End User License Agreement Eula Sample

Next, you need to determine what end users can do with your app or software. Typically, this means that end users can only use the software for personal purposes. 5.2 Information. Customer shall retain and maintain commercially reasonable written records and accounts of use of the Software for at least ____ (__) years after the expiration of the applicable Software License Term. 1.5 “Fees” means the fees of the Software License (including its renewal or extension), support services or other products or services purchased under this Agreement. Without an end user license agreement, a software provider accepts a free and open source software license in many ways. In these copyleft situations, all future versions of the software must continue to be distributed free of charge. 1.4 “Documentation” means the official explanatory notes, in printed, electronic or online form, that the Licensor makes available to the Customer regarding the use of the Software. For the avoidance of doubt, installation instructions or end-user documentation not created or provided by Licensor, online community websites, unofficial documentation, videos, white papers or comments do not constitute documentation. Consider this clause from Rockstar Games. End Users agree that New York shall have jurisdiction over all contractual disputes.

However, if the end user has the right to bring an action, for example in the EU, he is free to do so. It`s flexible but fair: these chips are examples of tasks and tasks that can be assigned to a customer and vary depending on the type of software, the risks to the licensor, and the end-user experience. A lawyer can help design formulations that accurately describe the responsibilities that the licensor expects from clients. The Software Developer is referred to as the “Seller” and the purchaser of the Software is referred to as the “Licensee” because the EULA grants the Developer a license to use the Software. Explain how users can contact you if they have any questions or questions about your End User License Agreement. This is a simple clause – all you need is a contact method, such as a phone number or email. Keep this up to date and accurate. However, you can add other methods if you have any. Each end user license agreement has certain clauses in common.

While some EULAs are much more complex, there`s no need for the majority of EULUs to continue to work for pages – user-friendly, jargon-free clauses are crucial. If you do not grant a license, you do not need an EULA. When you grant a license, you can choose between one or both of these agreements. The EULA document on each website or mobile application creates a set of legally binding rules for the user on how the software can be used and shared (if any). A well-written EULA also covers items that are absolutely not allowed in connection with the software, such as. B, reverse assembly or security flaws. Rockstar Games makes its responsibility very clear. The Company shall not be liable for incidental, special or consequential damages to the extent permitted by law.

If the company has to take responsibility, it will only pay up to the same amount that the user paid for the software – again, unless the law says otherwise: Rockstar Games has a great clause for this. It is located at the top of the EULA and refers to both the Company`s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. When end users accept the EULA, they also accept the privacy policy and terms of use, so it is important that end users have easy access to it: In general, an agreement with the terms and conditions covers more topics and is much broader than an EULA. An End User License Agreement gives users the right to use the Software and only covers matters that affect the license of the Software. Clickwrap is the best method to get your users to accept or accept things, from accepting your EULA to agreeing to receive your marketing emails. This is especially true since the entry into force of the EU GDPR and the increase in consent requirements. As mentioned earlier, the primary purpose of an EULA is to grant an end user a license to use an application. For this reason, each End User License Agreement must include a section that expressly states that a license is granted.

In 2010, an online gaming store called Gamestation added an April Fool`s joke to its EULA by asking users to click a checkbox if they didn`t irrevocably want to give their soul to the company. Only 12% of users noticed and refused to transfer their soul to the gaming company, according to this Huffington Post article. 3.2 Government Licence. When the software is licensed under the terms of a proposal or agreement with the U.S. government or in the United States. On behalf of the government, the Software is commercial computer software developed solely at private expense, and (a) if purchased by or on behalf of a civilian organization, it is subject to the commercial computer software license terms set forth in this Agreement pursuant to Section 48 C.F.R 12.212 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and its successors; or (b) if acquired by or on behalf of units of the Department of Defense, they are subject to the commercial computer software license terms set forth in this Agreement pursuant to 48 C.F.R 227.7202, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement and its successors. . . .