COVID-19 Show Cancellations and Postponements

The following events have officially notified the NRHA Office that they have been postponed or canceled. If you’re an event producer, please email Christa Morris-Stone at to be added to this list.

French Kick Off 2020 (Cancelled)
APCR Spring Rein (Cancelled)
Sherwood Spring Slide (Cancelled)
DRHA Spring Slide 2020 (Cancelled)
Cactus Reining Classic (Cancelled)
VRHA March Into Spring Show (Cancelled)
Israel’s 2020 Spring Slide (Cancelled)
NSWRHA Show #2 (Cancelled)
Spring Slide Show (Cancelled)
History & Champions (Cancelled)
EPRHA No Foolin Slide I & II (Cancelled)
TNRHA Smoky Mountain Rein (Cancelled)
Maple Leaf (Cancelled)
NCRHA – “Steve DeFrang Memorial.” (Cancelled)
SCRHA Saddle Series #1 (Cancelled)
SRRA Spring Slide #1 (Cancelled)
FRHA March Spin 1 & 2 (Postponed)
ANECR Mexico Stakes & Derby (Postponed)

Fun In The Sun (Cancelled)
APCR April Circles (Cancelled)
Roux Spring Slide (Cancelled)
SFRHA April Hip Hop Slide (Cancelled)
Southern NSWRHA April Show (Cancelled)
OVRHA – Affiliate Show #1 (Cancelled)
Easter Show 2020 (Cancelled)
InRHA Spring Fling (Cancelled)
WaRHA Spring Fling (Cancelled)
ARHA Western Star Spring Time Classic I 2020/ARHA Circuit I 2020 (Cancelled)
Halldala Spring Slide (Cancelled)
Bavarian Spring Classic (Cancelled)
Baviarian Spring Classic (Cancelled)
Del Mar National (Cancelled)
Best Little Derby In The West (Cancelled)
SRHA Spring Break (Cancelled)
KRHA – Justin Ricke Memorial (Cancelled)
CNYRHA Spring Slide (Cancelled)
IRHA Derby 2020 (Cancelled)
Take It To More (Postponed)
CPRHA Midwest Classic (Postponed)

IRHA Derby 2020 (Cancelled)
Lazy E Red Dirt Reining (Cancelled)
WSRHA Spring Spectacular (Cancelled)
Kumlegaard Spring Celebration (Cancelled)
YRHA Spring Slide I (Cancelled)
SERHA Puriti Labs Spring Celebration 2020 (Cancelled)
Midwest Classic I & II (Cancelled)
Smart Cup I (Cancelled)
Carolina Classic 2020 (Cancelled)
Delta Classic (Cancelled)
Spring Thaw (Cancelled)
Teton Slide I (Cancelled)
Blackhawk Classic (Cancelled)
RHANW Slide In (Cancelled)
Snowslide 1 & 2 (Cancelled)
Halldala Spin & Win 2020 (Cancelled)
APCR May Be Sliding (Cancelled)
AQR May Show (Cancelled)
KV Spring Challenge (Cancelled)
Reining In The Spring (Cancelled)
ARHA Western Star Pfingsten Classic I & II 2020/ARHA Circuit III & IV 2020 (Cancelled)
French Derby Show 2020 (Postponed)
Elementa Masters – Spring Edition (Postponed)
SFRHA May Cinco De Mayo Slide (Cancelled)
RMRHA Columbine Classic (Cancelled)
2020 TRSHA Affiliate Spring Slates (Cancelled)
Warm Up 2 (Cancelled)

ORHA Reining In Oregon #2 (Postponed)
Ride In 2020 (Cancelled)
2020 Rock N Slide (Cancelled)
2020 Reining Alberta Spring Classic (Cancelled)
CNYRHA ride & slide (Cancelled)

Reining by the Bay (Cancelled)