Doe Cooperative Agreement

In general, “substantial participation” refers to the degree to which federal officials directly execute or implement parts of the allocation program. In the case of a grant, the federal government maintains a more strict oversight and oversight function. In a cooperation agreement, federal officials are therefore more involved in the implementation of the program. If you read “cooperative,” think about working “side by side.” The specific possibilities for integrating this participation vary according to the program and the agency. A co-operative agreement “distinguishes itself from a grant in that it provides for substantial participation between the federal granting agency or the passport unit and the non-federal agency in the exercise of the activity under the federal award.” The question now is: What is a “substantial commitment” from the federal government? Both cooperation contracts and grants “transfer value from the federal awarding agency or pass-through-unit to the non-federal agency to fulfill a public purpose.” Dave, yes, they can be. But it really depends on the specific funding possibility – which is the main purpose of the grant. As long as the grant achieves this goal, funding can support all or part of a 508-compliant website. For other questions, we advise you to contact the grant funding agency or the cooperation agreement concerned, as we are not in a position to provide binding answers to this question. A cooperation agreement can be a highly specialized research award, in which federal employees are among the relatively few experts in this field. In this case, the award can be defined as a “cooperation agreement,” since federal officials and non-federal recipients will conduct the joint research in one way or another. If you are interested in more detailed information on scholarships and cooperation agreements, here are a few other resources: application forms for the use of scholarships and cooperation contracts are available on the website.

All funding opportunity announcements published under contain information on required forms, application instructions and application submission details. Subsidies and cooperation agreements are only reviewed if their applications for R-R forms are submitted through Cooperation agreements and grants are “a legal instrument of financial support between a federal agency or passport unit and a non-federal unit” within the meaning of the single OMB guidelines (200.24 for cooperation agreements and 200.51 euros for subsidy agreements).