Book Co-Publishing Agreement Sample

And at this point, it`s actually the same equation I`d use for any other small press. Is it likely that the marketing effort the company puts into each book will generate enough revenue that is higher than what I would sell alone to make up for the percentage of profit I give? A few small print shops consistently place each post in the top 20k kindle, and most of their posts reach the top 5k – these numbers usually mean solid sales. Other small printing machines are scattershot, some books breaking the top 20k and others never sell more than a few copies. What I would be looking for is a publishing house with a very good record of excellent sales in its books. And now, in the world of e-books, we can really see in real time how a publishing house is doing. Thank you – I will provide you with an update when I have the proposal (and have it verified). I think distribution and sales would be too difficult, especially considering that I want to reach the school market, and I already know how they work, which is difficult for me to access (even if I was not really “self-publishing”, before I had the responsibility to place a book on how to place the policewoman in Australia in secondary and tertiary schools, and it wasn`t just hard work, but incredibly expensive in time and money Also, if someone can make this page for me at a reasonable price, I`d always prefer.) Dave, thank you for this very informative article. For me, it`s quite topical. I recently finished a book and sent it to a few agencies. The first answer I was given actually presented with a multifaceted scenario of decisions and options for action. Since the agency liked the book, but claimed that there were only a handful of “remarkable” publishers interested in the topic and genre I chose (but one in which I am an expert), he talked about the possibility of looking for a co-publication situation.

I had just started reading what they are and the services they offer, and I struggled to really find the line that separates these services from self-publishing/vanity press situations. In fact, they are distribution links. Either my full-time efforts or their reputation with bricks, mortars and other delivery routes. You have really helped to justify what I might find useful in my meetings with some of these companies and companies. As a TV writer/producer with a lot of credits produced, I always thought that checking a company`s past successes and failures was as important as checking mine. I think it`s the same here. Here too, I very much appreciate your article. DG Please take the time to read our publishing agreement which legally binds BookVenture Publishing (“the Company”) and you (“Author”). The inability of one of the parties to comply with this agreement results in the termination of the contract.

In addition, this agreement can only be considered valid if you (“author”) have agreed to the signing of the contract. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the Publisher and the Author with respect to the subject matter of the Contract and supersedes all prior written or oral agreements entered into by the parties. .