Ach Positive Pay Agreements

Here`s what follows. We are also in the process of assembling one. First Bank provides ACH Positive Pay, which allows companies to make payments from their customers, make payments to their borrowers and deposit funds into their employees` bank accounts. We can provide a full positive pay to ACH, which means that any transaction that does not meet your requirements would require your approval. Or we`ll send you an email every time an ACH transaction is on your account. We only recently started offering a positive paycheck to ACH. Our approval is attached. I hope it will help. NACHA: ACH Positive Pay is very user-friendly.

Instead of having to go online to authorize a payment or transaction, the system calls your phone and all you need to do is enter an authorization code to authorize payment. You no longer need to go to the post office to send emails, saving you time and money. If your business has suffered a loss of fraud and wants to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions, First Bank`s ACH Positive Pay could be a wise investment for your business. To learn more about ACH Positive Pay or to see a demo of how it works, visit a first bank branch near you. If you are a business owner, you should spend your time thinking about growing a successful business and not worrying about fraudulent transactions. That`s where ACH Positive Pay comes in. What is ACH Positive Pay? We`re glad you asked. ACH Positive Pay helps protect your business from unauthorized electronic activity.

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a network that processes electronic payments. The use of ACH Positive pay offers several advantages, z.B.: A work in the process of editing, because we are in full development of the feature. I tried to put one on myself. Any help would also be appreciated.