NCEA Announces the National Reining Horse Association as a New Corporate Sponsor to Support Collegiate Equestrian Programs

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Waco, Texas – The National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA) today announced the most recent additions to the list of sponsors who support the advancement of Women’s Equestrian on the path to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship sport status.

The NCEA strives to collaborate with important equine national affiliates. Through strong connections with these affiliates, the NCEA can continue to work on achieving championship status for the sport of NCAA Equestrian. The expansion of the sponsor network to include national affiliates provides for a more inclusive approach to support new athletic opportunities for women on collegiate teams.

“The addition of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) as a national affiliate is a wonderful addition to the strong list of NCEA sponsors. It is exciting to learn about the strong connection between many of our NCEA student-athletes and the NRHA. The positive experiences these young women had contributes to their strong work ethic and character when they compete as a NCAA Equestrian student- athletes,” said Dr. Leah Fiorentino, Executive Director of the NCEA. “We hope to work collaboratively with the NRHA to better serve the equine industry as well as improve the world of NCAA Equestrian.”

“The NRHA is excited to partner with the NCEA as the official reining sponsor. When you look at the number of NRHA competitors that have gone on to compete in the NCEA it only makes sense to support them in their endeavors during college. The exposure we gain from our outstanding athletes is simply incredible and we can’t wait to see what is achieved not only by the NCEA but by the riders too during our partnership,” said Hayley Eberle, Manager of Marketing & Outreach of the NRHA.

“As the collegiate sport of equestrian has demonstrated over the last several years, the expansion of the corporate sponsor program has a direct link to the increased opportunities to ride in college. Our teams are pleased to support our corporate sponsors,” said Kevin Hurley, Senior Associate Athletic Director of Texas A&M University and NCEA Sport Advancement Committee Member.

“We are pleased with the NRHA’s decision to support our NCAA student-athletes,” said John Hull, Co-Chair of the NCEA National Advisory Board. “Since women’s competitive equestrian sports are growing at many top universities it is beneficial for our counterparts to be backing our programs. This alliance is yet another positive sponsor collaboration for both the NCEA and NRHA. We’re looking forward to expanding NCAA Equestrian opportunities for women in the years to come.”

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