Important Update for NRHA Members

For Immediate Release – June 6, 2018 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Last month, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Board of Directors met in Oklahoma City for their quarterly meeting. Amid the discussion of 2019 rule changes, event dates and other governance topics, the board conducted their annual review of all NRHA fees.

The last major NRHA fees update occurred nearly 12 years ago. Since then, the association has implemented a number of events and programs such as the North American Affiliate Regional Championships, the NRHA European Futurity and Derby, the Nomination Program, the International Affiliate Program, Para-Reining and the Stewards Program. These were necessary additions to provide more opportunities to members and to improve the sport of reining as a whole. The additions resulted in substantial growth in membership numbers, entries and number of horses competing in NRHA events.

The board carefully considered these NRHA events and programs before deciding to update current association fees. They also took into account the new, 12-month membership format that goes into effect January 1, 2019, which will allow members* to receive benefits such as the NRHA Reiner magazine for a true full year. The fees increase will also allow NRHA to maintain the current practice of managing the budget to provide approximately $500 per member for programs and activities. Over 70% of the budget is allocated to member programs, services and affiliate support, significantly more than most of its equine association counterparts.

“Although NRHA is built around one sport, we have a very diverse association with diverse needs. As a board, we strive to provide opportunity and recognition to all walks of our membership from youth reiners and para-reiners to nominators and aged event riders,” said NRHA President Mike Deer. “To meet ever-changing and ever-growing needs of our membership, the board has to carefully analyze our budget each year, and that includes fees updates from time to time.”

The following list of updated fees will go into effect January 1, 2019:

Associate Membership – $40 Confirmation – $35
General Membership** $115 Non-Member – Standard Reiner Postage – $75
Youth Membership – $50 Non-Member – 1st Class Reiner Postage – $150
3-Year Membership – $330 Non-Member – Canadian Reiner Postage – $110
Lifetime Membership – $2,400 Non-Member – International Reiner Postage – $120
Competition License – $60 Youth Member (Add-on*) – Standard Reiner Postage – $30
Non Pro Declaration – $40 Associate Member (Add-on*) – Standard Reiner Postage – $45
Transfer – $60 1st Class (Upgrade from Standard*) – Reiner Postage – $85
Rush Fees Same Day – $60 Canadian Member (Add-on*) – Reiner Postage – $60
Rush Fees 3-Day – $40 International Member (Add-on*) – Reiner Postage – $95

Opportunities for membership renewal incentives and discounts will be provided this fall, so be sure to look for them in upcoming news from NRHA.

*Current NRHA members (General, Non Pro and Professionals) will continue to receive the NRHA Reiner as a benefit of membership (one per household). There are additional shipping charges for Life, Associate and Youth members, as well as for Canadian, International or 1st Class delivery.

** The $50 NRHA Professionals fee will not increase. Renewing an NRHA Professionals membership = $50 Professionals membership + $115 General membership.