New Protocol for NRHA Professional of the Year Awards

In the fall of 2017, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Professionals Committee unanimously voted to modify the nomination and voting procedures for their yearly awards. The intention of this modification is to gain more participation from NRHA Affiliates and broaden the pool of deserving nominees.

The new nomination and voting process will be implemented this year and will follow the procedures below.

  1. NRHA Affiliates will submit one nomination for each of the five award categories. It will be up to each affiliate to determine how they select their nominees. Nominations for each category will need a separate form.
  2. Nominations will remain at the current due date of November 1. Once the nomination period is complete, the NRHA Professionals Committee Staff Liaison will collect and compile all nominations for the committee to review.
  3. The NRHA Professionals Committee will review all nominations, selecting the top five professionals for each category.
  4. Once the top five are selected, an electronic vote will be sent to all current NRHA Professional members.
  5. After the voting is closed, winners will be announced. Any ties will be broken by the NRHA Professionals Committee.

The NRHA Professionals Committee strives to strengthen its current programs through constant evaluation. They hope this change will afford more of the industry’s best professionals the opportunity to receive the recognition they deserve through a more structured nomination and voting processes.

Forms and further instructions will be available on the NRHA website before nominations begin this fall. For questions, contact Hayley Eberle, NRHA Professionals Committee staff liaison, at or (405) 946-7400 ext. 103.