionals, Non Pro, Youth, or Youth Non Pro membership in order to show.

“Given all additional information from the event’s promotor, Amanda Brumley, and the great amount of input that the board of directors received from stakeholders by emails, texts, calls, and social media outlets, the board has chosen to introduce Category 13 to recognize the earnings for the Run for a Million (Invitational),” said Hancock.

Related Board Action

Also in a letter to the board from Brumley, she shared her preference for the $100,000 Open Shootout to be deemed a Category 1 class. To do so, Brumley confirmed she would remove the stipulation excluding Run for a Million Invitational riders from entering the Shootout. The board approved. Therefore, the board approved the Shootout as a Category 1.

The Freestyle Invitational was approved as Category 9, and the Non Pro and Rookie Championships were approved as Category 11.