Newest NRHA Corporate Partner: Tom McCutcheon Virtual Horse Help/WorldWide Slide

For Immediate Release – Oklahoma City, Okla. – June 02, 2017 – The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) has announced its newest corporate partner, Tom McCutcheon’s Virtual Horse Help (VHH) and WorldWide Slide (WWS). The WWS and VHH team paired with NRHA promises to bring more exposure to the sport, its horses and riders through cooperative promotional and educational efforts.

“Through this partnership, we will be able to increase the exposure of NRHA and share the wonderful stories of our horses and riders,” says Sammi Miller, Director of Corporate Relations. “Our (NRHA and WWS/VHH) common goal is to promote and grow the sport of reining by focusing on the sport’s achievements, inside and outside of the arena.”

Tom McCutcheon said, “It’s exciting to partner with the NRHA, especially at this level. We are looking forward to working together.”

VHH/WWS managing partner Cheryl Magoteaux Cody added, “We provide a cohesive news and learning resource for the reining industry and our goal is to work with the association to bring more information to reining participants and fans worldwide.” She added, “A priority is to showcase the entire array of riders and performance – from Green to Level 4 Open!”

Focusing on all levels of competition is a formula that was tested and found to be sound at the recent National Reining Breeders Classic. At that event, the VHH Video team shot and posted over 70 videos which included interviews with the winners or not only the high profile event but also of every ancillary class. The result was over 450,000 views of the videos plus well over 7 million total impressions.

Cody summarized, “I have always believed that everyone has a story. We love giving reiners an opportunity to share their stories and from the response we are getting, people love hearing and reading about them.”

More about WWS and VHH

Tom McCutcheon’s VHH was established in 2010 and provides online access to reining industry event coverage with highlights, results, and interviews plus tips from and insights with some of the top professionals in the NRHA. In just seven years, VHH has become one of the most focal media outlets covering reining and the NRHA worldwide.

WWS was founded by Pro Management, Inc. in 2014 to bring the news of the reining industry, including event coverage, to reining enthusiasts everywhere. WWS distributes the news free to nearly 25,000 email addresses every other Wednesday. Pro Management, owned by award-winning writer and photographer Cheryl Magoteaux Cody, is also known for running events and day-to-day business for the National Reining Breeders Classic, Tulsa Reining Classic, Southwest Reining Horse Association and USA Reining.

In early 2017, WWS and VHH merged to increase their effectiveness in keeping fans up-to-date on the latest happenings in the reining horse industry through emails, social media, online learning, news videos, and much more. The combined entity is now headquartered at the Pro Management offices in Byars, Oklahoma.

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More about NRHA
Founded in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association has promoted and encourage the development and enjoyment of the sport of Reining for more than 50 years. During the celebration of the 50th anniversary NRHA Futurity in 2016, NRHA leveraged its media, digital and social properties for more than 2.4 million total impressions, more than 535,000 views of daily top runs and daily diaries, and more than 500,000 viewers of three NRHA Futurity episodes produced by NRHA Inside Reining and aired on RFD-TV. Real-time online scoring and standings, plus video and photo galleries featuring winners of Futurity and Adequan North American Affiliate Championship classes helped showcase the horses and riders that make reining an exhilarating sport.

On a daily basis, NRHA takes pride in offering revolutionary programs and top-notch events for more than 15,000 members in 40 countries while providing the framework for a fun-filled, family-oriented atmosphere. More information on its shows and programs, like the upcoming NRHA Derby, can be found at