UPDATED – Category 2 & 6 Worldwide Eligibility Clarification

Each year in August, the NRHA Board of Directors approves eligibility for the following year and this policy is made available for members a nrha.com. At the beginning of the year, rider lists are posted to inform members of who can compete in certain levels. Since the 2019 lists have been posted, members have expressed confusion over the ambiguity in wording pertaining to Category 2 & 6 events. In response to this, the NRHA Executive Committee met to clarify the topic, removing the words “after factoring.” Revised ineligibility lists will be posted on nrha.com in the next few days.

1/21/19 UPDATE – LISTS NOW AVAILABLE: After taking additional time to address members’ questions about wording in the 2019 eligibility policy and related NRHA rules, the executive committee has now completed its discussions on implementation of the policy. Worldwide Category 2 & 6 lists are now available at nrha.com.