Aia Construction Management Agreement

However, construction management does not simply copy its own information into prefabricated forms. It requires a solid understanding of the shapes themselves so that you know what applications they are suitable for. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has released its updated building documents for 2019. The aim of these changes is to increase the flexibility and efficiency of the sector. In this article, we give you an overview of what you can expect with your latest construction management contacts. Under the CMa, the site manager is also retained by the owner for early collaboration during the construction phase. But the CMas don`t do the work. CMa documents are designed for complex projects with more than one major contractor. During the construction phase, CMa coordinates and manages contractors and provides cost estimates and other functions.

“I think [the update] is a change that needs to keep up with the practical changes that have taken place in the sector,” he said. “We`ve seen a lot more pre-construction relationships that turn into GC or site manager relationships.” The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has a series of documents designed to facilitate negotiation and communication between construction professionals. The use of these forms is not mandatory. On the contrary, it often makes things easier legally. The updates in this series are similar to those in the CMc series, only these AIA construction management documents apply to contractors who are not designers. The AIA Documents Committee also met with industry representatives to obtain input for the site manager`s update as a consultant (CMa). In this model, the CMa offers a collaboration in the construction phase, but does not offer construction. Documents related to this model will be used for projects involving more than one contractor, but they can also be used when there is only one contractor. The CMa coordinates contractors and other services in the construction phase. The revisions to these documents include extending the scope of the CMa to further reviews and analyses, as well as coordination and management measures.

Tags: AIA, Construction, Building Management, Site Manager as Advisor, Site Manager as Designer, Documentation The AIA has documents on almost every aspect of the construction industry. To access these documents, you must become a member or pay for an individual form.