Changing Custody Agreement In Pa

When children grow up, their needs often change. A child care plan that has worked for an infant may need to be adapted when the child attends school. One parent may have a job opportunity and attempt to move, which would require another child care plan. The second way to change your child`s custody order in Pennsylvania is a petition. If you and your co-parents can`t agree on your custody plan, you can ask the court for a change. To do this, you need to establish a schedule that you think is in your child`s best interests. You will also have to complete an official petition to change the custody of the court that originally dealt with your case. You will then have to present both the petition and the proposed timetable and explain why these changes benefit your child. In order to amend your custody agreement by mutual agreement, you and your co-parents must write a legal document that you believe assigns custody as an authorization. This means that you can change in situations such as: a child custody decision, if one of the parents moves for work or personal reasons, to agree on how the time is allocated with your child. To learn more about moving and child care, check out our article “PA Custody Law: Can Visitation Stop Your Relocation Plans?” If you disagree, you must launch a petition to change the child care order.

A family judge will consider the best interests of the child and other factors and make a custody decision. The use of this method to obtain a change in the child care agreement requires careful attention to detail. Be sure to decide how frequent sources of conflict, such as holidays and anniversaries, are treated. It`s also a good idea to deal with how you deal with any other unexpected problems that may arise. Once you are sure that you have recorded an acceptable schedule, you and your co-parent must sign the document and present it to the court where you obtained your initial custody agreement. When it comes to determining custody of your child, you want to make sure you are doing what is best for them. It depends on a lot of constantly evolving factors. You want to do everything in your power to ensure your well-being, and this sometimes involves changing your original custody contract. Pennsylvania law adheres to a “best interest” standard when considering child custody. This means that whatever you and your co-parents do, they should be considered by the court to be in the best of your child. There are two ways to legally change a custody order for children in Pennsylvania, both of which follow a similar structure.

Your child custody lawyer can help you decide which of these methods is right for you and guide you through the trial. If you change your custody regime by mutual agreement, it is very likely that you will not have to attend a hearing. However, if you are introducing an amendment to the amendment, it is likely that you will have to be present and present a case as to why the proposed regulations are in the best of circumstances. If you are trying to change without the consent of your co-parents, be prepared to call witnesses and provide evidence of why a change of custody is the best decision for your child. Your lawyer will help you gather this case to ensure that you raise any objections to your order. In the treatment of child care, Pennsylvania law retains a best-interest standard. This means that the court is trying to come up with a custody plan that best meets your child`s needs. In this sense, you should add an appendix to your petition and explain why you are proposing changes and why they are in the best interests of your son or daughter.