Fx Agreement Sample

1.1 In this Commercial Agreement, the following terms have the following meaning: “Application Form” means our Standard Application Form for Individuals which, once duly completed by you and accepted by us, forms part of this Commercial Agreement. “Business Day”, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and public holidays in English in other relevant jurisdictions. “Commercial purpose” has the meaning set out in clause 2.2. “contract” means a collective agreement, either by telephone or by other electronic means. “counterparty” means the bank or financial institution with which we enter into a contract corresponding to your contract. “Currency UK”, “CUK”, “we”, “us” means Currency UK Limited – a company based in England and Wales (registration number 04017212) based at 28 Battersea Square, London, SW11 3RA, UK. “down payment”, in respect of a contract, a deposit equal to the amount that we may require from time to time and which, unless otherwise stated, does not exceed 10% of the value of the contract. This allows us to reassure ourselves about the risk we take on the basis of your contract before paying in full. “force majeure event” means an event that is not subject to the appropriate control of a relevant party, including, but not limited to, market disturbances, acts or restrictions of the government or authorities, war, revolution, strikes or other trade union actions, fire, floods, natural disasters, explosions, terrorist acts, the suspension or limitation of traffic by a place of performance or a failure, failure, error, performance or malfunction of a telecommunications processing or other equipment or systems. “FCA”, the Financial Conduct Authority. “limit order” means an order in which you ask us to buy or sell currency if the exchange rate reaches an agreed level.

“loss” means any loss, tax, cost, expense (including, but not limited to, legal costs incurred in recovering funds owed to us), damages or liabilities that we may suffer on your behalf with a third party in connection with an order or contract, or as a result of or in connection with your delay or failure to comply with the terms of this Business Agreement (including: For example, without limitation, your failure to comply with obligations arising from a contract) or other agreement we have with you, provided that these are not a direct consequence of our intentional omission or fraud. “Manifest Error” means an obvious or obvious false quotation on our part based on a published price source relied on by us in connection with a transaction, taking into account current market conditions at the time of the award of the contract, as we have established. “market disturbance” means any circumstance in which we reasonably believe that the relevant market or exchange may be suspended, concluded, seriously affected or cannot be considered reliable with respect to a contract, our matching contract with our counterparty or a foreign exchange-related product at issue. `money laundering requirements` means the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom relating to the prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and the provision of financial and other services. “order” means an order that is placed electronically or by telephone. “Pound Sterling”, “GBP” means the legal tender of the United Kingdom from time to time. “Stop Loss Order” means an order in which you ask us to buy or sell currency if the exchange rate falls to an agreed level. “System”, currency UK FXnet and all additional modules of the uk FXNet currency master system. . .