Legal Update – Honstetter

The National Reining Horse Association was served with a lawsuit in October filed by NRHA Professional Arno Honstetter after the Association took action pursuant to the NRHA Handbook’s protest procedures earlier this year. The protest involved an animal welfare issue. NRHA takes animal welfare issues very seriously and wishes to provide members with correct, concise information regarding its position on this pending legal matter.
The matter was initially referred to NRHA General Counsel and then taken through the disciplinary action phase; to the NRHA Investigative Review Committee and then Hearing Body which suspended and sanctioned Honstetter. Honstetter appealed the Hearing Body decision to the NRHA Executive Committee. The Executive Committee considered Honstetter’s appeal and affirmed the decision of the Hearing Body. Honstetter then filed a lawsuit against the Association and requested a Temporary Injunction of NRHA’s suspension and sanctions. On October 20, the court granted Honstetter’s motion for temporary injunction. As a result, after Honstetter posted a $50,000 bond, enforcement of NRHA’s suspension and sanctions against Honstetter have been stayed pending the outcome of the lawsuit.
NRHA legal counsel is in the process of appealing the court’s temporary injunction order and is proceeding with litigation until the matter is resolved.