WRHA, The Classic and Derby                                                              

A Look Back at This Year’s Champions!

Provided by the Washington Reining Horse Association. Article by Sally Sutherland. Photos by Elizabeth Knight Photography.

The Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington was once again the host of the Washington State Reining Horse Association’s Classic and Derby. This year an extra day was added to accommodate the increasing number of competitors at the show. The show featured both an open derby and a non-pro derby and the popular John Slack Memorial beginning rider buckle class sponsored by Charles Schramm. There were also two slates of non-pro, limited non-pro and open classes held during the show. Our judges were Reid Fady and Jared LeClair both of Texas.

NON PRO – Steven Cresap won the non pro and tied for first in the limited non pro with Makenzie Preston. Steven was riding ARC King Snapper (Master Snapper X Custom Mahogany) and Makenzie was riding her new horse Thelmas Whiz (Topsail Whiz X Kachina Oak Olena). Vicki Ann Sandvig won the masters non pro class riding Salt and Peppy Guy (SR Roosters Kid X Salt N Peppy Please).

OPEN – The slate one open had the husband and wife team of Hutchings Performance Horses topping the class. Nicole rode Lise Anderson James horse Red Hot Whizkey (Whizkey N Diamonds X Roosters Redhot) to first while Cory rode Black N Boom (Boom Shernic X Blazing in Black) for owner Kelsey Davis to second place. Breanna Coston of Stancik Quarter Horse rode both the first and second place horses in the rookie professional class. She took first with Lori Soma’s Hot Spook (Smart Spook X Shes Flamin Hot) and second with David Stroud’s Baileys Muddslide (Gunners Special Nite X Chic Olena Starbuck)

GREEN REINER – The green reiners are always very passionate about performing to their best and very few zero scores occur. Level I was won by Deborah Walk on Easy Money (Shine With a Twist X Badgers Stealth) with Sophia Cheslock close behind on Hes Plum Tuckered (Plum Masterful X Tuckers Little Queen). Level 2 had Hilary Friesen on SLJ Custom Style (Custon Legend X SLJ Stainless Style) in first and Michael Jackson riding his wife’s horse Riverama QT Star (Dunnits QT Dynasty X Poco Star Peppy J) in second place.

NOVICE HORSE OPEN – Level one was won by Jim Greendyk on Dunit Magnum Style (Magnum Chic Dream X Shes Einsteins Girl) for Angel Rose Marsh and second was Tamarack Ranch’s Shinehollywoodshine Shine Chic Shine X Sweet Hollywood Babe) ridden by Travis Wigen. Level two was won by Nicole Hutchings riding Sally Sutherland’s Skeets Steppin Out (Wimpys Little Step X Smart Lady Skeet) with Dunit Magnum Style in second.

JOHN SLACK MEMORIAL – The John Slack Memorial buckle class is open to beginning riders and it is often the first buckle they get to win in their show careers. The class is limited to riders who have not yet won $200 and allows a simple lead change. John Slack had his start in Washington State and he always championed the beginning riders, the club remembers him every year with this Buckle class. This year Stacey McQuade on Peptos Deputy (Sweet Lil Pepto X Berettas Shorty Girl) topped the class, this is a pair to watch out for in the future!

OPEN MATURITY – The day finished up with the open maturity level 4. Mike Stokes was top of the class on Lynn Johnson’s Spicy Chic Dreams (Magnum Chic Dream X CF Spice Girl) Lynn bought the mare to be a broodmare as she was diagnosed with a career ending injury. Maggie had a year of rehab and seemed to be wanting to go back to work. She is now a rookie, little boots and open level horse. Nice recovery for a horse that was supposed to be done competing. Salt N Peppy Guy came back to show in the open with Shawn Church and finished a strong second for owner Steven Sandvig.

ROOKIE – Lucas Oil donated a lovely saddle for the winner of the rookie class and there was a huge turnout of riders attempting to win it. Steven Cresap came back on ARC King Snapper to win both the level 1 and level 2 and the saddle. Sophia Cheslock was right behind him in second for level 1 on Hes Plum Tuckered and Alex Hutchings in second for level 2 on Designed To Shoot (Tinker With Guns X Taris Designer Genes).

NON PRO MATURITY – The non pro maturity level 4 and prime time came next.   Ann Westund won both on Getting Magnumtized (Magnum Chic Dream X Gettaway Lark). Maverick lives at home and had been owned by Ann’s daughter Kylie since 2006. After a fantastic career with Kylie, Ann has stolen him to show. Way to go Mom! Salt N Peppy Guy was back in the arena with Vicki Ann Sandvig to be second in both classes, these over 50 riders are getting really tough.

NOVICE HORSE NON PRO – Taryn Bakker won the level 1 on her horse Love Playin Tag (Loveable Nic X Whiz N Tag Chic). Krystal Reeves was first in the level 2 on her new horse Tuckleberry Tag (Whiz N Tag Chex X Tuck My Piney). Janet Hurlburt took time out from all her duties keeping the show running to be second in both levels with her horse ARC Magnum PI (Magnum Chic Dream X Peppys Little Orphan)

SLATE 2 NON PRO – Skeets Steppin Out won the non pro, intermediate and prime time non pro with owner Sally Sutherland and Debbie Estrin was in hot pursuit on her horse Gotta Nu Gun (Spooks Gotta Gun X Ambers Holly Chex). The limited non-pro was won by Graysen Stroud on Chics Tidal Wave (Tidal Wave Jack X Nic N Chic) and second went to Carla Spackman on Chicsdigthewestcoast (West Coast Whiz X Juanita Chic Olena).

YOUTH – Sam Stevens riding Got Spooked (Smart Spook X Custom Harmony) won the 13 and under with Sophia Chesloc in second on Hes Plum Tuckered. The 14-18 had many really good riders and Kylie Robinson on Xtra Bamstep (Wimpys Little Step X Miss Bam Bam Command) came out on top with Caitlin Lyons on Codys Red Pine (Topsail Cody X Great Black Pine) in second.

SLATE 2 OPEN – Sunday ended with the slate two open and the intermediate and limited open. Jordan McBurney won the open on Cam Essick’s Loveya (Gunnatrashya X Love Em N Lena) with Kyle Kellmer riding Jenna Kellmer’s Custom Spook Berry (Smart Spook X Custom Roan Berry). Sue Muir on Ms Jac Daniels (Jac Daniels Neat X Santalina Command) won the intermediate and the limited.

WRHA Derbies

Matt McAuslan worked hard to get marvelous prizes and line up sponsors so that the Derby classes would have saddles for level 4, Lawsons, Morrisons and great prizes throughout. Friday was the Protect the Harvest non pro level 1, 2, 4, prime time and youth derby classes. Level 4 had Jennifer Gillam winning both the first and second places with both her horses in a tie score. She trains with Rhodes River Ranch and showed The Prima Ballerina (Topsail Whiz X Dancer Nic) and Crystalized Gunner (Gunner X Shiners Crystal) to co-champions. She has only owned Crystalized Gunner since March so she is just getting to know him at this point. Shelby Jackson won the level one on Nuttin But Whizkey (Whizkey N Diamonds X Crunchy Or Creamy).  Shelby also rides with Rhodes River and she has been having a lot of success with Moose.

Jennifer Gillam & Crystalized Gunner

Kylie Robinson was second in level one, first in level two and first in the youth derby. Kylie rides with Hutchings Performance Horses and has had “Wilbur,” Xtra Bamstep (Wimpys Little Step X Miss Bam Bam Command) less than a year. At first they struggled together in the show pen but Kylie is now figuring Wilbur out and getting some nice consistent goes on him.

Kylie Robinson & Xtra Bamstep

Tracy Burnside won the non-pro prime time derby and second in level 2 on her beautiful horse Pale Conquistador (Pale Face Dunnit X Luz Del Conquistador) with Michael Coe in second in the prime time on CR Smart Chic Dance (Chics Luv Money X CR Dancin Dunnit)

Tracy Burnside & Pale Conquistador

Saturday had the Rhodes River Ranch/CDR Farms open derby. Competition was fierce and Deanna Lally won all the levels on Susan Pearson’s amazing Whizzen In The Wind (Whizkey N Diamonds X Very Smart Flo Jo). Deanna laid down an amazing go that was a joy to watch. Susan was looking for a derby prospect last year and while at the Best Little Derby Deanna spotted him and knew he was the one. They have earned a pay check on him in every derby that he has been entered in since then. Susan says he has a great personality and just keeps getting better all the time. Jordan McBurney was second in the level four on Debee Thoms Waitin On A Diamond (Whizkey N Diamonds X This Chicsdundreamin) Sean McBurney was second in level two on Chicsntheirdiamonds ( Whizkey N Diamonds X Spark Chic Olena) owned by CDR Farms and level one had Nicole Hutchings on Skeets Steppin Out tied again with her husband Cory Hutchins on Black N Boom for second place.

Denna Lally & Whizzen In The Wind


The WRHA wishes to thank our fine sponsors without whom this would not be possible!   Diamond; Heritage General Building Contractors, Sky River Equestrian Center, David & Terri Stroud, Maria Danieli Real Estate & Timberland Homes. Platinum; Evergreen Equine Vet, Guild Mortgage, Presco Telecommunications, Red Pony Insurance, Eve Willett , Rhodes River Ranch & Stancik Non-Pros. Pendleton Woolen Mills, 20 Corners Brewing Company Gold; Eric Carlson, DDS, Stokes Performance Horses and the University of Washington Hematopathology Department. Our special sponsors for the derbys included CDR Farms, Form to Function, Hutchings Performance Horses, Lucas Oil, Protect the Harvest, Markel Insurance, Reiny Day Quarter Horses, Rhodes River Ranch, Stroud Ranch and Tamarack Ranch.

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APHA Champions Crowned

The 2018 American Paint Horse World Championship Show welcomes reining exhibitors and horses to Fort Worth, Texas during its first week of competition. Champions were crowned in the Senior, Junior, Amateur, Amateur SPB, Novice Amateur, and Amateur Ranch Reining. Aged events also took center stage in the Will Rogers Coliseum with open and non pro offerings in the 4, 5 & 6 Year-Old Reining Challenges and 3-Year-Old Reining Challenges.

Results for Senior Reining
1st THE DUN GUN shown by Jared Leclair
2nd A SMALL TOWN GAL shown by Tanya Jenkins

Results for Junior Reining
1st MY BERRY BEST GUN shown by Mirjam Stillo
2nd PALE FACED DANCER shown by Thomas Rodden

Results for Amateur Reining
1st I THINK I GOTTA WHIZ shown by Kirstin Booth
2nd CHICS DIG GUNNER shown by Tracy Higginbottom

Results for Amateur SPB Reining
1st DIAMONDS IN MY DREAMS shown by Juli Stone Moran
2nd GUNNER GOT OUT shown by S Lynn Walker

Results for 4, 5 & 6 Year-Old Reining Challenge

1st THE DUN GUN shown by Kaleigh Geringer
2nd ALWAYSSHINEYERGUNSUP shown by Garrett Gentry

1st SNIPERS SMOKING GUN shown by James Pool III
2nd A SMALL TOWN GAL shown by Tanya Jenkins

1st DIAMOND STUDDED GUNS shown by Ruben Vandorp
2nd PAYASO ROJO GUNNER shown by Fernando Salgado

1st DIAMOND STUDDED GUNS shown by Ruben Vandorp
2nd PAYASO ROJO GUNNER shown by Fernando Salgado

Results for Non-Pro 4, 5 & 6 Year-Old Reining Challenge

1st BAILEYS SIDEKICK shown by Kathy Thompson

1st BAILEYS SIDEKICK shown by Kathy Thompson

1st FILLE CODE shown by Heather Weisz

1st DIAMOND STUDDED GUN shown by Bailey Kolsun

2nd BAILEYS SIDEKICK shown by Kathy Thompson

2nd FILLE CODE shown by Heather Weisz

1st ME AND JULIO shown by Cade McCutcheon

2nd GUNOLOGY shown by Ryan Humphrey

Results for 3-Year-Old Reining Challenge

1st LIL TRASH TALK shown by Ben Baldus

2nd PAINTED KIKI TRASHY shown by Nicole Schneider West

1st GUNNER TIME shown by Mirjam Stillo

2nd SHOCKED AT NITE shown by Jarvis Anderson

1st SPOOKS GOTTA SHOOT shown by Ruben Vandrop

2nd GUNNER TIME shown by Mirjam Stillo

1st SPOOKS GOTTA SHOOT shown by Ruben Vandrop

2nd GUNNER TIME shown by Mirjam Stillo

Results for Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Reining Challenge
1st TWR GOTAWHIZN ROMANCE shown by Kathy Wilson
2nd LIL OAKIE GUN shown by Eileen Crane

1st SHESA TINKER TOY shown by Heather Weisz
2nd TWR GOTAWHIZN ROMANCE shown by Kathy Wilson

1st ONE FASHION WHIZ shown by Catherine Crandon
2nd SHESA TINKER TOY shown by Heather Weisz

1st ONE FASHION WHIZ shown by Catherine Crandon
2nd SHESA TINKER TOY shown by Heather Weisz

Results for Novice Amateur Reining
1st R GUN WILL TRAVEL shown by Cherie Vachon
2nd PATCHES N MOONSHINE shown by Ric Keele

Results for Amateur Ranch Reining
1st FRECKLES NU LIL GUN shown by Kathleen Roach
2nd DUNNITS QT ROYAL shown by Jane Hatfield

Complete 2018 APHA World Championship Show Results

Find great candid shots + MORE at painthorsejournal.smugmug.com
Show Photographer Larry Williams Photography: larrywilliamsphotog.com

The American Paint Horse Association is the world’s second-largest international equine breed association, registering more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded. APHA promotes, preserves and provides meaningful experiences with Paint Horses.

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High Roller Reining Classic

Sept. 7-15, 2018

The High Roller Reining Classic held its first event at the South Point Event and Equestrian Center in September 2008. Since then the growth and popularity has been tremendous and it has held a Top 4 position as one of NRHA’s Leading Events World Wide. The brainchild of Amanda Brumley, Brumley Management Group LLC, the High Roller Reining Classic is destined to be a step toward the advancement of the reining industry. 

Find out how this year’s event unfolded by visiting High Roller online:

Event Website


Facebook Page

Photo by Waltenberry