Agreement On The Recognition Of Domestic Driving Licenses Issued By Asean Countries

I wonder whether this agreement will be valid for other countries that became members of ASEAN after 1985. In my case, with a Vietnamese driver`s license, can I drive legally in Indonesia? (as a short-term visitor/tourist, of course). The Parties agree to recognise all national driving licences issued by designated authorities or national automobile associations of ASEAN countries, with the exception of temporary/provisional/learner driving licences (hereinafter referred to as “driving licences”). The species and classes of certificates issued in ASEAN countries are listed in Appendices A, B, C, D, E and F for Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The model certificates are also accompanied by Annexes G, H, 1, J, K and L for Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Les Phlippines, Singapore and Thailand. Sumber: Hello, I recently learned of an agreement between ASEAN countries on national driving licenses that can be used in other member states without the need for an international driving permit. I was very happy to hear that, until I tried to follow the original document and it was dated since 1985 At the time, the agreement existed only between ASEAN members, including Indo, Malaysia, Spore, Thailand and Brunei. The holders of the licences of a Contracting Party shall be liable for the penalties for road traffic offences provided for by the legislation in force of any other Contracting PARTY to who whoy they are travelling. Due to the recognition of driving licences, holders of driving licences issued in one of the ASEAN countries and who intend to stay only temporarily in the territory of one of the other ASEAN countries may drive there the categories or types of vehicles that enable them to obtain driving licences. The modalities for a change in the format of licences issued by one of the Contracting Parties should be communicated by the Contracting Party concerned to all ASEAN Member States accordingly. The recognition of licences whose format has been changed depends on such communication. AND CONSIDERING that it is desirable to facilitate the free movement of citizens of ASEAN countries by recognising national driving licences issued by the countries concerned.

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