Logistics Agreements Of India

Two other similar agreements with Russia and the United Kingdom are about to be concluded. The pact with Russia will be prepared for signature at the summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin in mid-October, the head of the Russian Federation`s deputy mission at the Russian Embassy in India Roman Babushkin said at a press conference on 7 September. Logistics agreements are administrative arrangements that help facilitate the recovery of fuel, rations, spare parts (if necessary) as well as berths and maintenance stations for warships, military aircraft and troops from other countries during routine port gatherings, exercises and training in other countries` countries. , as well as during humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR). These agreements simplify accounting at such events and ensure that host country forces benefit from the use of the host country`s existing logistics network, which also reduces total costs and saves time. On 24 August, I stated in these pages that one of the reasons why India`s “fundamental” defence cooperation agreements with the United States – including a logistical agreement – are drawing so much political attention to national territory, because “the texts of these agreements – and even official summaries – continue to serve as suspicion in a country that deeply protects its sovereignty and independent foreign policy.” Indeed, in the absence of a draft agreement on the U.S.-India Logistics Exchange 2016, some analysts have confused it with a “status of forces” agreement on fundamental rights and all that would entail. “It`s not a basic agreement of any kind,” Carter said. The debate over the logistics agreement has served as a vehicle for some members of India`s political class to distrust the United States, said Shane Mason, a scientific collaborator at the Stimson Center. The United States had previously imposed sanctions on India as part of its 1998 nuclear test, although sanctions were later eased. “From a U.S. perspective, it was kind of a low-slope fruit,” Mason said.

“We have logistical support agreements with many other countries, and in most cases it`s a relatively unchallenged thing.” The agreement signed with France in 2018 allows India access to French bases in the Reunion Islands, the southwestern Indian Ocean, and Djibouti in the Horn of Africa.