Facebook Power Purchase Agreement

That`s according to the new release of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance`s (REBA) Tracker agreement, which covers publicly announced power purchase agreements (PPAs), green electricity purchases, green tariffs, and direct project ownership in the United States. The eight wind and solar power purchase agreements will have a total additional capacity of 806 MW after closing. As early as 2018, the social media and advertising company promised to be completely renewed by the end of 2020. Lawrence Wu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sunseap Group, said: “We are very pleased to engage with Facebook to present a virtual power upstender contract in Singapore and the rest of the region. We believe that VPPA is the right path for companies if they accelerate their efforts to integrate renewable energy into their energy mix. This is a game shift in Asia`s drive to decarbonize and fight climate change. “As part of our goal to support 100% of our business with renewable energy, we want to help accelerate the energy transition and improve access to wind and solar worldwide,” said Urvi Parekh, director of renewable energy at Facebook. “This project will be an important part of our goals succeeding, and we are very pleased to have supported Ares Infrastructure and Power and Apex Clean Energy to bring this new wind energy online.” In recent months, Facebook has signed contracts for solar energy in countries like Virginia, North Carolina and New Mexico. The company said it reached the threshold of 75% renewable energy in 2018.

This does not necessarily equate to 75 percent renewable energy, as a recent Stanford University report found, due to the variability of wind and solar resources. “Facebook was looking for new flexibility to meet our renewable energy goals, which was different from the many purchases we`ve made so far,” a company spokesperson told Greentech Media. “Investing in this project gives us this flexibility, while allowing us to usefully influence the development of new additional projects.” Shell Energy North America, another company that shows a growing interest in renewable energy, has signed a 12-year contract for the project`s electricity. Facebook and Shell will both use the project`s renewable energy credits, although Facebook Greentech Media has announced it will get the bulk of those loans. Apex, McDonald`s ppas on strike for 326 MW of wind power Facebook will buy 170 MW of renewable electricity from Apex Clean Energy`s Lincoln Land Wind project in Illinois. Facebook and Shell acknowledged that Shell`s electricity purchases were being used as part of “Perm`s oil and gas company assets,” but Shell did not elaborate. . .